Opening songs
OP 1- Be Starters (Eri Kitamura)

Ending songs
ED 1- Kimi ni Gohōshi (Yuka Iguchi, Eri Kitamura, Mariya Ise)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Its easy to get turned on by sexy anime girls doing lewd stuff, and "Mayo Chiki" is one of those animes that excels in that extent. More than anything, its one of those normal and typical romance comedy anime that you can find anywhere. But then again,  with so much sexiness in one anime, "Mayo Chiki" is something I find super attractive! Still, as I said before, it's just another typical romance comedy anime before everything else, so other than some sexiness, there's really nothing special here. It isn't as funny as some others in the genre, but it does well enough to keep viewers genuinely interested.

Everyone loves swimsuits

Geh. I know it may just be me, but I don't find any of the songs used in "Mayo Chiki" to be appealing at all. The opening song is "Be Starters" by Eri Kitamura, and well, let's just say it sounds super cheesy. I like her works with Asami Imai in Artery Vein, but meh, this isn't for me. The ending "Kimi ni Gohōshi" by three of the seiyuus, isn't any better in my opinion. It still sounds cutesy and cheesy. A super awesome catchy tune like in "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" would have been just perfect, but oh well.


Its good, but its not good enough to hit the standards of 8 or more in terms of a score in my opinion. Its just one of those typical harems that you just watch and get it done. It has some pretty lovable characters and a not-so-cliche main character, but other than that, they are mostly just stereotypes. Still, stereotypes or not, I love them, and its just so hard not to grow a liking to some of the cast. Also, this is one of the more lewd anime titles, and while its not really R-18 standard like "Queen's blade", "High School DxD" or "Freezing", it goes to quite some extent to show off the bodies of our heroines.

Tis the fate of every main character in harems young one.....

Sakamachi Kinjirou is another high school kid, but he isn't exactly normal. He is a very weird guy with gynophobia, a strange phobia that gives him nose bleeds every time he touches a girl. This causes him to have quite a few problems. One day though, in school, he accidentally opens a door in the school toilet and discovers Konoe Subaru, a popular butler dude, inside. There is a problem though, he finds him wearing panties. After a crazy misunderstanding, he finds out that Subaru, though is a butler, IS in fact a cute girl pretending to be a guy. Now that he knows her secret, he is kept under Subaru and her master, Kanade's surveillance to make sure he doesn't leak out their secret. A new life begins!

"Mayo Chiki" is yet another one for those thick headed harem loving people (like myself). It is full of stuff you'd expect from a harem. Culture festivals, beach episodes, karoke and more. If you enjoy stuff like that in general for an anime, "Mayo Chiki" is actually a good watch. And of course, girls, lots of hot and cute girls.