Opening songs
OP 1- Kyōmu Densen (Ali Project)

Ending songs
ED 1- Anamnesis (Annabel)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Psychology, Supernatural


When was the last time an anime made you feel super intense and super riled up when you see people die. For me it was "Higurashi", that anime was just insane. Meet "Another", an anime that aims to stir its viewers with a plot similar to "Final destination". People die one after another, and unless something is done, people keep on dieing....and that is f**king sadistic. Sadistic, but in more ways than one, it is awesome. The intensifying plot keeps you glued to your seat as you view episode after episode, and yes, people will keep dieing, in gruesome and horrible ways. Its like watching a long ass horror movie. If you can take in some gore, "Another" will satisfy you like no other.

There is room for yuri, even in such an anime.

"Kyōmu Densen" is a great Ali project song and its used as the opening. As I said, its great and is one of those Ali project songs that you can spam over and over (quite a bit of their songs are hard to get into IMO). The opening animations are wonderful and they give you a good glimpse of what you're getting yourself into if you watch this anime....The ending is "Anamnesis" by Annabel. Its a slow and peaceful song, and I'm not into those, so lets not go there.


Some mother f**kers are gonna DIE! "Another" is a show that isn't afraid, to KILL OFF its main and important characters. F**kers gonna die, and they're gonna die hard. But because its not all pointless deaths, every character's death will strike as quite as impact to the viewer. Later on, deaths escalate and people die in more gruesome ways. If you think that's sadistic, yes it is, BUT the anime backs it up with a brilliant plot and some very good characters, characters that you wish would have lived, but died. The story is fantastic, and it just gets better every episode. The characters you know and love will also start to fall, and wondering who is going to go next is always a terrifying thought.

Misaka is that you? Oh f**k me.....

Sakakibara Koichi is a young man with a weak heart. Upon his transfer into his new hometown he has heart issues, and is issued to a hospital. His classmates go to visit him during the first day, and he can already tell that they are a bunch of weirdos. He runs into this girl called Misaki Mei, who is being shunned by her classmates, they treat her like she never existed. Koichi tries to mix around with her, and eventually they become friends. Koichi wonders why his class treats her like she never existed, and then suddenly, somebody in their class dies in a gruesome accident. Old rumors of a curse start escalating, and as more of their friends die, things start to go out of hand.....

"Another" is just brilliant. The gore and deaths just add to the mature theme and story it has going. The plot is just brilliant, and by the end of it all, you'll breath a sigh of relief if your favorite characters made it out alive. Everything is executed brilliantly, and it all wraps up into one epic conclusion. From start to finish "Another" will keep you glued to your seat. The first couple of episodes can be a little dry and boring, but once you get past those, its death all the way!