Opening songs
OP 1- Choir Jail (Konomi Suzuki)

Ending songs
ED 1- Calendrier (Aki Okui)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Horror


How stupid can someone be when they are dealing with girls? Most of the time anime main characters are ridiculously stupid when dealing with girls. "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" is a different kind of anime. Its a high school comedy romance, but its not exctly a harem type, its a little bit like "Toradora" in which the anime focuses on just the love story of two characters rather than the entire cast. There aren't many characters to begin with, so other than the main guy and the main girl, you won't be finding anybody else memorable. It's a good love story to say the least, and deserves the romance tag. It also tries to throw in some mystery and horror, but those end up being minor side events when the romance category is so strong.

Man that is one sexy ghost.

The opening song is "Choir Jail" by Konomi Suzuki. I have no idea who she is and this is probably my first song from her. Its a good song, fitting to the theme of the anime, but as it stands, it doesn't stand among my favorable genres of songs. The ending song, "Calendrier" by  Aki Okui, is a pretty slow song, and well, you know me, I don't like slow songs. Not much to say here honestly.


Its a good show and I like it, that's that. I'm always down for some romance anime, because good ones are hard to find. There's a lot of stuff you'd see in a high school anime going on here, and you can expect all those same stuff. There are quite a lot of niches in "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia", but because of all the hardships our hero and main heroine go through together, it goes to show how well the romance is done. While I do feel that they get attached to each other really quickly, the overall feel is just right, and the final few episodes can get rather emotional, though the many individual arcs the show has do a good job too.

For other people, they would see him having cat ears.

Teiichi is once again your regular high school main character. He's so average that there is absolutely nothing special about him, except that he is able to see a ghost girl by the name of Yuko. Yuko is the ghost of their school that belongs in an urban legend, and when Teiichi finds about about this, he is determined to help her. After a lot of introductions and spending time together, Yuko has grown a liking to Teiichi and they agree to meet up often. Yuko opens an "Urban legend solving club",  and invites Teiichi to it. Two other girls, Okonogi and  Kirie join too, one because she is highly interested in these legends, and the other to keep an eye on Yuko, because she too can see her. Together they help Yuko regain her lost memories and solve the mystery of her past.

Other than the interesting backstory of Yuko and the love relationship that builds up, everything else about "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" is pretty straightforward. There's not much to go around it since its short, but when it boils down to it, it's a pretty good anime by today's standards. Who knew a ghost girl could be so sexy, because Yuko is just smoking hot.