..........I just finished "Hoshizora no Memoria", thus I'm a little emotional (Its probably the best VN I've played yet). Also, the League season 2 world championship was boss, it just concluded, and man was it epic.

"Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" is a great anime, and while its just your everyday harem with tons of good stuff, I enjoyed every f**king bit of it. I kind of left out FMA, I don't know why, but here it is! If you don't know what FMA is, you should go jump off a cliff, because that's as good as not knowing the staple shounen anime like "Bleach", "Naruto" or "One piece". "Guilty Crown" is another amazing anime that I reviewed recently. Bearing close similarities to "Code Geass", its one of those animes that will suck you in.


Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

"Haganai" is awesome. It may be just another harem, but great characters and superior humor made it a delightful experience. It is FULL of sexy girls and that just spells greatness. Here is my favorite girl of the show.

Nothing beats a cute and sexy girl that plays eroge!
Sena is like, the dream girl. She is super sexy, and her personality is just so cute! She is easily bullied around and cries when she loses an argument with Yozora, and those little debates they have are always so fun to watch. She is easily the best out of the entire female cast in terms of looks, and hell, she plays eroge! That is enough to make every guy in the world yearn for a girl like her! 

Most of "Haganai"'s charms comes from the fact that it does a good parody of many other franchises, like monster hunter. Sens is a huge gamer, and she rushed monster hunter just to play with her friends. In fact, she dumped 60 hours into the damn thing when Kodaka and Yozora just started. A crazy gamer girl! That's a plus.

Another awesome fact about Sena is that although she does have some feelings for Kodaka, she is quite a lesbian. She always cling to Kobato, and that leads to some pretty horny situations. God dammit she should just adopt Kobato as her sister, they look so freaking alike! While she joined the club to make friends, she spends more time on her PS3 playing eroge.......

Fullmetal Alchemist

If you've never heard of this before, you've failed as an otaku. "Fullmetal Alchemist" is one of the classic masterpieces of the shounen J alliance, and hell is it a great anime. It doesn't matter if you like shounen anime or not, "Fullmetal Alchemist" is a great watch. Now, then for my favorite character of this anime....

Snapping flames out of your fingers makes you cool.

Roy Mustang is one cool mother f**ker. First off he is one of the youngest high ranking soldiers in the army, and his title of being the "Flame Alchemist" makes him feared throughout the land. He is on close terms with lieutenant Hawkeye, his personal partner when it comes to combat and many other subjects. Together they make a dynamic duo, but lets face it, Roy himself is a powerful bad ass.

Having flame in his title, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he fights with flames. Wearing a pair of gloves with alchemy seals on them he can send out flames from his hands by any means he deems necessary. He can continuously snap his fingers to conjure bolts of flames at his enemies, and unwary enemies will just melt in an instant. Yes, he is that powerful.  

Even though he's so powerful, Roy Mustang is a nice guy. He is friends with the Elric brothers, and often works together with Edward or just talks with each other. They've helped each other when the need calls for it, and they're good friends. Roy himself defeated Lust and Envy, 2 of the homunculus, and that by itself is a huge feat. He was also selected as one of the 5 sacrifices later on for the all-father, and lost his eye sight. But even without it, he contributed a huge deal towards that final battle!

Guilty Crown

Another one of the more recent masterpieces. "Guilty Crown" is awesome! It had a ton of fans immediately after its release and damn, it was just one of the best anime of 2012. There are many other contenders, but there is no doubt that "Guilty Crown" deserves to be one of the best anime out there.

Just call him "Void Prince"

Don't get me wrong, I hated Shu. Yes, past tense, because during the first few episodes of "Guilty crown", Shu quickly fell into the category of pathetic and wimpy main characters. These guys don't take no for an answer, and always go for the solution that causes the least pain for everyone, even the bad guys. I hate these characters to the gut, but Shu is one of the characters that underwent a ton of character development, and I'll explain why.

While Shu was wimpy at the start, he started to grow a sense of responsibility and leadership, and backed his personality up with strength. By the end of the first half of the anime, Shu had already become quite powerful, and he started to act a little bit like a leader by then, which already gave him points for development. Later on when Hare dies, that's where things take an even bigger turn.

Shu transformed into a tyrannical leader, giving himself the name of "Void Prince". He became a leader where he couldn't care less for students with useless voids, and classed them in ranks, where higher ranked students were to receive better treatment. Yes, he became a bad ass. Of course, that was short lived as he reverted back to his old self. While he stopped being wimpy, he earned enough to become a hero at the end, at the cost of losing Inori.

Isn't she so pretty?
Ayase  is just sexy. Instead of the quiet and stereotypical Inori, I had most of my attention turned to Ayase during the entire anime. She was hot, she had a super tsundere personality, and is just overall one of those girls everybody will fawn over. And you might call me creepy for this, but her disability to walk just makes her even more attractive, I mean it.

Ayase was a lot like a tomboy at the start. She was one of those girls you'll want to protect because shes on a wheelchair, until she smacks and performs a judo flip on you WHILE sitting on that wheelchair. She takes the wheelchair and her disability as part of herself, and refuses to take any sympathy for it. Now that's just tough, you go girl!

Since she isn't any good up front, Ayase is a mech driver. Her role is to pilot robots into battle, and you can guess, she's pretty good at it. That's just icing on the cake though, since her void is what makes her the sexiest. Her void is a pair of boots that let her defy gravity and fly around at crazy speeds. She was at her sexiest when she had those boots on during the terrorist attack. Just brilliant!