Opening songs
OP 1- Borderland (Mami Kawada)

Ending songs
ED 1- Ambivalentidea (Nagi Yangi)

Genre: Action


So I switched to using Chrome for blogging now, and it is SO much easier. "Jormungand" is a pretty simple anime to describe and compare to, because it is similar to the popular "Black Lagoon". I have never watched "Black Lagoon", but I heard it was awesome. "Jormungand" is all about guns, shooting and killing. Looking for romance? Fan service? Nope, nothing here. This anime goes all out shooting and be honest, I really like it. While the art style may be a little questionable, "Jormungand" proves to be an all-out stellar experience, with tons of fantastic gun-totting scenarios. If you like guns, look no further, "Jormungand" is for you.

We all love Koko, yes we all do.

For a bad ass anime, "Jormungand" sure does have some songs from some bad ass singers. I still f**king love Mami Kawada, and its awesome that she did an opening for this anime. Like all Mami Kawada songs, "Borderland" is freaking genius. Its all electronic, trance-like and full of Mami's cool and famous auto tuning for her voice. Very bad ass song. The ending is "Ambivalentidea" by Nagi Yanagi, and  lately I have been pretty into her sogs. "Ambivalentidea" is a good ballad type but I do want to hear more of her energetic or edgy songs (like her recent "Laterality)".


There is no denying the awesomeness of "Jormungand". It may be extremely clear cut and non-varied, since the entire anime itself is all only about gun-totting action, but it works fine like that. Never have I thought that watching a gun dealer and her group of elite soldiers plunge themselves into extreme situations could have been so entertaining. Great shooting action and extreme situations aside, the team of soldiers themselves each have their own funny or quirky personalities and exploring each of these soldiers as they reveal their traits in the episodes can be really interesting. 

Eat lead mother f**kers.

"Jormungand" follows the story of a young woman by the name of Koko Hekmatyar, a travelling arms dealer selling all sorts of weapons and military equipment. Being in this line of business she is exposed to all sorts of danger, so naturally she has a team of guards/soldiers to back her up just in case things get sticky. She recruits a young boy soldier by the name of Johan, and Johan hates weapons, so that just means he hates weapon dealers. Now Koko travel with Johan and his team as she makes dangerous deals with shady people, or run into people that are trying to kill her...all while she keeps her cool and maintains that smile on her face.

There isn't much to hate about "Jormungand" as long as you're into guns. Honestly, all guys should love guns, if you don't you're a pussy. Even a JRPG person like myself likes guns, because honestly they're everywhere, even in RPGs. Lots of shooting and an interesting crew keep the anime entertaining, and the ending just screams SEQUEL. There already is one though, and I'll get to that soon.