Opening songs
OP 1- Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!! (Larval Stage Plannning)

Ending songs
ED 1- Eureka Baby  (Natsuko Aso)

Genre: Romance, Comedy


Remember "Baka to Test to Shokanju!"? It was probably the funniest anime I have ever seen. Luckily for us, a season 2 was made, and here it is. Without a doubt I know many of you guys have seen it already, I'm just here to further raise its name. "Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni!" is a great follow up to the first season and is every bit as funny, maybe even funnier! You'll be busting your balls from laughing at the various comedy scenes this anime provides, and while it doesn't stray too far away from what it already does, its every bit as awesome. I know I don't have to say this, but if you liked the original (you should, if you don't I'll personally go to your house and shove a banana down your throat), the second season will easily please you and get you to laugh even more!

Let the party begin! Again!

The opening song is "Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!!" by Larval Stage Planning. Needless to say I like the song quite a bit, it is catchy and doesn't get too cutesy. A Natsuko Aso song would have been perfect, but this song does the anime justice, so its all good. Speaking of Natsuko Aso, she sings the ending, and its called "Eureka Baby". Of course, it fits the anime pretty well, and while I must say she has better songs in her discography, "Eureka Baby" fits right in for an ending theme. There was also an episode with an ending sang by Milktub, that was funny.


Its still funny. Wait did I say funny? I meant funny as HELL. Just like the first season, "Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni!" will get you laughing your ass off to so much of its quirkiness, ridiculousness and randomness. There isn't much of a plot going on here, but what does that even count for in an anime filled with so much retarded crap?  You'll be laughing so much that you won't even remember there being a plot in the first place. There are even some heartfelt moments like in the first season, and they still continue to be an important part of the anime. Of course, most importantly, just have fun with Baka test 2, because that's what it all about!

A swimsuit episode at the very beginning? Awesomeness!

Well, if you watched season 1, you know what to expect here. Its Yoshi Akisa again, and he's back with his friends for more ridiculous moments! After the events of the first season, the group of friends still hang out together more than ever, and Akisa is still quite debatable to be the most stupid student in the school. Everything goes on, and the love triangle between Minami, Himeji and Akisa himself still stands, while he himself still remains unaware of anything at all. What crazy shenanigans await Akisa this time during his remaining school life?

There isn't much more to say about "Baka to test to Shokanju Ni!". If you watched the first season, you'll definitely have watched this and enjoyed it already, you don't need a review or another person's opinion to tell you so. Because this is an awesome anime, and I surely hope it doesn't die out. Another season would be great, but so far, season 2 is every bit as awesome as season 1. An awesome anime that is suited for everyone...that's what it is!