It's been awhile, so let's get to it.

A quick run down of today's anime in focus. "Another" is in my opinion, one of the best anime of 2012. Its a short horror series that is similar to "Final Destination". It has a ton of intense scenes and towards the end it gets really exciting. "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" is something I reviewed recently so I shall not explain again. "Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls" is a decent harem anime during the samurai era, if you like harems and you like the sengoku period, why the f**k not. A second season is one the way.

*Spoilers* Duh.


So I LOVE "Another". Its one of those anime that I would recommend any anime watching friend of mine to give it a shot just because of how interesting and gruesome it is. The ending few episodes look like it just got cut out of am intense horror flick....which is some crazy shit.

Uber cute eye patch girl = win.

Well this one is a no-brainer. If you've already seen my most recent pervertic post, you'd know that I already love Misaki Mei. She's a cute and quiet loli-type character with a dark/mysterious aura surrounding her, and that is just what I f**king love in a character. The sheer awesomeness of Misaki Mei cannot be defeated by anyone else in this anime.

Being the non-exsistant one of the class, its natural that she acts like a quiet girl that talks to nobody, that instantly caught my attention. The fact that she appeared before Sakakibara many times and tried to make contact with him while being secretive was already a plus. He attitude throughout the show is so likable.

Eventually when the whole non-existant thing didn't work out Misaki started to hang out more with Sakaki and his friends, and we got to see a new side of her. Sure she was still blamed for everything in the end, but hey, it wasn't her fault. Her ghost seeing eye turned out to be the life saver at the end, sort of like Allen from "D.gray man". However I do wish Sakakibara would just confess and date this girl, they are too perfect together.

Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

 I just reviewed this the other day, so I shall not go too in depth. "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" isn't bad, but because its different from most other anime it deserves to be above average. Human/ghost relationships are common in anime, but successfully pulling off a tear jerking story with one can be really effective.

Yeah, this ghost is unreal. She's too hot.

THERE ARE TOO LITTLE CHARACTERS IN THIS ANIME. There isn't much to choose from, there are like a total of  2 memorable characters in the anime. There are 2 others in the club, but they don't strike much impact at all and that is saddening. Yuuko may be a ghost, but there are many things that make her a likable one.

For a ghost, she sure is unrealistically hot. I mean look at Kirie and look at Kotonogi, then look at Yuuko. WORLDS APART. Yuuko is sexy, she has really delicious looking legs and huge boobs, the anime keeps trying to make fanservice out of her, which I won't mind. Aside from that, Yuuko is just really funny and cheerful, she's a kind of character that is hard to hate.

Another thing to note for Yuuko is that she is an overall interesting character. Her past may be sad and her dark side can be a little disturbing, but those just make her what she is. If a memory pains her too much, she just erases it via amnesia. A weird ghost, but overall, still a likable one. However Yuuko re-appearing during the end did make me crack up a smile.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Now my choice for this is a little strange.  I didn't really enjoy "Hyakka Ryouran" that much, but I didn't really hate it either. It was okay to me, since I'm not a fan of the samurai era. Most of the characters are pretty good and its easy to pick one out of the generic group of female samurai available, but the one that I loved the most was....

If you recall, I love bad ass girls.

Gisen was just a bad ass overall. Sure she's a villain and all, but I did enjoy my time with her, however little it was. Gisen was introduced as Jubei's sister, as she calls her onee sama, but in the end, she was just revealed to be another bad ass eye patch girl that can fight many times better than most of the cast.

Gisen, before she acted all evil, was pretty funny and likable. Many times she would try to seduce Muneakira into doing pervertic things, and he would always get his ass kicked by Senhime and Yukimura. Then she would just giggle and leave. She thinks Muneakira should be able to "play" with any girl she wants, since he is the master.

As a master samurai, her mark comes from her covered eye. She fights and defeats Jubei like the bad ass that she is, and later reveals her entire grand scheme to destroy everything and revive her general. She fights with ice, and wields some cool swords. I do hope she returns for the 2nd season, but I highly doubt so, she's a bad ass.