Sunday, 31 May 2009

O level tommorow?I think not

My O level chinese is tommorow.I have been so scared 5 days ago,and so pumped up 3 days ago,now I just feel like wth.Maybe thats a sign that shows that Im ready for it.Who knows?

Playing lots of yugioh 2009.Great game,intending to write a review for it somewhere in June.So many remedials in June....dam.Well back to the subject instead of doing endless chinese I am playing yugioh 2009 today.Cant seem to win this bastard called plague spreader zombie.Dude runs an insane zombie deck.I have only reached like 15% of the game thus I do not much good deck options to beat this guy.His face looks so retarded that i have to beat him.So i have to beat any duelist I meet 5 times,including this guy,but beating him once is already such a pain.My current score compared to him is 1:4.Dam,have to beat him 5 times and he already thrashed me 4 times.I will not give in.


Friday, 29 May 2009

Yugioh world championship series

Damn what a drag...have to make a long post today as I am covering 2 games....well,it has to be done someday,so I figured why not today?Today Im covering the yugioh world championship series,actually only 2007 and 2008,2009 is still currently being played and thus I shall talk about it another time.Oh well,here goes.

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:4.8

A dumb game.This is the worse entry of yugioh ever in PSP,NDS,PS2 etc.It is literally is boring.VERY boring.What you do in this game is like in most yugioh games but this game is ALOT worse than the others.Reasons are shown below.

Okay,time to get this shit started.THERE IS NO STORY.Wtf man.The reason why I hate this so much is pratically cause of the lack of story.Ok next character customize.Nothing to say here,
Konami hasn't changed character customize at all and thus there is no comment on this.

Gameplay is practically the same as other yugioh games,execpt the
"new"championship stuff.You enter free duel,you come to a screen of up to 6 tiers of duelists,6 duelists each tier,each getting stronger up the tier number.Again another dumb thing,I cant seem to find any character based duelists.The duelists are all monsters,which is think is strange but pretty okay but come on whats dueling if you dont duel characters????
Dumb game,I hate it and I always will.

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:8.0

I like this game.Unlike the previous disappointment of a game yugioh world championship 2007,this game is ALOT more fufilling than the previous.The dueling concept and stuff is still the same,but yay,a "story mode".This installment includes the previous world championship mode but along with a storyline,which is great,they could have done this in the previous game,why didnt they?

Okay,now we have a story.Being a duelist you head to the duel world in
which you go and venture to different areas to duel different monsters,each with decks of thier own.There are 5 worlds and to advance to each you must duel the"master" of that world.By dueling different duelists,you unlock more in world championship mode,and this time,even character duelists!!Including alexis of GX series and mai valentine from the original show.

Character customization is the same as previous games,which is disappointing,but in this game,your character starts wearing a slifer red uniform.If you make a female character,you will see her wearing a slifer red uniform,which is a lol.I always wanted to see a girl in slifer red uniform,besides blair of course.

Finally,the duel tournaments and tag duels,I dont know if 2007 had them
as I was too pissed to find out in that game as it was just dumb.Tag duels are well,fun,but annoying in a way.Your partner may just spend one of thier turns and then,they screw up the whole duel,resulting in instant loss.It is best to just find a friend and then share friend info,that way you can select him/her as a duel partner.Of course make sure your friend is using the deck type of your preference.

Duel tournaments are just a fun way to see you climb to the championship position.You and 7 other participants duel thier way up and the championship gets a prize.This is way more fun than plain dueling.

Overall a good game,ALOT better than 2007 at least.A final note is that the female characters have alot of nice wardrobe items(dark magician girl :0).Male characters get abit siller ones(elemental hero neos suit,lol).Get it if you like yugioh.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

raging blades

Gamespot score:n/a(dam)

My score:7.0

Raging blades...a PS2 hack and slash game.Though VERY unpopular(gamespot didnt even rate it),it is a good multiplayer game and most of the time I will intro this game and play it with my friends when they come to my house to chill.When played it in groups this game is amazingly fun.While you slash your way through hordes of monsters,
you and your teammate can help each other out.

As for the game story...I dont really understand much of it.I have owned this game for like easily 6 years and up till now I dont really know what the game is talking about as I always skip the "story telling"after each level.Anyway,this is a game where one can enjoy even without the story.

As you cant see i could not find any images of gameplay on gamespot or gamefaqs,
thus proving this game's unpopularity.I never cleared the game but....oh well.You
start the game choosing one of 4 heros,I cant remember thier names but there is a man with a greatsword,another man with a halberd axe,a young girl using martial arts
and an old man wizard.You choose a hero and fight through 5 stages of hell,where you are attacked by monsters,mini bosses and bosses.

The difficulty of this game is...well,hard.The monster killling is pathetically easy,but mini bosses and bosses will simply enjoy themselves chopping the fck out of you.
Perhaps the only easy bosses are hel,queen of ice and barong.

Overall an exciting and fun game,but abit hard at times.Playing with friends tends to be tons more fun than playing alone.Playing alone is jus boring and simply harder.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Check this shit out.

English:maybe near half the class failed.
Math:only 6 or 7 pass,out of 34
Chinese:only 3 in my class passed
Accounting:Half the class failed(around there)
Design:only like 6 pass(IM ONE OF THEM)
Combine science:slighty above half the class pass
Combined humanities:only one pathetic soul passed(i only know 1)

I can only say one thing prior to the results of the common test that had just occured.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

PS3 or XBOX360?

The hardest question to ponder upon.
I have been thinking about this since last year.
The 2 king consoles that has kept the world's gamers up to date with 4th generation games.
A PS3?Or a XBOX360?I could not decide ever since my friends bought one of each.
PS3 has killzone 2 and resistance series.XBOX360 has star ocean 4 and the last remnant.Soooo many good hard to decide....Though the 2 consoles have great similar games like fallout 3 and soul calibur 4,there is this strange impact that urges you to buy a XBOX360 and another which urges you to get the PS3.
So dam fked up.I think i will never get to a decision.I'll be getting one of these bad boys after my end of year exams this year,but i still dont know what to buy......Hope I will know when the time comes.

Welcome to greatest boss fights.This section will cover my experience with the greatest boss fights I have battled with in my entire life.

Today I review kurt zisa,the optional boss fight in kingdom hearts.

Kurt zisa here gets the greatest boss award,being the robot heartless that has 2 blades and an almost infinite amount of hp.Did i forget he is hard as hell?Having the ability to shield
himself from damage by protecting himself with orbs that
projects barriers around his body.
His attacks being as kickass as his looks,he is not to be triffled with.His attacks do alot of damage and are hard to dodge if you are planning to melee him.As you see he wields 2 blades and his other 2 hands will project the orbs that protect him.He uses his blades to swing them(obviously),or to spin them repeatedtly,which does more damage.He also flies around insanely trying to slash you while spinning himself midair like a wheel.This is insane.
Most people will find this a challenge,being the process that you
need to destory the orbs he is holding to barrier himself,these orbs
dont have much hp but you will get hit an annoying amount of times during this process.When you destroy the orbs,kurt zisa will
fall,giving you a chance to wack his damn head,but the thing is,the head will swing left to right,attempting to bite you,to cause yet more damage.
So to truly wack him you need to go through a hard process,Plus,later in the battle his head retreats back into the body faster,making it a PAIN to really take a few points off his health bars.
This boss is challenging,making him one of my favourite bosses.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dead space

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.3

Behold the greatest alien horror game so far in gaming history(for me).
Dead space is a 4th gen game on the PS3 ,XBOX360 and PC.Im doing
the one for PC today.Dead space is a crazy horror experience.When
you 1st play the game you wont expect what is gonna happen and certain events will most likely give you a scare.Some parts will jus startle you,like a mild suprise to give you a jump.Some will really scare
the crap out of you,make you shout real loud,or even give you a heart
attack(jus kidding).One last thing before I go on is that for once gamers
should take note of the "mature" rating for this one.

So here we go.Issac clark,a puny human engineer from earth,goes with a crew of other people,to go to a ship that has lost contact with the planet called "Ishimura". Going there to originally "repair"the ship and to find his lost girlfriend,his crew gets torn apart by aliens and he gets seperated from the 2 only survivors besides him. These 2 survivors give him instructions of what to do to escape from the ship and so his task begins.

Before I begin,I will just have to say that dead space has really good In-depth alien design.All of the aliens look suprisingly detailed.No matter how UGLY some of them look,you can tell that the designs are greatly detailed and even a drop of drool from the alien's mouth can be seen VERY clearly.

As to some of the aliens in the game,most of them are just armless disfigured humans with 4 looonng spikes replacing their arms.There are also 4 legged aliens with a baby face,making it look sick.Oh,did i mention that it can summon 3 tentacles from its back?Finally I shall also say that the most awesome looking alien is some plated faggot that is huge and looks like an oversized anteater.

Finally,the weapon system is very well done.The weapons are well made and very futuristic.The weapons are also well built for the game,as the game requires players to dismember the aliens,not jus spam ammo until they die.From floating chainsaws(reapers) to guns that slice lines of aliens in half(line gun),this game has it all.

A small note is that i think gamespot did gave it too much.Sure it is fun and it has great gameplay and horror valur and all,but its just very basic.You follow what you are told to do,you do it,and you advance foward.Dont get me wrong though,this is still a great game.

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

My score:8.0

Another under-rated game.Gamespot should have really gave this more.

Being a RPG-fan this is basically one of my favourtie series of RPGs.
The atelier iris/mana khemia series consists of using alchemy to
create items and weapons.Which is better than in most RPGs when you
buy them from shops or find them in chests,I find this rather unique.
Oh,the story is usually pretty nice too.

Being a lonely bored boy in a lonely bored village,felt has always wanted a life of adventure.Living with his childhood friend viese in a town which has been long protected by a sword named as the azure azoth.Felt,being the adventure wanting boy he is,hopes to one day claim the sword which has been stabbed on the ground and has never been pulled out by anyone.Felt goes and tries to pull it out as usual one day,only to pull it out and be informed that another world is in danger.Thus felt sets
out to this other world,fufilling what he always wanted,a life of adventure.Leaving his
friend viese behind,being childhood friends,they promise to see each other again.

This game has a very simple and basic RPG battle
system,but for some reason it is really fun.The
character and skill design is really nice,the battle
animation is also suprisingly pretty.A 2D game
must have a great artwork concept and thats just
what this game has.Even the bosses look really
well done.(right picture of agravale,the dragon)

I somehow like the characters they let you control in this game,they have a draganoid reject
,a princess weilding somewhat like mantis scythes and even a lowdown elf guy who carries a cannon and thinks hes so good.The story is somehow impressively well done,and the character's dialouge portraits are beautifully drawn to perfection,thier emotions and stuff.

Despite being the very plain and basic 2D rpg system,atelier iris is somehow very entertaining to me.I dont know about others but I think this game,along with its entire series,are great games worth getting.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

best game character:14 may 09

Today's best game character is sho minamoto.

Originated from the popular NDS game the world ends with you,minamoto here is supposed to be a high ranking reaper,but later rebelled against the reapers.

Sho thinks he is superior to all beings and is the reason why he rebelled in the original story.He is a math wiz and will be seen muttering insane amounts of numbers in the game dialouge.

Sho uses mathmatical formulaes for no reason in his sentences.He even screams his
famous"SINE,COSINE,TANGENT!!" in battle.He also uses the word zetta,alot,which I guess makes him quite well known to all that play the original game."So zetta slow."
is what he also screams in battle.

Sho minamoto here has a arrogant personality.He thinks he is superior
to all and always conpare others to a much lower scale to who or what
he actually is.Whenever he wins in something,he will say that it is
going accoring to his calculations.Sho fights by summoning monsters(which are tough as hell),shooting weird beams,firing enegry spheres and transforming into leo cantus(right picture)
,his true form,in which of course he gains ultmate power.

What makes sho deserves the best character title?I just like the way he
acts.He doesnt give a damn to his superiors and does not follow orders.I think he deserves this cuz he is much stronger than them afterall.Also,his weird way of using math to talk is actually quite
nice and unique.

"You're outta your vector!"-sho minamoto

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

math exam

Argh,what a huge pain in the ass.

Had math exam today.It was a subject i was never good at since i graduated from primary school(grade school).I recently uptook a new math tution which was pretty good,I have been getting 60-70% from my previous class test,which to me was pretty awesome.Today's math test simply murdered me,the questions were all past year ones,WHICH i was not tutored yet.

Math just sucks,actually its not the subject,its the godamn setter,he/she just wants to
piss me off so bad.Wish i was a math genius.

"Drown in the sea of imaginary numbers!!"-sho minamoto

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Coded arms contagion

Gamespot score:6.0(fair)

My score:7.0

Gamespot really gave it a bad score.I think it deserves more.Anyway,
coded arms:contagion is a FPS shooting game on the PSP.Many people
say that FPS games should not be on the PSP,they give massive headahces and the gameplay is just not there.I disagree,coded arms:
contagion is a quite a good game and really KONAMI should receive some credit for this.This game is about shooting alien like creatures and
some weird humanoid robots consisting of somewhat modern-futuristic weapons.

The story for coded arms:contagion is actually pretty simple.There
is this team of soilders called bravo team(I think so) that has given
no response to the hq and this guy named grunt is heading into the
system to find them.The game itself is cool as the set environment
is not in the real world,its in a system.

Upon entering the zone grunt discovers a virus.Whoever enters the system will get infected by it and will lose all free will(kinda like zombies).So what is your job?Shoot down this infectants and kill all
viruses(the alienic monsters).

This game is good,but they added two flaws.1.It is quite difficult for
a shooting game and thus dieing alot will be quite common for
shooting game newbies.2.Auto aim system.This is bull shit.You
can supposedly hold down during battle to automaticly aim the
enemy and jus fire away.Lame.Besides this,the monsters look
nice and the gameplay is quite smooth.

The majorly awesome feature of this game is the multiplayer mode,it is fun and enjoyable.Killing your freinds and letting them do likewise can be quite a fun activity.

Not for people who cant take shooting games.If you do play shooting games,you may
be able to tolerate this or even get quite a decent amount of fun out of it.A good game
overall,damn gamespot man.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Final fantasy 4

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.4

Its been awhile since i done any game reviews...oh well here we go.

Final fantasy 4,the black and white game which it used to be many years ago.I think it was something like 15 years ago.Well they remade it cuz it was such an awesome game and here it is for the
DS system.Prepare for awesomeness.

When this game was remade,it was remade with greatness.From a
colourless 2D game to a full animated 3D game.The CG cutscenes look even greater(look to the left).They are like PSP or PS2 graphics.
The fellows at gamespot even gave it quite a high score.The game's
story focuses on a dark knight named cecil.He has been serving under the king of his homeland Baron as the captain of the red wings
,one of the king's platoons.

One day,the king of Baron has been acting weird.He orders cecil to go and take a crystal of a town.A crystal is the power of a certain land.
When taken,bad stuff happens.He is also ordered to slaughter anyone who offers resistance.Cecil knows that his king wont order such a thing,something must be wrong.The game's story takes a turn
from finding what happened to the king to fighting for survival against power monsters.The game itself has fully voiced cutscenes and the battles run on ATB(active time bar).The game's difficulty itself is brutal,and one might find himself dieing quite a few times.

The in-game navigation isnt too great,running a few extra steps to
retrive a treasure box will have you run into quite a few battles.
Square enix should REALLY work on this,or its fans will get tired of
endless hordes or monster killing. The battle screen includes 5
characters fighting at the same time,making things quite difficult
and confusing.
The characters arent too well done in the game but they are great for a DS game,
which I am absolutely certain that will not have much memory capacity for anything
3D.Defininetly worth for a DS game,one of my faves and definetly a great addition to
the collection of final fantasy games square enix has created.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

best game character:6 may 09

My list of best game characters!!
Today"s winner is Cloud strife from final fantasy 7.
Cloud is awesome.He is possibly the coolest guy i have
ever seen in my life(seriously).
In the original story,Cloud was a SOILDER and he fights pretty much
get his so called vengance on sephiroth,which burnt down his hometown
(supposedly).Cloud fights with a great sword in his original game.He fights with a few joinable great swords in the movie,in the other games that include him in it,its pretty much just a great sword.
Cloud signature move is omnislash,a series of slashes which supposedly are very painful.The animation of this attack is pretty awesome and COOL.Cloud"s personality
is that of an emo.He basically talks with no emotions,unless in some desperate situations though.
Thats all for today,I will post more best game characters some other day.
"There is not a thing i dont cherish..."-Cloud

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tekken:dark ressurection

Gamespot score:9.2 (editor"s choice)

My score:8.0

Behold,my favourite fighting game in the psp.For one I will say i detest fighting games.Their gameplay is weak and they are basically pointless.
This game has convinced me otherwise.When i was 10 I played tekken
3 on the PSone.It made me have a new point of view to the genre of
fighting games.Every tekken title has never failed to entertain me,and
when my friend told me that tekken was coming out for PSP.I did not
hesitate to get it.
About tekken,it is a 3D fighting game with over 30 characters easily.It is about a fighers around the world gathering to fight in a tournament known as the king of iron fist tournament.Well this talks about the king of iron fist tournament 5,it is awesome.
There are people from different countries in the tournament and it is realistic as the characters speak not only english,japenese and chinese are some of the other languages spoken in the game.
Now,the fighting,it isnt very in depth for a fighting game.But the reason i love this game is because the characters are really well done,possibly the best I have seen in
any kind of game.The fighting is also pretty well made.The battles arent too long and
not too short as well.The moves are pretty straightfoward,unlike king of fighters,
though there are moves that do require a hell lot of buttons,really crazy.But these
10 command skills are really crazy and can take 1/2 a bar of hp off an opponent.

Each of these 30+ characters each have thier own individual story
,which is pretty minor.But at least they have a story,its better this
way as a game with just fighting alone is pretty pointless.The
stories of these characters provide cutscenes at the beginning ,
middle and end of thier story modes in which you will be awarded
a CG cutscene at the end

Each character has over 50-60 moves at least to show off thier skills
(except for the last boss,which i think is not unlockable).It will take an enourmous amount of time to master each character,which makes gameplay time longer.
Overall a great game,I think gamepot overrated it tough.But its just my opinion as I said I do not enjoy fighting games.