Opening songs
OP 1- Authentic Symphony (Choucho)

Ending songs
ED 1- Suisai Candy (Marble)

Genre: Drama, Romance


When it comes to anime, the amount of harems in contrast to other genres is too damn high. Here we have another one of those romance harem animes, with tons of girls surrounding one guy. Once again, this is no surprise, but most of the time these animes never really portray any true signs of romance. Its usually just all 5 girls trying to hog the main character leaving the main heroine all angry during the last episode, and that gets old. "Mashiro Iro Symphony" is a harem with a true sense of romance. There is real love going on, and seeing the main character choosing a girl amongst all the others to be his girlfriend is nice. If you want a true romance high school anime, "Mashiro Iro Symphony" fits the bill, but don't expect much else.

Airi why you so hot?

For me the songs used in "Mashiro Iro Symphony" are kinda bleh. I'm more of a guy who's into catchy or intense songs so the songs here don't really fit my bill. The opening song is "Authentic Symphony" by Choucho, whom BTW is a very talented singer in my opinion. Though I must say I'm not a fan of "Authentic Symphony", too soothing for my tastes. "Suisai Candy" by Marble is the ending songs, and again, I'm not really into those kinds of songs.....


I like to praise anime that actually go INTO the romance state because not many animes with the "romance" genre tagged on to them actually have any form of actual relationship between the male and female leads. Because "Mashiro Iro Symphony" does it and does it pretty well at that, I think its a good anime. Sure the production quality isn't the best and it really isn't the most popular anime out there (it transitioned to an anime from an eroge), but its still worth a shot for all you people looking for some lovey dovey action. Even if it transitioned from an eroge, there's no hentai here, if you want that go to fakku or something.

Really, stop snooping around!

Like all high school romance anime, its time to introduce our main character! His name is Uryuu Shiingo, and he is nothing but your regular lucky high school boy whom is about to be surrounded by a ton of girls! The story takes place when the school Shiingo goes to decides to form a merger with another school, an all girls school in fact. Him and his sister Sakuno go to that school, and there is a dispute going on between the girls that want the school to remain an all girls school, rather than a co-ed one with the guys. After a clearing misunderstandings and building some form of friendship between students, things cool down, and girls start to approach Shiingo....

Another day another harem. "Mashiro Iro Symphony" packs a good deal of drama tension and more importantly, romance for its viewers. If you want the regular romance/comedy type of anime, this isn't the place, as its not exactly funny. It does its best to provide some good love relationships between its characters and it very well succeeds at that. The best show I can relate this to is "Hatsukoi Limited".