Opening songs
OP 1- Trip -Innocent of D- (Larval Stage Planning)

Ending songs
ED 1- STUDYxSTUDY (Stylips)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural


So I heard you like some hentai and ecchi? I present to you "High School DxD"! A fighting show with angels, demons and everything in between! Showcasing a great sense of raw boobies, panty shots and girls getting raped by slimes! It may look like one of those heavy fan service shows that everybody shoves off and just ignores, but WAIT! WAIT I SAID! "High School DxD" may have a ton of great fan service for guys to fap to, but its more than just that. Underneath the fan service lies an interesting concept, storyline and background, deterring between the families of high ranking demons, and a fighting concept that is unique like no other. If you're a guy, there is little reason to ignore "High School DxD".

The hottest girl of the anime in a nutshell.

Jamming to music is one thing, but unfortunately the ones used in "High School DxD" aren't that amazing. The opening song is "Trip -Innocent of D-" by Larval Stage Planning, and to be honest, I was never a fan of them. The song isn't memorable enough for me, and so was the opening animation. The ending is just another one of those typical ending songs that everybody would just skip, just because it was too cheesy, that's what "STUDYxSTUDY" is.


I'm a guy, and well, as a guy, I really enjoyed "High School DxD". In fact, I think any guy would enjoy it. Its got boobies, ecchi, blood and action, EVERYTHING a guy wants. Nudity just adds to the awesomeness, and as I mentioned earlier, "High School DxD" actually has a great overall story. The way the "High School DxD" universe is built is just so well done, and has so much interesting lore to it. The rating battle system is also one of the best things ever made in an anime, and you can see to that, its really interesting. 

Yes, slimes are good.

Issei is another one of your regular perverted high school students. He and his two good friends always go on pervertic sprees, and thus they end up being hated by a majority of the girls in their school. However one day Issei takes special notice of a girl in red hair known as Rias gremory. He takes no effort to approach her, but things take a turn for the better anyway. A girl introduces herself to him, and asks him on a date. Right on his first date, the girl revealed herself as an archangel, and kills him. After death, Issei is revived by Rias, and immediately, she calls him her pawn. Now Issei fights as part of Rias's group of demons, and his new life as a demon pawn begins.

Ah well same old same old. "High School DxD" will appeal to most male audiences if you're into the stuff I just said. It does well in a sense that it doesn't fail to keep the story and action intense while providing some horny fan service at the same time. And Rias is voiced by Yoko Hikasa, that's a plus. I loved it all in all, and if you're a guy, you should too.


More League, because I still play it.

All of these are based on my opinion and experience.

The Terror of the Void

Cho'Gath is the shit. If you can't guess already from my many various champion picks, I love CC heavy champions. Dudes who can dish out a ton of CC to lock down an enemy team are always welcome in a team, and Cho'Gath is one of those dudes. Having the potential to become as big as a freaking Godzilla, he's easily one of the most terrifying looking champions in the game. He can build AP and still be freakishly tanky monster thanks to his passive. Cho'Gath is a beast.

Cho is played solo top, but I like to roll with him in the jungle (as I said I'm primarily a jungler on my team). His sustain, clear speeds and ganking are ALL pretty good. He's like Malphite, you can just run a regrowth pendant and never have to go back to base. His passive carnivore is just so good, both in the jungle and in lane. His clear speeds are fast thanks to his vorpal spikes, and his ganks are more or less a guaranteed kill if you can hit rupture and feral scream. He's a great pick overall, running into a lane with mobility boots and landing a rupture will set most laners off guard, and believe or not, he can run triple GP5 in the jungle and still be on track, his utility carries him through.

A skin that I'd like to buy but is too damn expensive.

Cho'Gath runs along the lines of Malphite and Nautilus when it comes to a team fight. His job is just to constantly CC the enemy team over and over until the team fight is won. A good 4-5 man rupture will usually win a team fight, because the follow up feral scream will usually clip all of them. With that, I can still do some very good damage, because I build my Cho'Gath with AP. With AP, you're still tanky due to the passive on feast. Speaking of feast, it does true damage and scales on AP, which is basically a one shot nuke that can gobble up and enemy carry. Feast is VERY bursty, and while its great for bursting squishies, its also great for securing baron or dragon. Cho'Gath is also an amazing objective controller.

The Terror of the Void is a superb pick, both as a jungler, a solo top, and even as a bot lane support. He is very versatile, and his CC can generally help his team win fights. Building him AP is just godly, but building him as a tank also works, though in that case you're more of just a body of CC, rather than a damage dealing-CC distributing-tanky hybrid.

My build for Cho'Gath

AP Cho'Gath
-Boots + 3 pots
-Boots of mobility
-Philosopher stone
-Heart of gold
-Kage's lucky pick
-Rod of ages
-Rylai's crystal scepter
-Abyssal Scepter
-Rabadon's Deathcap
-Zhonya's hourglass/Guardian Angel

Tanky Cho'Gath
-Boots + 3 pots
-Mercury treads/Boots of mobility
-Philosopher stone
-Heart of gold
-Kage's lucky pick
-Rod of ages
-Frozen heart
-Randuin's omen
-Abyssal scepter
-Banshee's veil
-Guardian angel/Aegis of the legion

The Scorn of the Moon

Diana is pretty f**king broken right now. She was even more broken during her time of release, but even after the nerfs she wrecks people's faces in. As a dominant mid laner, top laner or jungler, Diana is a pretty strong pick that can work as an anti carry, AP carry, hybrid on hit fighter or AP tanky initiator. She deals a ton of damage and is deceptively tanky because of her OP shield that can soak up a shitload of damage. You just don't f**k with this girl.

Diana is my go to AP jungler at the moment. I tried Fiddlesticks, but he gets f**ked so easily. Diana is the opposite. While she can't really duel a lot of the strong junglers (Udyr, Olaf, Lee sin), she has a much easier time in the jungle than the poor scarecrow. She relies on blue, but she should be pretty okay after her first clear. She clears the jungle minions like a mower, dem creeps drop almost instantly (Not as fast as the likes of Udyr and others, but still). Her ganking pre 6 is bad, I'll say it, but post 6 she's a monster. She's like Warwick, she has to power level to 6 before she can make a huge difference in ganking. She can snowball really hard if she gets early kills, but the best part is that she can build gold items and still be a bad ass.

Valkyrie profile anyone?

Diana can function in many ways during a teamfight, depending on how she is built. I build Diana as a tanky AP initiator, because she can still do a good amount of damage while soaking a considerable amount herself.  The most crucial part to playing Diana is landing her Q, if you can land that on their carry, you're already completed half your job. Now turn on her shield and jump right in with her ultimate, and if there are enemies nearby, suck them all in with the carry so that they all eat the damage from your shield. Since the enemy carry is inflicted with moonlight, dash at them again, then auto attack a few times to trigger your passive and hurt the entire team. Her cooldowns aren't exactly the longest, so if you survive long enough for another Q, let them have it.

Diana is a superb AP jungler, the best one at the moment in my opinion (Elise isn't out here yet). Her versatility in her builds and her kit just makes her such a strong champion that can burst enemies carries and still soak in a good deal of damage with her shield. She may not be the prettiest female champion, but she's definitely one of the more bad ass ones.

My build for Diana

-Boots + 3 pots

-Philosopher stone
-Heart of gold
-Kage's lucky pick
-Sorcerer's shoes/Mercury treads
-Rod of ages
-Rylai's crystal scepter
-Abyssal scepter
-Rabadon's deathcap
-Guardian angel

The Hand of Noxus


I know that many players are saying that Darius users are just a bunch of kids that enjoy ksing their own team mates. Well, there are such players, but I can't deny that I love playing Darius. He is one of my main junglers at the moment, and while he is more suited for the top lane, he can work in the jungle. He is a lot like Hecarim, in a way that if he gets ahead, the enemy team is pretty screwed. A fat Darius can f**k an entire team over by himself, FACT. 

Darius isn't a strong jungler. His clearing isn't the best and he has NO sustain. His fortes are early dueling and invading. Yes, he can murder most other junglers because he has a shit ton of damage through his passive. Every time the enemy thinks they survived with a sliver of health, the DoT will kill them. Darius brings so much damage early game, he's just like Riven in many ways (though I'm sure Riven will beat his face in early on). Darius's ganking also deserve a shout out, since that is one of his stronger points. His ganks are easy to pull off, and while they aren't the best, unless the enemy has 2 or more escape tools, they are pretty much screwed, a flash isn't enough. Darius can walk up to his prey, gut them with his Decimate and Crippling cut, applying slow and red buff. The enemy WILL die if they don't flash with you gutting him with auto attacks, and when he flashes, pull him right back in, dead enemy.

Darius needs another skin, like this one.

A fed Darius will take an entire team apart. Decimate, Crippling Cut and Noxian Gullotine are all very powerful skills. He is easily kited in a team fight, but if he so much gets near the carries, consider them dead. A quick combo of skills and auto attacks will stack 5 bleed stacks on the carry, and Noxian Gullotine will finish them off without issue. Yes its that easy, his ultimate does TRUE damage and it scales according to the amount of bleed stacks and his AD as well. It even refreshes if it kills someone. So here's the deal, look out for low health enemies and just dunk them, you will snowball like mad in a team fight. Even if you are ksing your team, you know you helped them out with your crazy snowballing damage. Of course, don't take all the kills, you may be godly, but you ain't a carry.

Darius is a brutal champion that destroys everybody. He gets kited very easily, but if you ensure that he gets into the enemy back lines, he will wreak absolute havoc. If you like to dunk people and deal some unreal damage, pick Darius.

My build for Darius

-Boots + 3 pots
-Wriggle's lantern
-Mercury treads
-Frozen mallet/Maw of Malmortius
-Last whisperer
-Guardian angel
-Bloodthirster (sell wriggles)

Peace for now, more to come in the future.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bring on the fate! (Fate/Zero review)

Opening songs
OP 1- Oath sign (Lisa)
OP 2- To the beginning (Kalafina)

Ending songs
ED 1- Memoria (Aoi Eir)
ED 2- Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau (Luna Haruna)

Genre:Action, Fantasy


Another post, because f**k school, and f** the police.

Now, "Fate/Zero". Ah "Fate/Zero", how I love thee. Fans of the original "Fate/Stay night" should have already dived into this wonderful anime, so this is just for the archives. You all should already know how amazing this piece of work is. Yes, there is no need for this review at all, "Fate/Zero" is already on my top list of animes, and it ranks as one of the top few ones, standing high with the likes of "Code Geass" and some others. "Fate/Zero" while just a mere prequel to the original, is much better than it in almost every way, and thus, is a prime anime of choice for anybody. If you haven't watched "Fate/Zero", you don't know what you're missing.

Meet the awesome cast of Masters and Servants.

For such a high quality production anime, its no surprise that they used some pretty epic songs for the opening and ending themes. For the first opening, we have the famous "Oath Sign" by Lisa, which was sang as AFA last year. Hell, this song is so epic and so many ways, its a great fit for an anime such as "Fate/Zero". Great song, great opening animations, what more can you ask for? Its currently my favorite song from Lisa aside from "Crossing field". The ending is "Memoria" from Aoi Eir, and for an ending, its epic! Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, but this ending song is also greatly fitting for "Fate/Zero" with its orchestral and epic feel. 

The second opening, oh my god, is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard in my LIFE. "To The Beginning" by Kalafina is just beautiful. I love epic orchestral type songs, so this is no f**king surprise, but damn! I've never listened to a Kalafina song in my life, and this just made me an instant fan! Everything about is bad ass, EVERYTHING. The second ending theme isn't my type of song, its "Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau" by Luna Haruna. Nothing to really see here, its not in my song scope.


I said it. Type moon probably had no idea what kind of masterpiece they were building, but "Fate/Zero" is one of the best out there in comparison to all other modern animes. This, THIS is the pinnacle of action/fantasy anime, and there is no shortage of amazing fights in "Fate/Zero". Combine it with an extraordinary cast of characters, the characters from "Fate/Stay night" are f**king PIMPS compared to the guys from "Fate/Zero". Excellent story and many more make it exceed "Fate/Stay night", TREMENDOUSLY. Starring in a darker and more cruel atmosphere, "Fate/Zero" is intense every minute of the way, and you won't want to leave your seat at all.

Berserker from "Fate/Zero" is probably the most bad ass servant that ever lived.

Starring as our main character, we have a completely bad ass man. Yes, not some wimpy high school kid, this time we have Emiya Kiritsugu, the father of Shirou from "Fate/Stay night". This is a prequel, 10 years before the original, and its time for another holy grail war. Kiritsugu is an anti-mage, an assassin with the specialty of killing mages.  He takes part in the holy grail war with his wife he recently married to, Irisviel, and is granted to servant Saber as his vessel to the war. To win the war they must wipe out every other Master or Servant, and since Kiritsugu is an assassin, he likes to play differently, so he sends Irisviel to be Saber's temporary master. Behind the scenes, he plays his cards the way every assassin does....

A completely bad ass anime overall. "Fate/Zero" is what I've been wanting for a long time, an action anime with superb story, characters, fight scenes and overall production quality. "Fate/Zero" is on top of the food chain of action animes now, its overall quality is just so good, most other fighting animes cannot even compare! More importantly though, this is a great watch for fans of the original. And hell, even if you're NOT a fan or didn't watch the original, I'd still recommend this, its a prequel after all, and a freaking bad ass one at that.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pervertic post 4:More boobies!

Oh yeah, you knew it wasn't over. For the lust for sexy women in men will never die out, these posts shall continue as long as I lust for the perfection of the female body! Okay! Its time for more boobies! Bring out da boobies!

As usual, there will be no references to character, personality or story. This will be all about how sexy they are, that's all.

You do not deny sexiness, you just don't.

Name:Kallen Stadfield
From:Code Geass Series

When it comes to sexy girls, "Code Geass" has two amazing beauties that can compete with the goddesses of anime. These 2 are Kallen and C.C, and now lets talk about Kallen. She is the definition of sexiness, a perfect body, big boobs, a nice ass, and overall just amazing. When it all comes down to it, she's just a downright sexy girl that every man would just wanna rape! Unfortunately, she stands next to C.C, and we'll save her for another time. If I were Lelouch, I'd be in a dilemma . Those are some f**king sexy boobs.

....God dammit.

From:Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Don't f**king deny it. Anyone who watched "Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai" would fawn over Sena, you and I are no different. Aside from being the perfect girl who plays eroge during club activities, one cannot deny that she has some big, and I do mean BIG boobs. If you see her in the swimsuit episodes, you know what I'm talking about. If you've read enough Sena doujinshi, you know where this is going. Sena is freaking sexy!

The classic sexy redhead!

From:Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Survivor

When it comes to Atlus, they sure know how to design some sexy females. The "Persona" series has PLENTY of them, but lets tone down on that side, and take a look at "Devil Survivor", there are plenty of beauties here. Lets take a look at the classic Yuzu, every man's wet dream from the original "Devil Survivor". Not only was she an airhead, she was sexy overall, with those huge knockers of hers. If you've ever looked up art on Yuzu, whether its fan art or official art, you'll notice those boobs of hers.

Konoichi are some of the main sources of the lust of men XD

From:Izuna:The legend of the unemployed ninja

At times like these you ask yourself, "If Izuna is unemployed, why the hell would she go through so much trouble to make cash, if she is so freaking sexy?". For someone with such a body, she can EASILY hook up for some easy jobs with her body. But I guess things aren't so easy in the world of games. Izuna, for someone her age, has some pretty damn big boobs, and I won't lie, I played the game because I found Izuna to be super sexy. Then again, that was long ago, before I got a DS. Yes, I already fantasized about her BEFORE I got a DS when I saw some of her art XD.

Whoah, stay down boy. Stay down.

Name:Charlotte Dunois
From:Infinite Stratos

"Infinite Stratos" is one of the most ultimate harem animes of all time, well because it practically IS an ultimate harem. Most of the heroines are pretty big breasted, and lets not forget about my favorite amongst all of them, Charlotte. I have NO IDEA how she hid those damn knockers when she enrolled as a guy, the difference is TOO HUGE. Charlotte is freaking sexy, and her bust if pretty big, hiding them and enrolling as a guy was just impossible IMO. Then again, who cares, lets just appreciate boobs shall we?

Fear not my pervertic comrades, there shall be more to come! 

Peace! Out!

Opening songs
OP 1- Kyōmu Densen (Ali Project)

Ending songs
ED 1- Anamnesis (Annabel)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Psychology, Supernatural


When was the last time an anime made you feel super intense and super riled up when you see people die. For me it was "Higurashi", that anime was just insane. Meet "Another", an anime that aims to stir its viewers with a plot similar to "Final destination". People die one after another, and unless something is done, people keep on dieing....and that is f**king sadistic. Sadistic, but in more ways than one, it is awesome. The intensifying plot keeps you glued to your seat as you view episode after episode, and yes, people will keep dieing, in gruesome and horrible ways. Its like watching a long ass horror movie. If you can take in some gore, "Another" will satisfy you like no other.

There is room for yuri, even in such an anime.

"Kyōmu Densen" is a great Ali project song and its used as the opening. As I said, its great and is one of those Ali project songs that you can spam over and over (quite a bit of their songs are hard to get into IMO). The opening animations are wonderful and they give you a good glimpse of what you're getting yourself into if you watch this anime....The ending is "Anamnesis" by Annabel. Its a slow and peaceful song, and I'm not into those, so lets not go there.


Some mother f**kers are gonna DIE! "Another" is a show that isn't afraid, to KILL OFF its main and important characters. F**kers gonna die, and they're gonna die hard. But because its not all pointless deaths, every character's death will strike as quite as impact to the viewer. Later on, deaths escalate and people die in more gruesome ways. If you think that's sadistic, yes it is, BUT the anime backs it up with a brilliant plot and some very good characters, characters that you wish would have lived, but died. The story is fantastic, and it just gets better every episode. The characters you know and love will also start to fall, and wondering who is going to go next is always a terrifying thought.

Misaka is that you? Oh f**k me.....

Sakakibara Koichi is a young man with a weak heart. Upon his transfer into his new hometown he has heart issues, and is issued to a hospital. His classmates go to visit him during the first day, and he can already tell that they are a bunch of weirdos. He runs into this girl called Misaki Mei, who is being shunned by her classmates, they treat her like she never existed. Koichi tries to mix around with her, and eventually they become friends. Koichi wonders why his class treats her like she never existed, and then suddenly, somebody in their class dies in a gruesome accident. Old rumors of a curse start escalating, and as more of their friends die, things start to go out of hand.....

"Another" is just brilliant. The gore and deaths just add to the mature theme and story it has going. The plot is just brilliant, and by the end of it all, you'll breath a sigh of relief if your favorite characters made it out alive. Everything is executed brilliantly, and it all wraps up into one epic conclusion. From start to finish "Another" will keep you glued to your seat. The first couple of episodes can be a little dry and boring, but once you get past those, its death all the way!


Opening songs
OP 1 (Season 1)- Cosmic Love (Nana Mizuki)
OP 1 (Season 2)- DISCOTHEQUE (Nana Mizuki)

Ending songs
ED 1 (Season 1)- Dancing in the velvet moon (Nana Mizuki)
ED 2 (Season 2)- Trinity cross (Nana Mizuki)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes:13 per season

Yay for reviewing two seasons at once because if I do 2 separate posts its like reviewing the same thing.

So this is kind of redundant, but most of you otakus should already know what "Rosario + Vampire" is. Its kind of a popular anime already, and I'm kind of late to the party. Featuring another harem with a bunch of sexy ladies swarming over another lucky guy, it seems like something we have seen before a hundred times. However, with a little bit of action here and there, plus the fact that these girls aren't exactly human at all, makes "Rosario + Vampire" a good treat to us otakus. With a good deal of fan service, some intense story moments and interesting characters (they're all monsters dammit), "Rosario + Vampire" is out to please.

Yay for boobies! Especially Kurumu's!

Since I'm reviewing two seasons at once, must as well do all the songs. They're all by Nana Mizuki, a f**king amazing voice actor that voiced Moka in this anime. The opening for season one is "Cosmic Love", and well, its lovely! Its catchy to a good extent and it fits damn well with the opening animations. "Dancing in the velvet moon" is the first ending, and god damn it, its good. I would even go as far as to say its better than "Cosmic Love", which is already pretty nice. It even has kind of an epic feel to it.

Season 2's songs are little weirder. "DISCOTHEQUE" is quite an upbeat song, and while its catchy, I think it doesn't quite fit the bill as well as "Cosmic Love". Its still a good song, though I do think "Cosmic Love" is the better choice. The ending "Trinity Cross", is better than "DISCOTHEQUE", but then again, I do prefer "Dancing in the velvet moon", because that one is just more epic in many ways.


Yeah I may acting a little bit cliche right now, but "Rosario + Vampire" is a good anime. Both seasons. They're basically the same thing, the plot advancement is pretty minor so there's really not much difference between the two. They're doing the same thing! Like with every harem, the selling point of "Rosario + Vampire" is the girls. And well we do have quite the variety here, and they're all yokai (monsters/demons) to boot, which makes things way more interesting. We see this a lot in regular harem anime, but in here, we have fighting scenes amongst regular harem scenes. Pretty well done overall, and I just love Mizore :D.

My reaction when I get 56 for a test. Well done Mizore!

Aono Tsukune is another one of those failures in life. He didn't do well for his middle school exams, and as a result, he could not go into any good high schools. He found an entrance form to the youkai academy, but he didn't know what he was getting into. Enrolling into that school, he bumps into a pretty girl during the very first day on the way to school. This girl is known as Akashiya Moka, and her beautiful pink hair and perfect slender body charmed Tsukune at first sight. He decides to be friends with her, but eventually finds out that youkai academy is a school for youkai (demons/monsters), and that Moka is a vampire. Now, he is in for a world full of shit. Little does he know that his human scent attracts many other demon types, and thus, he now has a harem of youkai females attracted to him!

"Rosario + Vampire" is just another one of those harems with a lot of things to love. Beautiful girls aside, the fact that they are youkai and that they all have specific powers, abilities and backgrounds make everything all the more interesting. Plus, life on a campus filled with monster students can be really entertaining, having orges, werewolves and lizardmen around is always entertaining to see. "Capu2" is a good follow up, but generally does what season 1 was doing all the while, with just a new girl thrown in. Its been quite a few years already, but I do hope a season 3 comes by, because the manga seems really good now.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Continent Of The Ninth

Gamespot Score:n/a

My Score:7.7

(+)Pros: - Sexy graphics, - Brilliant character design combined with good customization options, - GREAT skill based gameplay, - Bosses look powerful and menacing, some even provide a good challenge, - Nice variety of skills between the classes and split paths after a certain level make it even more varied, - Some instances provide a good changes of pace by providing objectives.

(-)Cons: - Completely instance based, so its a little repetitive, - A good first 30 levels of the game are sooo easy that it gets boring, - Not enough variety in missions.

Gameplay time:-

*Note:Review of the game was about it BEFORE the Reaperess patch*

I admit it, I have been wanting to play C9 in a LONG LONG time. Since it was released in Korea back in like 2008 or something, I have already been anticipating an English release! I waited and waited and waited, and somewhere along the line I slowly lost interest. Years later I completely forgot about it, until a new friend of mine told me about this awesome new MMO coming out. Lo and behold, its f**king "Continent Of The Ninth". After the long wait, I started to gain an interest again, and IMMEDIATELY jumped into the game during the first day of the open beta. So, how was it?

Lets be honest here, every MMORPG has its own story, but most people don't give a flying f**k about them, because the game itself doesn't really try very hard to portray or indulge us into its story. C9 is one of the few MMORPGs that actually made an effort to show us what it had to offer in its story, most of it through cut scenes. However, like "Aion online", it isn't too memorable. There is effort, and you can see it, its just that its not memorable. This time you play as a freeloading warrior of a village, and get chosen to become one of its guardians. It leads to some people dieing later on, so there is some emotional impact.


C9 is a different type of MMO. I'll say this first, the graphics are bloody awesome. For a free MMORPG, you cannot deny that C9 provides some of the best graphics in the market. Slick environmental visuals and great character models make for a very very sexy game in the highest graphic settings. Everything looks beautiful if you run the game at its maximum. The character designs for its different classes (4 when I started out, currently there is 5 with the addition of the Reaperess) are downright amazing. While the customization options aren't the best out there, its sufficient to have us fondling around trying to create an ideal character for more than 30 minutes.

The play style for C9 is different from other MMORPGs. Its been a trend lately, C9 is what you call an action MMO, with other competitors like "TERA online" and the colossal monster that is "Guild Wars 2". An action MMO is a skill based game where combat is not based of clicking a monster and watching an animation of your character hitting that monster. This is where you click your mouse and your character swings ONCE, and clicking it many times forms a combo string. You can dodge enemy attacks, enemies can dodge your attacks. Its a different experience, that's for sure, and I'm sure C9 did a good job for this system.

Reported for being too sexy.

Witchblades are sexy, because I main a Witchblade :). I say this because each class, fights in its own different way, and this is obvious. Throughout the game you will be entering instances and fighting it out, its a wise idea to play a class that fits your role. While the combat is great, what really pushes me to play these instances, are the well designed bosses. Most of the bosses look MENACING, even some of the earlier ones. They look great and of course, since this is a skill based game, you can dodge them like you do in action games. Some of these bosses are TOUGH, and can kill you in 2 hits or something. Later bosses of higher difficulty dungeons even have you battling multiple bosses at once, or a single boss with multiple health bars.

I can say the same to the classes. Since each class fights differently, you can expect varied gameplay for each class. But, since this game has split branches for every class as they reach the higher levels....this makes things even better. Each class can split into 2 or 3 different job advancements, and these get even MORE unique skills, making characters of similar class be different from each other. Another thing that C9 tries to do give us players a nice change of pace, is varying the dungeon type variety. Instead of just going into an instance, killing every monster and the boss, you get different objectives like protect an objective, escorting an NPC or solving puzzles of some kind.


Now, time for the flaws, every game has them. First things first, while I do enjoy he action based gameplay, the entire game is based of instances. That is repetitive, no matter how you look at it. I always found roaming and exploring to be a necessity in MMOs, make everything instance based, and you remove the possibility of exploration. The game is also too easy for the beginning 30 levels. Out of 30 quests, there is only about 1 to give you a LITTLE bit of trouble. Yes the first 30 levels are too easy, and don't tell me otherwise. Another thing is the lack of mission variety. As I said, while they do give objectives for certain missions, its not enough, and just plainly running through instances IS boring.

After a long wait, the game is finally over. I waited 4 years for this game, but stopped it at about a month or so. The irony. The game is pretty good for a free MMO, and the only thing really preventing me from continuing to play this game, is the repetitive nature of just running instances over and over. Its just not my style. I got to the early 40s, but that's not saying much, there are MMOs that drive me into 70s, 80s and even over a 100 (Cabal Online is the only MMO that got me to play until level 127). Overall, if you want a good distraction, C9 can keep you occupied for what its worth.

Happy gaming!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Loli basketball! (Ro-Kyu-Bu! review)

Opening songs
OP 1- Shoot! (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)

Ending songs
ED 1- Party Love - Okkiku Naritai (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)

Genre: Comedy


So school has begun again, f**k me. 

"Ro-Kyu-Bu!" is an anime I never thought I would ever watch. I mean, its basketball, I hate sports and I hate sports anime. There are tons of lolis in there, so its lolis playing basketball. The hell is this? Nevertheless, I've watched it already, and I gotta say, its not so bad. Its definitely not godly status, at least not to me anyway. There were tons of awesome female seiyuus that I recognize in there, but other than that, its just loli basketball, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its a decent anime for what its worth, and if you're into the whole friendship thing, it might be worth your time.

Our loli heroines.

"Shoot!" is so catchy! The songs in this anime are all sang by the 5 female seiyuus of the 5 girls, and for the opening song, they totally nailed it! Its catchy and full of spirit, perfect for a an anime such as this! It even gets you all jumpy and shit as you jam to it. "Party Love - Okkiku Naritai" is just your everyday cutesy song. Its a little bit catchy, but when it comes down to it its just one of those songs you won't want to listen to.


Its decent. I have a hatred towards basketball or sports anime in general, so its kind of a biased opinion. Its not bad in a sense, but if anything, its the cheerful and likable lolis that actually pull this show up in my opinion. The basketball scenes are know, basketball. I don't really like them per say, but as part of the anime, it drives the story on. Maybe I'll grow to appreciate these scenes when I watch more spots anime, but I doubt that will happen. The girls are are young, and thus are easy to like when you see them grow in character as well as their love towards the sport. And for once, I actually like the main character!

Do lolis play basketball? Yes they do!

Hasegawa Subaru is a high school kid with a strong love for basketball. He joins the basketball club only to have its activities suspended, and because of this, he goes into a short state of depression. However, one fine day his aunt, a teacher of an elementary school, introduces him to a coaching job, where he is to coach some of her students about playing basketball. He accepts the job, and what he gets are 5 young girls whom immediately get attached to him. These 5 girls are having a tournament soon to decide whether they get to continue playing basketball or not. Seeing their love for the sport, Subaru decides to fully pledge his time for the girls as he teaches them how to excel at basketball.

I don't have a liking for sports anime, and this may actually be my first one. Its decent, and while it does have some intense moments during matches, it just doesn't sing well with me. The 5 girls are very likable and soon their friendship becomes something you want to continue to watch over. It has some fanservice, but its mostly loli, so you know, its not really amusing. 


..........I just finished "Hoshizora no Memoria", thus I'm a little emotional (Its probably the best VN I've played yet). Also, the League season 2 world championship was boss, it just concluded, and man was it epic.

"Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" is a great anime, and while its just your everyday harem with tons of good stuff, I enjoyed every f**king bit of it. I kind of left out FMA, I don't know why, but here it is! If you don't know what FMA is, you should go jump off a cliff, because that's as good as not knowing the staple shounen anime like "Bleach", "Naruto" or "One piece". "Guilty Crown" is another amazing anime that I reviewed recently. Bearing close similarities to "Code Geass", its one of those animes that will suck you in.


Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

"Haganai" is awesome. It may be just another harem, but great characters and superior humor made it a delightful experience. It is FULL of sexy girls and that just spells greatness. Here is my favorite girl of the show.

Nothing beats a cute and sexy girl that plays eroge!
Sena is like, the dream girl. She is super sexy, and her personality is just so cute! She is easily bullied around and cries when she loses an argument with Yozora, and those little debates they have are always so fun to watch. She is easily the best out of the entire female cast in terms of looks, and hell, she plays eroge! That is enough to make every guy in the world yearn for a girl like her! 

Most of "Haganai"'s charms comes from the fact that it does a good parody of many other franchises, like monster hunter. Sens is a huge gamer, and she rushed monster hunter just to play with her friends. In fact, she dumped 60 hours into the damn thing when Kodaka and Yozora just started. A crazy gamer girl! That's a plus.

Another awesome fact about Sena is that although she does have some feelings for Kodaka, she is quite a lesbian. She always cling to Kobato, and that leads to some pretty horny situations. God dammit she should just adopt Kobato as her sister, they look so freaking alike! While she joined the club to make friends, she spends more time on her PS3 playing eroge.......

Fullmetal Alchemist

If you've never heard of this before, you've failed as an otaku. "Fullmetal Alchemist" is one of the classic masterpieces of the shounen J alliance, and hell is it a great anime. It doesn't matter if you like shounen anime or not, "Fullmetal Alchemist" is a great watch. Now, then for my favorite character of this anime....

Snapping flames out of your fingers makes you cool.

Roy Mustang is one cool mother f**ker. First off he is one of the youngest high ranking soldiers in the army, and his title of being the "Flame Alchemist" makes him feared throughout the land. He is on close terms with lieutenant Hawkeye, his personal partner when it comes to combat and many other subjects. Together they make a dynamic duo, but lets face it, Roy himself is a powerful bad ass.

Having flame in his title, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he fights with flames. Wearing a pair of gloves with alchemy seals on them he can send out flames from his hands by any means he deems necessary. He can continuously snap his fingers to conjure bolts of flames at his enemies, and unwary enemies will just melt in an instant. Yes, he is that powerful.  

Even though he's so powerful, Roy Mustang is a nice guy. He is friends with the Elric brothers, and often works together with Edward or just talks with each other. They've helped each other when the need calls for it, and they're good friends. Roy himself defeated Lust and Envy, 2 of the homunculus, and that by itself is a huge feat. He was also selected as one of the 5 sacrifices later on for the all-father, and lost his eye sight. But even without it, he contributed a huge deal towards that final battle!

Guilty Crown

Another one of the more recent masterpieces. "Guilty Crown" is awesome! It had a ton of fans immediately after its release and damn, it was just one of the best anime of 2012. There are many other contenders, but there is no doubt that "Guilty Crown" deserves to be one of the best anime out there.

Just call him "Void Prince"

Don't get me wrong, I hated Shu. Yes, past tense, because during the first few episodes of "Guilty crown", Shu quickly fell into the category of pathetic and wimpy main characters. These guys don't take no for an answer, and always go for the solution that causes the least pain for everyone, even the bad guys. I hate these characters to the gut, but Shu is one of the characters that underwent a ton of character development, and I'll explain why.

While Shu was wimpy at the start, he started to grow a sense of responsibility and leadership, and backed his personality up with strength. By the end of the first half of the anime, Shu had already become quite powerful, and he started to act a little bit like a leader by then, which already gave him points for development. Later on when Hare dies, that's where things take an even bigger turn.

Shu transformed into a tyrannical leader, giving himself the name of "Void Prince". He became a leader where he couldn't care less for students with useless voids, and classed them in ranks, where higher ranked students were to receive better treatment. Yes, he became a bad ass. Of course, that was short lived as he reverted back to his old self. While he stopped being wimpy, he earned enough to become a hero at the end, at the cost of losing Inori.

Isn't she so pretty?
Ayase  is just sexy. Instead of the quiet and stereotypical Inori, I had most of my attention turned to Ayase during the entire anime. She was hot, she had a super tsundere personality, and is just overall one of those girls everybody will fawn over. And you might call me creepy for this, but her disability to walk just makes her even more attractive, I mean it.

Ayase was a lot like a tomboy at the start. She was one of those girls you'll want to protect because shes on a wheelchair, until she smacks and performs a judo flip on you WHILE sitting on that wheelchair. She takes the wheelchair and her disability as part of herself, and refuses to take any sympathy for it. Now that's just tough, you go girl!

Since she isn't any good up front, Ayase is a mech driver. Her role is to pilot robots into battle, and you can guess, she's pretty good at it. That's just icing on the cake though, since her void is what makes her the sexiest. Her void is a pair of boots that let her defy gravity and fly around at crazy speeds. She was at her sexiest when she had those boots on during the terrorist attack. Just brilliant!