Friday, 26 October 2012

Bring on the fate! (Fate/Zero review)

Opening songs
OP 1- Oath sign (Lisa)
OP 2- To the beginning (Kalafina)

Ending songs
ED 1- Memoria (Aoi Eir)
ED 2- Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau (Luna Haruna)

Genre:Action, Fantasy


Another post, because f**k school, and f** the police.

Now, "Fate/Zero". Ah "Fate/Zero", how I love thee. Fans of the original "Fate/Stay night" should have already dived into this wonderful anime, so this is just for the archives. You all should already know how amazing this piece of work is. Yes, there is no need for this review at all, "Fate/Zero" is already on my top list of animes, and it ranks as one of the top few ones, standing high with the likes of "Code Geass" and some others. "Fate/Zero" while just a mere prequel to the original, is much better than it in almost every way, and thus, is a prime anime of choice for anybody. If you haven't watched "Fate/Zero", you don't know what you're missing.

Meet the awesome cast of Masters and Servants.

For such a high quality production anime, its no surprise that they used some pretty epic songs for the opening and ending themes. For the first opening, we have the famous "Oath Sign" by Lisa, which was sang as AFA last year. Hell, this song is so epic and so many ways, its a great fit for an anime such as "Fate/Zero". Great song, great opening animations, what more can you ask for? Its currently my favorite song from Lisa aside from "Crossing field". The ending is "Memoria" from Aoi Eir, and for an ending, its epic! Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, but this ending song is also greatly fitting for "Fate/Zero" with its orchestral and epic feel. 

The second opening, oh my god, is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard in my LIFE. "To The Beginning" by Kalafina is just beautiful. I love epic orchestral type songs, so this is no f**king surprise, but damn! I've never listened to a Kalafina song in my life, and this just made me an instant fan! Everything about is bad ass, EVERYTHING. The second ending theme isn't my type of song, its "Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau" by Luna Haruna. Nothing to really see here, its not in my song scope.


I said it. Type moon probably had no idea what kind of masterpiece they were building, but "Fate/Zero" is one of the best out there in comparison to all other modern animes. This, THIS is the pinnacle of action/fantasy anime, and there is no shortage of amazing fights in "Fate/Zero". Combine it with an extraordinary cast of characters, the characters from "Fate/Stay night" are f**king PIMPS compared to the guys from "Fate/Zero". Excellent story and many more make it exceed "Fate/Stay night", TREMENDOUSLY. Starring in a darker and more cruel atmosphere, "Fate/Zero" is intense every minute of the way, and you won't want to leave your seat at all.

Berserker from "Fate/Zero" is probably the most bad ass servant that ever lived.

Starring as our main character, we have a completely bad ass man. Yes, not some wimpy high school kid, this time we have Emiya Kiritsugu, the father of Shirou from "Fate/Stay night". This is a prequel, 10 years before the original, and its time for another holy grail war. Kiritsugu is an anti-mage, an assassin with the specialty of killing mages.  He takes part in the holy grail war with his wife he recently married to, Irisviel, and is granted to servant Saber as his vessel to the war. To win the war they must wipe out every other Master or Servant, and since Kiritsugu is an assassin, he likes to play differently, so he sends Irisviel to be Saber's temporary master. Behind the scenes, he plays his cards the way every assassin does....

A completely bad ass anime overall. "Fate/Zero" is what I've been wanting for a long time, an action anime with superb story, characters, fight scenes and overall production quality. "Fate/Zero" is on top of the food chain of action animes now, its overall quality is just so good, most other fighting animes cannot even compare! More importantly though, this is a great watch for fans of the original. And hell, even if you're NOT a fan or didn't watch the original, I'd still recommend this, its a prequel after all, and a freaking bad ass one at that.