Thursday, 11 October 2012

Greatest game character:11 October 2012

Well its finally time, school is starting again. Now that's going to be a pain....When school starts, expect posts to slowly decline. I will still be posting, just not as frequently as I am right now. And lets get straight to the point, its time for another round "Best game character" post! Well, its going to be Yamato Hotsuin from "Devil Survivor 2". I finished that game long ago, just didn't had the initiative to get this post up. Yamato is a bad ass, and a true leader in the making. Merciless and arrogant, he is the true flag point to the chaos path.


In many ways, Yamato is just like Naoya from the original "Devil Survivor". They are both bad asses, they are both sly, sinister and in ways more than one, they just want to work towards their own goals, no matter how f**ked up the methods they use are. Just like Naoya, Yamato isn't a villian per se, just that his methods and justifications as the head of JPs can be a little bit extreme at times. Well, as the head of JPs he does his job well in helping with septentrione extermination, and the various party members do respect him, but they are still against his way of thinking.

The first demon he showed us was a Cerberus.

When the main character, Io and Daichi first came to JPs, Yamato saw them as unnecessary civilians and wanted to debrief them. After their bout with Dubhe, he saw their worth and since then has invited them in as JPs staff. He has a developed a special liking for the main character, saying  that he was the only one that he needed in order to complete his goals. He also contributed greatly during the Mizar fight, as he channeled the power of the dragon stream unto himself to summon the dragon of the Hotsuin bloodline to crush and finally defeat Mizar.

That was his good moment though, as I said, Yamato is a truly merciless young man (He's only 17 years old btw). His belief to save the world is that the strong will prosper, while the weak will be left to perish. The weak do not contribute to society, so resources such as food, water and shelter will not be given to them, and those privileges will be given to the stronger ones, those who are actually USEFUL in society. The strong live, the weak die, this is the way he thinks, and by god it is so bad ass.

Dude if this is how it looks like, I'd take Yamato as a girl ANY DAY.

Even through Yamato's brutal ways, he does have followers, and these are the pretty obvious. He's got Fumi, Makoto and Keita backing his ass up in his methods, and they are but pawns in his scheme. If you go for Ronaldo or Daichi's route in the end and have to fight Yamato, you know how strong he is. He has insane range, crazy boosts via dragon stream and is just overall a crazy boss fight. He holds his position as the boss of JPs and you can see that. 

Already right at the start of the game you see him summoning Cerberus to take down a bunch of random demons. Cerberus at such an early stage of the game? Come on Atlus that's just trying to brag about Yamato. Sadly, when you finally get him, he has some pretty half ass stats, both going into STR and MAG. I stuck to Otome in the end.

Yamato is just another one of those characters that I love. Like all of the characters I have filed under "Greatest game character", I will remember him for life. I just have a liking for all those cool looking bad ass anti hero characters. Now if only there were anti hero FEMALE bad ass characters.....

"The strong survive, the weak perish,"-Yamato Hotsuin