First off, I know my post is LONG overdue, so bear with me. I have been absolutely HOOKED to two things for the past few days. One is "Persona 4 Arena", and yes it is absolutely wonderful! I just got it and it is a TON of fun. Next is the anime "Mirai Nikki", and it is f**king addictive. I went on a marathon with my brother for that anime, and because of that we took up a good 2-3 days. No worries now I'm back and lets get this shit down. STGCC 2012!

By the way, all pictures taken during this event were all by my brother, because I stupidly forgot to bring my camera on that day.

Another thing, I think this will be my last year going to STGCC. I will still be going to AFA and Cosfest, but STGCC is getting a little out of hand. First things first, there's not much anime stuff in it, just like last year. There is definitely more anime related content than last year (last year was a catastrophe), but there just isn't enough compared to Cosfest and AFA. Plus, they increased the entrance fee again! F**king 15 dollars! 2 years ago it was $8, now its $15. I bet next year it will cost $20! 

Oh and I went during the second day of the convention, so there was significantly less stuff, and that means less pictures, bear with me.

Okay let's start with the non-cosplay related stuff first. Since its STGCC, it won't be complete without games. Last year there was a sick MVC 3 tourney going down, this year the focus seems to be on Namco, with stuff like Soul Calibur V and Tekken Tag tournament 2 out in the open. There was a small corner dedicated to Street fighter 4, UMVC 3 and the awesome Persona 4 Arena, but those were just a small minority.

Some pictures of figurines. This one is about the Avengers. Well its obvious that "The Avengers" move was a huge hit (I actually like the movie, it was awesome), so there were a ton of love for the Avengers. Here's one with the battle between Loki and other 6 heroes.

Street fighter! Too bad I don't have the least interest in these guys. Everyone knows them, but not everyone likes them, I'm one of those guys. These cost a bomb, and its easy to tell.

By the way there was a little showcase about an upcoming gundam game, and there was a ton of advertising going on. And to promote the game, I guess they decided to showcase a ton of badass gundam figurines. Go figure eh?

More badass looking gundam. This one has a shitload of weapons and looks about ready to bust anyone up.

......And more gundam. This one has crystals and stuff to make it look even cooler. Gundam figurines look cool, but personally I'm not one to collect them.

Some comic book characters with speech bubbles and stuff. This was kind of just there so my bro decided to take it. The only villian here is the Joker, which kind of puts a question mark on my head.


Face it, the Avengers movie was awesome, and that's why its here! There's one mistake though, didn't it debut on May 1st?

More movie posters. Iron man, Spider man, Thor and more. All of these are great movies btw...most of them. 

This was a casing of marvelous wonders! There are a ton of hot anime girls here, but there's a twist, some of them are marvel characters. If I'm not wrong this is the Marvel Bishoujo series, where they create figurines of girls from the Marvel series and "anime-tise" them, making them look all anime-ish. I must say they did an awesome job! And the tekken figurines too! F**king sexyyyyy.......

And its cosplay time!

Archer from Fate/Stay night. Haven't seen much Fate cosplay so I guess this is kinda cool. Not too bad.

This guy is really awesome, but I have already given him credit for being the best cosplayer  in Cosfest, so I can't really do it again for STGCC. He appears a lot in these kind of events, and I think his gundam costume is the best I have ever seen.

.........This isn't really a cosplay, its just a sad looking balloon thing that was powered by a plug behind it. It was funny so we just took a picture. 


Yay! Kingdom hearts for the win! We have Roxas to the right and Namine to the left, both of which look really good. We also have Tsuna from Hitman Reborn in the center. he is totally out of place being there, I wonder what's the deal.

Some Swat guy. He wasn't really posing, this picture was just one we took for fun, since its not everyday you get to see a Swat guy drawing on the wall.

Hooray for League! This time we have another 2 brand new characters, not yet seen in Cosfest. They are Volibear and Wukong! Not the best in my opinion, but points for effort! Volibear looks really funky!

Another big white guy and a....digimon? The white guy isn't a balloon and actually has a person in it. The one on the left looks like a digimon/gundam, but I'm not too sure. Both cosplays look really good.

Ehhh...Rin from vocaloids? I am always clueless when it comes to girls in big frilly dresses, they always appear in these events but I don't know what anime or where they're from. Oh well.


I'm not too sure about this one, but I guess she's a girl from Gundam? She looks like that one pink haired girl from Gundam Seed. Nice cosplay.

Another character I don't know, but from the costume, I'd take a guess that she's a character from hitman reborn? Not bad overall.

More characters I don't know. But I DO know the girl to the...right, the one in the green kimono. Its Tsuhiki from Nisemonogatari! Koyomi's sister! That one's pretty hot, both in this picture and in the anime. Power to the fire sisters!

Errr....Two FMA characters and 1 big ninja fox? I have no idea where this fox is from. This picture is just full of weird....

BOW TO THE SITH! A group shot of Star wars characters! Vader and the Darth maul look pretty epic, and the way the storm troopers stand at attention is just awesome! A great group shot overall!

Its Diablo! From f**king Diablo 3! I was tempted to put this as one of the best cosplays of STGCC 2012, since it looks so damn good! Great effort for everything, and he even looks awesome!

A bunch of characters just mixed in together. From this gang, I only recognize Neru, the vocaloid , and Inori from Guilty crown. These 2 look good, I'm not too sure about the rest though.

I haven't watched it yet, but its that girl from "The world god only knows". Sooooooooo cute! I definitely have to watch that anime someday, since it was highly recommended to me. This girl right here, is too damn cute!

Knight dude and priestess girl? I have no idea what game or anime these two are from, but I guess they make a fitting pair. Love the golden swords.


F**king Garland! I thought he would have a bigger body build, but I guess the costume looks good on him. It would be way more menacing if he was bigger though.

As I said I was lacking in pictures since this year's event was a little lacking....But of course, things wouldn't be complete without choosing my favorite cosplayers!

Top 5 Cosplayers of STGCC 2012

At first, I thought this was dumb, until I realized how cool it was. It's Thor and Loki, but with female cosplayers! Now this isn't exactly something to be really proud of, but I think this was a great idea, and to top it off, these 2 girls aren't bad looking at all! And if I were to say, this thor cosplayer is kinda hot (now imagine how wrong that would sound if this was a male thor). Definitely a great pairing worthy of being one of the best cosplays of the event.

If you saw my pervertic post number 3, you know I love Rin Tohsaka, and this is just perfect. This Rin cosplayer portrayed everything about her perfectly. Her elegant pose, hair, clothes, and the way she holds her hand up like that. THIS IS SO PERFECT! And without a doubt, she is one hot girl, and that was the biggest part of it!


Yay! I finished Another not too long ago, and I have grown a huge liking for Misaki Mei....and there she is! A freaking Misaki Mei cosplay, and she looks SO MOE! I may sound like a freaking pervert, but this is too awesome for me to handle. She is short, and the way she covers her eye like in the anime...perfect! But a different pose with the eye patch would be too damn good to ask for eh.

Now this post was a week late (yes, f**k me), because of the many things I mentioned at the start of this post. Still, this trip was my worst one for all the STGCCs (but as you can see, I still enjoyed my time, kind of). Unfortunately this will be my last trip to STGCC, as it is too costly and it isn't as anime focused like in Cosfest or AFA. Well I bought a Yui pillow, so there's that too. Can't wait for AFA though, that one is gonna be the bomb!

Peace out!