Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pervertic post 4:More boobies!

Oh yeah, you knew it wasn't over. For the lust for sexy women in men will never die out, these posts shall continue as long as I lust for the perfection of the female body! Okay! Its time for more boobies! Bring out da boobies!

As usual, there will be no references to character, personality or story. This will be all about how sexy they are, that's all.

You do not deny sexiness, you just don't.

Name:Kallen Stadfield
From:Code Geass Series

When it comes to sexy girls, "Code Geass" has two amazing beauties that can compete with the goddesses of anime. These 2 are Kallen and C.C, and now lets talk about Kallen. She is the definition of sexiness, a perfect body, big boobs, a nice ass, and overall just amazing. When it all comes down to it, she's just a downright sexy girl that every man would just wanna rape! Unfortunately, she stands next to C.C, and we'll save her for another time. If I were Lelouch, I'd be in a dilemma . Those are some f**king sexy boobs.

....God dammit.

From:Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Don't f**king deny it. Anyone who watched "Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai" would fawn over Sena, you and I are no different. Aside from being the perfect girl who plays eroge during club activities, one cannot deny that she has some big, and I do mean BIG boobs. If you see her in the swimsuit episodes, you know what I'm talking about. If you've read enough Sena doujinshi, you know where this is going. Sena is freaking sexy!

The classic sexy redhead!

From:Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Survivor

When it comes to Atlus, they sure know how to design some sexy females. The "Persona" series has PLENTY of them, but lets tone down on that side, and take a look at "Devil Survivor", there are plenty of beauties here. Lets take a look at the classic Yuzu, every man's wet dream from the original "Devil Survivor". Not only was she an airhead, she was sexy overall, with those huge knockers of hers. If you've ever looked up art on Yuzu, whether its fan art or official art, you'll notice those boobs of hers.

Konoichi are some of the main sources of the lust of men XD

From:Izuna:The legend of the unemployed ninja

At times like these you ask yourself, "If Izuna is unemployed, why the hell would she go through so much trouble to make cash, if she is so freaking sexy?". For someone with such a body, she can EASILY hook up for some easy jobs with her body. But I guess things aren't so easy in the world of games. Izuna, for someone her age, has some pretty damn big boobs, and I won't lie, I played the game because I found Izuna to be super sexy. Then again, that was long ago, before I got a DS. Yes, I already fantasized about her BEFORE I got a DS when I saw some of her art XD.

Whoah, stay down boy. Stay down.

Name:Charlotte Dunois
From:Infinite Stratos

"Infinite Stratos" is one of the most ultimate harem animes of all time, well because it practically IS an ultimate harem. Most of the heroines are pretty big breasted, and lets not forget about my favorite amongst all of them, Charlotte. I have NO IDEA how she hid those damn knockers when she enrolled as a guy, the difference is TOO HUGE. Charlotte is freaking sexy, and her bust if pretty big, hiding them and enrolling as a guy was just impossible IMO. Then again, who cares, lets just appreciate boobs shall we?

Fear not my pervertic comrades, there shall be more to come! 

Peace! Out!