Opening songs
OP 1- Zone alone (Minori Chihara)

Ending songs
ED 1- Kanashimi wa dare no negai demonai (Aira Yuki)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science fiction


School work has been piling up, so posts won't be coming in as frequently. As for today's anime, you already know what it is. You should already know my standpoint for "Kyoukai senjou Horizon II", I mean I already placed it in 10th place for last year's top 10 anime. If you've seen my review of the first season, then you should roughly know my score for season 2. Its more "Horizon", its more of that high school themed, crazy large scale battle stuff that you saw in season 1. I loved that, so naturally, I liked  season 2. It's a safe bet to say that if you liked the original, you cannot go wrong with this.

Looks good already huh? Ignore the naked Tori.

The opening song for season 2 is great. The song is called "Zone Alone" and its by Minori Chihara, the same singer who sang "Terminated" for season 1. Of course its great, it has the same feel and in some ways it actually sounds more bad ass than "Terminated". The opening animations are better by a long shot. The ending is also better in my opinion. "Kanashimi wa dare no negai demonai" by Aira Yuki is not your regular ballad type ending and it has the same feel as the endings from "Shakugan No Shana Final". Good stuff overall!


It's still a great anime. I think it takes awhile to heat up and the beginning episodes can be a little uninteresting, but it still builds up to become something bad ass towards to end. Great fights against new characters, expanding on older characters and letting us know more about Musashi's bad ass class is always a welcome treat. It also retains a good sense of comedy, and the sense of character likability. Like the first season where you grew to like the entire class and its different characters, season 2 brings forth new characters you will still grow to like these new characters. It gives off the similar feel to season 1, and you can feel the epic tension rising as it leads to more great fights against more characters with creative and imaginative powers.

This scene is really not as pervertic as it looks.

As a sequel, most of the cast remains in tact, and Aoi Torii is still a star in the character cast, though this time round, the main character seat kind of shifts over. For season 2, the anime focuses more on a side character in season 1, Tenzou, the duck-billed cap ninja that shares similar pervertic interests to Torii. Well he seems doomed to become a side character for life, but for some reason, he meets a mysterious individual in season 2 known as Sacred, and this changes his life. He saves Sacred and he gets to know that individual a little more, and before Tenzou knows it, he has befriended a new person. How does Sacred tie to the Britain council? And how does it change Tenzou's life for all he knows? Find out in season 2!

In the end it kind of feels like it leads up to ANOTHER season (come on, there are like, 7 parts of the deadly sins to collect for Horizon), but I don't mind. Season 2 is another great ride with the amazing class of Musashi, and you'll probably want more if you enjoyed season 2 just as much as season 1. We all know there will be a season 3, the question is when. I know that as long as they don't stray off too far from the formula they used in these 2 seasons, they won't f**k up season 3.