Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hoshizora No Memoria

Gamespot Score:n/a

My Score:9.0

(+)Pros: - Every single girl is lovable, memorable and have diverse personalities, - Great storytelling through excellent writing and easy text navigation, -Beautiful art style and character designs, - Good (though sometimes exaggerated) voice acting, - The H-scenes are...exceptionally well done, - The true ending plot is super emotional and is an absolute tear-jerker, - 7 routes ensure a long play time.

(-)Cons: - No bad ends unlike other eroges (not that its a bad thing).

Gameplay time: About 50 hours

Its yet again another new year, so lets hope I stay active to my blog. For the very first post of 2013, I'd like to introduce the best eroge I have ever played (although I have only played like, 4 in total). This one far surpasses all of the others I have played, and with good reason. Never have I, since "Nine hours, Nine Persons, Nine doors", came close to tears in a visual novel experience. "Hoshizora No Memoria" is an excellent eroge  that will engross you in its story, tug at your heart strings when you expect it, and turn you on with some pretty well done H-scenes. All of these mark the making on an awesome eroge. Before I even go into the game, I can already recommend this to all you sensible otakus like myself.

The story arks for all the girls are great, but lets not spoil too much there. Basically you play as a high school-er by the name of Kogasaka You. You moved to the city many years ago, but started his life in Hibari kou, a quiet urban town. After spending many years in the city, he moves back to Hibari kou after his mother passed away, to stay at his aunt's house together with his sister Chinami. During his old days in Hiabari kou, he remembers a white haired girl that he used to play with. They had a lot of fun together, and during the heart breaking day where You had to move to the city, the girl said that the next time they met, she would marry him. This was when they were children. However when he finally came back to Hibari kou 10 years later, the girl was nowhere to be found, and instead he found another girl that looked similar to her. She held a scythe, and introduced herself as Mare, a grim reaper. Now what could this mean....

Your choices carry you to victory!

As with every eroge, the goal of "Hoshizora No Memoria" is to play as You and experience school life. As well as to date every single girl in the game and get a 100% CG completion (You know what I mean)! "Hoshizora No Memoria" has seven girls for you to date, have sex with and eventually fall in love with. We do this by going through the story and triggering flags or earning the individual girl's favors through selecting choices, going through the many branching paths in the story...like most visual novels. Of course, these 7 girls are all amazing in their own ways, and have very memorable story paths, you'd have NO choice but to sympathize with them...just because their stories and backgrounds are just SO good.

The girls are very diverse in their looks and personalities (with the exception of the twins). Asuho is your regular red head childhood friend with an average body. Isuzu is a blue haired loli with an unfriendly personality. Komomo is a twin tailed tsundere with big boobs, along with her twin sister Kosame, who shares the same bodily features but with a more calm attitude. We also have Chinami, You's sister (yes you can do incest), who is super cheerful. There are two more, but for spoiler reasons, I shall not name them. All of these girls are great love interests and its just hard to not like any of their stories (unlike Katawa Shoujo, where some paths were less interesting than others).

Get your hands ready people! It's fap time!

Like in most high production quality eroge, the navigation during storytelling is great. Everything you need from skipping to viewing the previous text log is right below the text box, making everything, including saving, or taking screenshots, easy. And since this is a high production quality eroge, the character design and overall art style is just gorgeous. I would even say that it matches the standards of some of the great modern day animes. The voice acting makes even going through the text interesting at times, because most of the characters sound very lively...while others are just so fun to listen to (like Isuzu and Chinami).

All eroges have H-scenes, and this game's H-scenes are just...I don't know, so easy to fap to? Most eroge's do not make very good effort in their H-scenes (in my opinion) and most of the time I just spam clicks to get them over with. The ones in "Hoshizora No Memoria" are GOOD! I especially like the Komomo ones, tsundere ftw! To top it off, the "true ending" route (you'll get there, I won't spoil you), is SO emotional and SO well done when compared to the other routes. I guess it is the "true ending", but damn! It almost made me cry and I felt so sad for our hero and heroine. I think it might actually be the best route ever in a visual novel. Also, since there are 7 routes, you will be stuck in this game for a looong time before you get 100% completion (I didn't regret my time in this AT ALL).

Introducing the cutest little sister in the world:Chinami.

It was hard for me to look for flaws and point them out because I freaking LOVE this game. But alas...I think the only flaw I can find, is the fact that it has no bad endings. I am OKAY with NO BAD ENDINGS, WHO THE F**K WANTS TO SEE THEM ANYWAY!? But since other games in the genre have it and "Hoshizora No Memoria" does NOT have them, I guess I'll point it out......

I never thought I'd live to the day where I'd give an eroge a 9.0 score and put it to one of my favorite games. "Hoshizora No Memoria" is such an emotional journey that I could never forget the many different story arks that it told me, despite the game having such good H-scenes. It excels in what the genre is supposed to be. The two things are plot and hentai, "Hoshizora No Memoria" does those 2 well, thus as an eroge, it succeeds wholeheartedly. Maybe I haven't played enough eroge, but even if there ones better than this, "Hoshizora No Memoria" shall always remain in my heart....

Enjoy your happy ending You!

Happy gaming!