Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Loli basketball! (Ro-Kyu-Bu! review)

Opening songs
OP 1- Shoot! (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)

Ending songs
ED 1- Party Love - Okkiku Naritai (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)

Genre: Comedy


So school has begun again, f**k me. 

"Ro-Kyu-Bu!" is an anime I never thought I would ever watch. I mean, its basketball, I hate sports and I hate sports anime. There are tons of lolis in there, so its lolis playing basketball. The hell is this? Nevertheless, I've watched it already, and I gotta say, its not so bad. Its definitely not godly status, at least not to me anyway. There were tons of awesome female seiyuus that I recognize in there, but other than that, its just loli basketball, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its a decent anime for what its worth, and if you're into the whole friendship thing, it might be worth your time.

Our loli heroines.

"Shoot!" is so catchy! The songs in this anime are all sang by the 5 female seiyuus of the 5 girls, and for the opening song, they totally nailed it! Its catchy and full of spirit, perfect for a an anime such as this! It even gets you all jumpy and shit as you jam to it. "Party Love - Okkiku Naritai" is just your everyday cutesy song. Its a little bit catchy, but when it comes down to it its just one of those songs you won't want to listen to.


Its decent. I have a hatred towards basketball or sports anime in general, so its kind of a biased opinion. Its not bad in a sense, but if anything, its the cheerful and likable lolis that actually pull this show up in my opinion. The basketball scenes are just....you know, basketball. I don't really like them per say, but as part of the anime, it drives the story on. Maybe I'll grow to appreciate these scenes when I watch more spots anime, but I doubt that will happen. The girls are are young, and thus are easy to like when you see them grow in character as well as their love towards the sport. And for once, I actually like the main character!

Do lolis play basketball? Yes they do!

Hasegawa Subaru is a high school kid with a strong love for basketball. He joins the basketball club only to have its activities suspended, and because of this, he goes into a short state of depression. However, one fine day his aunt, a teacher of an elementary school, introduces him to a coaching job, where he is to coach some of her students about playing basketball. He accepts the job, and what he gets are 5 young girls whom immediately get attached to him. These 5 girls are having a tournament soon to decide whether they get to continue playing basketball or not. Seeing their love for the sport, Subaru decides to fully pledge his time for the girls as he teaches them how to excel at basketball.

I don't have a liking for sports anime, and this may actually be my first one. Its decent, and while it does have some intense moments during matches, it just doesn't sing well with me. The 5 girls are very likable and soon their friendship becomes something you want to continue to watch over. It has some fanservice, but its mostly loli, so you know, its not really amusing.