Dragon slayer Ornstein
Skills: Spear stab uppercut*, Lightning spear, Spear combo, Gliding spear*, Jumping spear smash
Executioner Smough
Skills: Hammer rusher*, Jumping smash, Butt slam, Hammer smash
Dragon slayer Ornstein (Powered up)
Skills: Lighning Spear stab uppercut*, Lightning spear, Spear combo, Gliding spear*, Jumping spear smash, Electric butt slam*, Lightning impaler
Executioner Smough (Powered up)
Skills: Lightning Hammer rusher*, Electric Jumping smash, Electric butt slam*, Electric Hammer smash
Times died on 1st play through:Countless times

Anor Londo is one of the most beautiful maps in the game. Nothing beats an enchanted and mystical castle filled with gigantic guard warriors, spear wielding gargoyles, silver clad knights, white bodied assassins and dangerous heights. Indeed its a beautiful place, but it also holds house to the game's hardest and most frustrating boss fight. Meet the two most f**ked up assholes in the game, Ornstein and Smough, both of them take up one of the boss fights in Anor Londo.

These two make one bad ass pair.

These guys are very hard to deal with, 2 on 1 situations in a game like "Dark Souls" is never favorable to the player, and when this situation turns into a boss fight, it becomes much like the Gargoyle demons or the Man eaters in "Demons Souls". The only difference is that Ornstein and Smough have completely different attack algorithms and will completely screw you over if you don't have both of them in your field of vision, because the other guy could be just behind you getting ready to f**k you up. They both share the attacks and power levels of bosses individually, so facing both is a complete nightmare.

Lets go through Ornstein's moves first. Ornstein is the skinnier guy with the lion armor and uses a spear.

Spear stab uppercut*- This attack is a bitch. He charges his spear for awhile and lurches it forward with considerable speed. If you are hit, he will pierce the spear into you and fling you into the air before you land, doing heavy damage.

Lightning spear- One of his far ranged attacks. He charges his spear with lightning and tosses a projectile at you that moves at moderate speed. Roll or block this.

Spear combo- He flings his spear at you a few times at melee range. Just roll away or block these.

Gliding spear*- F**k this move. He uses this at a distance. He crouches and makes a running stance, then dashes to you at lighting speed to stab you for moderate damage, knocking you down.

Jumping spear smash- He jumps and lands with his spear facing downward. Roll away from this as it tends to hurt.

Now lets go through Smough's moves. He's the fat ass with the hammer.

Hammer rusher*- You will hate this attack to the guts. He puts his hammer in front of him and rushes forward, knocking you down and follows up with a swing that knocks you upward. Continuously roll away from Smough to avoid this.

Jumping smash- He jumps and smashes his hammer downwards. Just roll away or prepare to be flattened like a pancake. 

Butt slam- He jumps and lands on his ass, attempting to flatten you once more. Roll away.

Hammer smash- He stands still and slams his hammer down. Roll away.

As you see both Ornstein and Smough are completely different. Individually they are decent bosses, but together they make a dynamic duo. Smough will technically take awhile to get to you with his slow speed, while Ornstein tends to use gliding spear to f**k your ass up and dash around to waste your stamina or distract you, while Smough gets his hammer rusher ready to steamroll over you like you're nothing. Its like this, if you're focusing on one guy, the other will just hit you from somewhere else. The trick to beating these 2 is that you need to have both of them in your field of vision, so they don't get to do anything funny.

Get all the help you can, I recommend it.

You get two choices of facing these guys. If you take either one of them out, the other will become powered up and will heal to full HP, so its pointless to try and take them both out at once. You can either kill Ornstein first, or kill Smough first. Killing Ornstein first is tougher, but nets you an easier fight later on. Killing Smough first is easier, but the later fight is insane. Either way killing ANY of the 2 during the starting phase of the battle is going to be a HUGE pain. As I said earlier, the other boss will provide cover for the one you are attacking and when they both charge you at the same time, you're going to die.

If you want to kill Ornstein first, prepare to have a difficult time for the first half of the fight. Ornstein is very mobile, and trying to chase after him and hit him is going to be especially tough, considering the fact that Smough can just hammer you from anywhere while you try to keep your aim locked on to Ornstein. He can be a cheap ass and spam lightning spears from afar, and if he feels like it he can dash to you via a gliding spear attack or a jumping spear smash. Up close he can spear uppercut you into the air or just perform a simple spear combo. 

If you want to kill Smough first, you're going to have an easier time because he is much slower and easier to hit (he's fat). Of course, aiming Smough first just means that Ornstein can do whatever the f**k he wants off screen and can appear out of nowhere to stab you with any one of his attacks. Smough only has one dangerous attack, which is the hammer rusher. Its very hard to dodge this by rolling to the sides because he tracks on to you and can fling your ass if you are hit by it. Roll away from him to dodge this. His other attacks are rather simple to dodge, and can be punished hard, take this to your advantage.

Yeap, this is going to be hard.

Do note that because the 2 of you are wailing on you at the same time, killing any of them is going to be super hard. For the most part you are going to be dodging, healing yourself and you will have almost no time or no opening to even land in one hit. Sometimes you will just end up trading blows with the 2 assholes and you'll be receiving a lot more damage than them. If you are knocked down even ONCE, do note that you may have already lost, because they can be completely cheap and link up their attacks so that the moment you get up you'll be attacked immediately by the other guy.

Keep them both in your screen, like this here screenshot, and observe their movements. When they both look like they are attacking, dodge or predict them both, and try to get a hit in for at least one of them, keep this up and you can cut one of them down.

If you killed Ornstein first, prepare to fight the power up Smough. Smough when powered up is easier than Ornstein, but is still no pushover. His health is full now and at a staggering 2900~ish. He retains all of his skills, but all of them are now empowered with devastating lighting effects. The lighting hammer rusher will probably one shot you, and the electric butt slam is just an unfair skill overall. Its the same as his regular butt slam, but when he LANDS, he lets out an enormous lightning field that can one shot you. Roll away asap as far as you can.

Bad ass art for our bosses.

If you killed Smough first, prepare to face the overpowered Ornstein in all his glory. He grows larger, and becomes 10 times more menacing. His health becomes full again and like Smough his health jumps to about 2900. He retains his same attacks but all of them are amplified with lightning powers.  In addition to all those, he gains 2 deadly new abilities. Since he' s big, he becomes a lot more dangerous. His range goes up, the width and length of his attacks are increased, and his gliding spear attack becomes harder to dodge because now you have a 3 meter tall giant rushing towards you at 120 kilometers an hour.

His two new attacks are pretty scary, but only one can change the tide of the battle, and that is the electric butt slam. Yes Ornstein has stolen the move from his fallen friend and has learned the arts of flattening his foes with his now gigantic ass. Like Smough's version, his butt slam emits a gigantic electric field that has the ability to one shot you or at least take off half your health. Roll away asap. His other new ability is the lightning impale, in which he stabs you, shocks you for a good deal of damage, and throws you away. This isn't hard to dodge, but as you can tell, it has the potential to one shot you.

These guys are super hard if you can't tell already. The amount of effort you need to put in to kill these guys is way more than any other boss in the game in my opinion. Having to understand the patterns of two different bosses and to memorize the timings to attack them is just stupid. To top if off the other becomes a super powered giant if you kill his partner. This boss is just insane, like with Old king Allant of the original, if you really need to, summon blues to help you, because Solaire won't do much to help you if you decide on him. You get 50000 souls for these beasts, but its not worth the effort.

Now the 2nd part of the game ensues! Onto the soul lords!