I had to get this out of the way because I FINALLY found myself a cheap copy of "Atelier Totori:The Adventurer Of Arland" and f**king bought it. I want to play it, but I should really do a post featuring Rorona's party.


We need more HEROINES in RPGs, not HEROES!

Name:Rorolina Frixell/Rorona
Traits:Use items, Magic damage, Inflict status ailments

If not for the fact that she can use items she would be a 5. "Atelier Rorona" is a game where combat isn't a huge factor, so this isn't a surprise. Rorona is pretty weak, probably the second worst character in the game. Still, she is the only character who can use items, so I do think that she can be useful in fights. Also, she can't freaking be removed from the party, because she's the main character!

Even with the best equipment, she isn't that great, because there are other characters that can do it better. Her damage isn't all that good at all, and inflicting status ailments on enemies is just a small bonus. Fortunately the game isn't very combat focused, if not it would have been a pain to use her. At least chucking high grade elemental explosive items can do a ton of damage.

Tsundere lolis, they are EVERYWHERE.

Name:Cordelia von Feuerback
Traits:Physical damage, Inflict status ailments

She's bad. Okay, maybe I just suck because I never gave her a good chance. I swapped her out as soon as I could. I did play her A LITTLE, but I never used her much. She's the worst character in the game in my opinion. I do like her a lot outside of battle (tsundere childhood friends for the win), but when using her, I find her so bad its silly.

So she uses guns, no wait, she uses bullets! She runs into enemies' faces and flings bullets into their faces! She can call guards to do damage, and inflict sleep on enemies with a better weapon, but that's all I remember because I never got her better weapons. Her damage is terrible, her average stats are bad....there's no reason to use her unless you want to go for that power level ending. Swap her out asap.

A chef?!

Name:Iksel Jahn
Traits: Physical damage, Healing

Iksel can't do as much as other better characters, but he isn't BAD per se. He is definitely much better than Cordelia and Rorona if she couldn't use items. I do find his competitive spirit against Rorona a little bit stupid, and outside of battle I don't really like him, but he can do some decent stuff in battle that make.....usable.

For one, he's the game's early healer until you get Lionela. His food specials can be a good healing source early on, and they only get better if you make better equipment. He can also dish out some good physical damage with that pan of his, though they pale compared to the battle gods. He's okay, but there are better choices.

Finally someone who looks like he can fight!

Name:Sterkenberg Cranach

Traits:Physical damage, AOE clearing

Finally somebody who fights well in this game. Sterk is awesomely powerful, both early on and later on. You get him pretty early, and he is freakishly strong. Suddenly, once you get him, the game becomes easy (partially because your early available characters suck). He hits like a truck and he has high stats. Sterk is indeed worthy of being called a knight.

Its obvious that Sterk should be a mainstay in your party as he is a battle god in this game (the other is Gio). He gets even stronger as you build him better equipment. His single target and AOE clearing are both formidable, as expected as a master of the sword. He destroys enemies with ease, even at the later maps. Sterk should never be removed from your party.

A bard? Well, at least he's a pretty boy.

Traits:Physical damage, Booster, Healing

Tantris is actually good. He may not be as powerful as Sterk or Gio, but he can do some decent damage and is technically the game's only true stat booster. He feels good to use, and he can be a huge help against powerful monsters or bosses. Maybe being a pretty boy flirty bard isn't so bad after all.

I do think Tantris is a good guy outside of battle, and in battle he can be good. His rushes can deal some good damage, and he can buff the entire team with his songs, or even heal them. He is easily the best utility type character in this game, and during extended engagements, he is a vital addition to the team.

Moe power GOOOO!!!!

Name:Lionela Heinze
Traits:Magic damage, Healing

Like Tantris, Lionela exists as an exclusive type in this game. She is technically the game's only true healer type, and we all know we cannot live without healing types. But since in this game you use HP to cast skills, she's not all that godly in terms of score. Still, look at her. Super cute face, check, big boobs, check. She is the definition of moe, f**k yes.

So Lionela saves lives, that makes her good already. AOE healing? Yes please. She is a great addition to any team as well. Just like Sterk and Gio together make an unstoppable killing team, Lionela and Tantris make an awesome utility team. The amount of buffs, heals and the mix of physical and magic will really do you good. Her magic damage isn't anything to laugh about either.

Oh, good day to you too sir.

Traits:Physical damage, AOE clearing

If you just want to be completely cheap, just run Gio and Sterk in your team. If you constantly update their equipment, they will wipe the floor with pretty much everything in this game. You know that dragon boss? With Sterk and Gio you will destroy him in a matter of turns. Think of Gio as another version of Sterk, he's just as bad ass as he is.

He's just like Sterk, not much to say here. His damage is great. His single target damage is great, his AOE team damage is also great, there's nothing to not like about Gio. Its like Gio and Sterk do not belong in this game. Well another good thing to add is that when you do put Gio and Sterk in your party for the first time, they get into a funny scene.

Here's my final evaluation of the "Atelier Rorona" cast.
My party

The rest in ranking
Lionela --|

Tantris ------(I do use these 2 from time to time)

Peace out for now, more RPG patrties to come in the future!