Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Girlfriend is the President

Gamespot Score:n/a

My Score:7.0

(+)Pros: - Comical story with funny characters, - Lovable characters and funny music, - Voice acting is pretty good, - 4 girls, 4 routes, - Great H-scenes!

(-)Cons: - Emotional moments are not really well done as compared to other eroge, - No bad ends, - Not particularly very memorable.

Gameplay time:About 30 hours

When life gives you eroge, you play them, there is no debating on that. I haven't been on any eroges for awhile now (I haven't played any eroge for about 3 months), and this was my latest venture in the world of visual novels. It seemed like "Hoshizora No Memoria" spoilt me, because I didn't really enjoy myself as much with "My Girlfriend is the President". It has different take and goes for a more comedic feel, and while that is good, "Hoshizora No Memoria" has that and more importantly, it also had great emotional impact. "My Girlfriend is the President"? Not as much. Still, its not a bad eroge and can still be enjoyed by the general otaku.

In my very honest opinion, all eroge should have good stories, because generally speaking, eroge's are just love stories with hentai scenes and voice acting. The story in "My Girlfriend is the President" isn't particularly great, but its funny. As I said earlier it goes the more the comedic feel. You star as Junichirou, a pervertic high school student who has a president for a long time childhood friend. Ever since a UFO crash landed on Earth and wiped out japan's presidential housing, an alien by the name of Qoo took the nearest human being and made her the president, and that is Junichirou's friend, who is named Yukino. Now she brainwashes the entire Earth to think that she is the President, and that the entire presidential cabinet are her class of friends, which includes Junichirou. Now begins his new life in the presidential house.


The best part about "My Girlfriend is the President" is probably its funny take on things. Its a funny game throughout, with a ton of parodies about well as many others. In a world where a japanese high school girl is a president and tries to rule the world with moe, nothing can go wrong! In that exact same world, when the cabinet minister is a geeky nerd that plays eroges all day and has an incredibly fit body AND tries to show it off by cannot go wrong with that as well. The setting for the game is ridiculous, and sometimes you can't help but laugh or play along with its sheer ridiculousness. Brainwashing citizens to think that a high school girl is a president? Damn!

Of course a good funny story cannot be complete without the characters. We have loli aliens that break the fourth wall and ask you to buy the game if you replied that you borrowed the game from a friend. We have someone in the presidential house that is only interested in the world of 2D. We have a priest that detests everything to do with relationships and speaks in a stupid accent. Lastly, we have a F**KING PANDA THAT IS BAD ASS AS F**K. There are a good deal of funny moments and with the appropriate music playing at the right time.

Forth wall breaking at its best.

Voice acting is pretty good in this one. While its not as exaggerated as in "Hoshizora No Memoria", its still quality voice acting. There are four main heroines in this game, that means four available routes. The four girls are Yukino, the president of Japan. Irina, the president of Russia that came over to Japan. Ell, a spaceship (yes, a spaceship, you heard right). Finally, Ran, a waitress at the local eating house, also a member of the presidential cabinet. In my opinion they could have easily allowed us for more routes considering the other girls in this game, but oh well. 

In a way these four girls are rather different from each other in personality (this is as expected in eroge), though its obvious that they aren't AS diverse as girls from other eroges (from the ones I've played). The H-scenes are pretty good, just like in "Hoshizora No Memoria", though I'd prefer the art style in the other game more than in this one. At least these do a good job of you know, MAKING US HIGH...if you know what I mean. Other than that the usual to visual novels apply, get 100% collection...clear all the routes and see all the endings...yaaayy.

Hell no! You totally should!

I have no idea how or why, but while the comical writing is great, the dialogue during emotional scenes is admittedly not so good. Even "Katawa Shoujo" felt more emotional even without the voice acting! I just thought it was...not well done. There are also no bad ends in this one, but then again, I have no problems with that, its just worth pointing out. And since I said the girls...aren't really that special, I have a tough time finding memorable moments in this. Other than the Yukino route (come on, that was the best one), the others aren't as good (even then there are some parts of her route that I cannot remember well).

As you can see I had a hard time trying to find pros in this one. "My Girlfriend is the President" isn't particularly a bad eroge, its just nothing special. Sure it has a funny theme, but its not really that unique compared to "Katawa Shoujo"'s theme with the disabled, or "Hoshizora no Memoria"'s theme with shooting stars. Its a decent eroge...or as I said, maybe I just got spoiled after playing such an amazing eroge.

Happy gaming.