Opening songs
OP 1- Kawaru Mirai (Choucho)

Ending songs
ED 1- Asunaro (Kenichi Suzumura)

Genre: Mystery, Psychological


Its not very often that I come across something completely different when I'm watching anime. "Kami Sama No Memochou" or also known as "Heaven's Memo Pad", is something unlike anything I have ever seen, just because I never really walked across to the "Detective" type animes. There are some anime that I watched that fit under these categories, but "Kami Sama No Memochou" was the most realistic out of the few, and in turn, it was a brand new experience for me. Of course, I f**king loved it, and it proves that there are animes that can survive on just a solid story and some really cool premises. 

We need our lolis, yes we do.

Time for me to rant on the songs of an anime again but unfortunately, there is nothing for me to rant here. "Kawaru Mirai" by Choucho is a wonderful opening song, much better than "Authentic Symphony" which was used as the opening song for "Mashiro Iro Symphony". Not only is it catchy, it fits the opening animations rather well, it also has a little bit of that epic feel to it. "Asunaro" is the ending theme and its sang by Kenichi Suzumura, whom is a seiyuu I believe. Overall its a good song, and it definitely fits with the anime's theme.


I would recommend this to everyone I knew and they would love it. Because we haven't seen anything like it, "Kami Sama No Memochou" is easily something that will pull us in. A detective anime is rare already, and one this awesome will just put a smile on everyone's face. Its a serious anime with some well thought out story arcs and most of the time, there will be tension in many of the scenes. It makes itself epic without trying too hard, and the characters are all just so likable, even some of the dudes! A pity it wasn't longer....

Do I sense....tsundere?

Narumi Fujishima is your regular high school kid that doesn't really like to socialize. However though, he is heavily persuaded to join the gardening club by a girl known as Ayaka, and because of this, they quickly become friends. She brings him to her part time job area, a ramen shop, and there he meets another girl, and she is called Alice. Alice is what she calls herself, a neet detective, a detective that stays in her room locked up all day and digging up info on her cases. Before he knows it, he is involved in one of those cases and is quickly appointed as Alice's assistant. He know works with her and some others as a detective group that solves even the toughest mysteries.

This is a great show. Its like watching "Phoenix wright", but like a lesser anime version of it. The different and separate story arcs are very well executed and are just an absolute delight to watch. Because most of the cases are very intense, its easy to get into the groove and indulge yourself into the plot. There is absolutely no reason to turn down "Kami Sama No Memochou" if you like watching anime. Besides, who wouldn't want to watch an anime with a loli detective?