Opening songs
OP 1-Last Vision for Last (Faylan)

Ending songs
ED 1-Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse ( Aoi Yuki, Minako Kotobuki and Rie Kugimiya)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance


Let's all be completely honest here. Nowadays, its practically impossible for anime to NOT have any fanservice or ecchi in them, its just against the law. Then there are anime that take this fanservice to an entirely new level.....WAY above the others. "Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls" is one of those anime. It is LOADED with fanservice, and while the overall anime isn't as terrible as the likes of "Queen's blade", it isn't anything great other than just another 12 episodes loaded with tons of fanservice. FORTUNATELY, the fanservice isn't bad, and on some situations, I'd say its pretty good! If you're a guy that likes ass, boobies, panty shots etc, its hard not to like "Hyakka Ryouran". For extra boobies, download the uncensored episodes, satisfaction guaranteed! If you know what I mean ;). 

An exceptionally good experience for all you samurai lovers!

The opening song for this anime is a good one! "Last Vision for Last" is another great Faylan song, and while I feel that such a fanservice heavy show wouldn't be using such a badass song, it works too. Most of the time, animes like this would go for the cutesy songs, but I guess I was wrong. The ending however, IS a cutesy song. Done by the three seiyuus of the three main heroines, its once again another song that I will dread and skip whenever it pops up. 


Its not bad. Its not really good. Its probably a "decent" when its comes to the score. There's nothing much here besides tons of harem and fanservice stuff, most of which we have already seen before. The ecchi content is good for guys, but other animes do that too, and some even do it better. There isn't really anything out of the ordinary here besides that it takes place during the old samurai era...which really isn't a plus or minus in my opinion. There is some stuff going on in the plot, but most of it only kicks in during the final 2 episodes or doesn't really make that big of an impact.

No fanserivce is complete without tentacles! Go rape some girls!

Taking place in the old samurai era, we have a wanabe-awesome-samurai known as Muneakira as our main character. He is a talented young man training in the ways of the sword, and is quite a skilled swordsman in more ways than one. One day he returns to japan to help out with the samurai school ran by an old friend of his. After a lot of misunderstanding with the local discipline community, he meets up with his old friend Senhime, and a so-called rebel Sanada Yukimura. During the process a girl falls from the sky and lands into Muneakira's hands. The girl suddenly kisses him and she goes into kill-everybody mode. The girl later introduces herself as Yagyuu Jubei, and starts to live with Muneakira. She gains the mark of a samurai, and becomes one of Muneakira's "army". So begins the story of Muneakira trying to kiss all the girls and get them to become his samurai!

Just another fanservice anime, that's what "Hyakka Ryouran Samurai girls is". That's not particularly a bad thing by any means, oh no. If you like stuff like these, then this anime will put a smile to your face. Its not a bad one, but there are better fanservice anime out there that do a better job of turning guys on.