Opening songs
OP 1 (Season 1)- Cosmic Love (Nana Mizuki)
OP 1 (Season 2)- DISCOTHEQUE (Nana Mizuki)

Ending songs
ED 1 (Season 1)- Dancing in the velvet moon (Nana Mizuki)
ED 2 (Season 2)- Trinity cross (Nana Mizuki)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes:13 per season

Yay for reviewing two seasons at once because if I do 2 separate posts its like reviewing the same thing.

So this is kind of redundant, but most of you otakus should already know what "Rosario + Vampire" is. Its kind of a popular anime already, and I'm kind of late to the party. Featuring another harem with a bunch of sexy ladies swarming over another lucky guy, it seems like something we have seen before a hundred times. However, with a little bit of action here and there, plus the fact that these girls aren't exactly human at all, makes "Rosario + Vampire" a good treat to us otakus. With a good deal of fan service, some intense story moments and interesting characters (they're all monsters dammit), "Rosario + Vampire" is out to please.

Yay for boobies! Especially Kurumu's!

Since I'm reviewing two seasons at once, must as well do all the songs. They're all by Nana Mizuki, a f**king amazing voice actor that voiced Moka in this anime. The opening for season one is "Cosmic Love", and well, its lovely! Its catchy to a good extent and it fits damn well with the opening animations. "Dancing in the velvet moon" is the first ending, and god damn it, its good. I would even go as far as to say its better than "Cosmic Love", which is already pretty nice. It even has kind of an epic feel to it.

Season 2's songs are little weirder. "DISCOTHEQUE" is quite an upbeat song, and while its catchy, I think it doesn't quite fit the bill as well as "Cosmic Love". Its still a good song, though I do think "Cosmic Love" is the better choice. The ending "Trinity Cross", is better than "DISCOTHEQUE", but then again, I do prefer "Dancing in the velvet moon", because that one is just more epic in many ways.


Yeah I may acting a little bit cliche right now, but "Rosario + Vampire" is a good anime. Both seasons. They're basically the same thing, the plot advancement is pretty minor so there's really not much difference between the two. They're doing the same thing! Like with every harem, the selling point of "Rosario + Vampire" is the girls. And well we do have quite the variety here, and they're all yokai (monsters/demons) to boot, which makes things way more interesting. We see this a lot in regular harem anime, but in here, we have fighting scenes amongst regular harem scenes. Pretty well done overall, and I just love Mizore :D.

My reaction when I get 56 for a test. Well done Mizore!

Aono Tsukune is another one of those failures in life. He didn't do well for his middle school exams, and as a result, he could not go into any good high schools. He found an entrance form to the youkai academy, but he didn't know what he was getting into. Enrolling into that school, he bumps into a pretty girl during the very first day on the way to school. This girl is known as Akashiya Moka, and her beautiful pink hair and perfect slender body charmed Tsukune at first sight. He decides to be friends with her, but eventually finds out that youkai academy is a school for youkai (demons/monsters), and that Moka is a vampire. Now, he is in for a world full of shit. Little does he know that his human scent attracts many other demon types, and thus, he now has a harem of youkai females attracted to him!

"Rosario + Vampire" is just another one of those harems with a lot of things to love. Beautiful girls aside, the fact that they are youkai and that they all have specific powers, abilities and backgrounds make everything all the more interesting. Plus, life on a campus filled with monster students can be really entertaining, having orges, werewolves and lizardmen around is always entertaining to see. "Capu2" is a good follow up, but generally does what season 1 was doing all the while, with just a new girl thrown in. Its been quite a few years already, but I do hope a season 3 comes by, because the manga seems really good now.