Tuesday, 11 September 2012

League of Legends-The fool's picks (Part 3)

League and league and MORE league! I have still been playing a shit ton of league and I'm not about to stop anytime soon! Here are more of the champions that I really like to play.

All of these are based on my opinion and experience.

Maven of the Strings

Well, I have practically posted champions of every role that I play, except the support role. I don't usually get to play as a support champion, but if I do, my choices are very limited (I'm not very good at supporting, and I do think majority of the support champions are useless late game). That is why my go to support is Sona. Sona is in my opinion, one of the most useful supports in the game, and doesn't end up being completely useless in team fights during the late game. In fact, she's a primary target, and a valuable asset to any team.

Amongst all the supports, Sona's value in a team in unmatched late game (except by maybe the likes of Alistar, Janna or Blitzcrank). Her auras help her team by quite a bit, her power chords can disable primary targets, and her ult Crescendo is just an overall game changer when used at the right time. Her power chords will have a different effect on an enemy depending on what song she is playing, and she has 3 to choose from. Hym of valor, when cast, does damage to 2 targets and the power chord for this song does bonus damage. Aria of perseverance heals your allies, and the power chord decreases the damage dealt by an enemy it hits. Song of celerity increases speed of team mates, and the power chord slows enemies. Crescendo makes all enemies in a line dance for a short amount of time, and deals some magic damage. This can totally turn the tides of a fight.


Sona's job is very important as a support, as the song you are playing gives off an aura, you have to play a suitable tune to help out your team. But most of the time you'll just be mashing songs to get the right power cord, or to deal damage, heal your team, speed them up. Of course you can buff up your team with the tons of support items you have (you should have them, unless you're playing ap Sona), but the most important part of being Sona in a team fight, is Crescendo! You'll be focused down really quick in a team fight because of the amount of utility you have on you, so before you die, make sure you pop EVERYTHING, at the very least your ultimate. The width is quite big, so try to get as many people in it as you can. Getting more than 2 enemies in it will usually already mean a huge difference for your team.

Sona is my favorite support to play as, due to the fact that she is super important and super useful in team fights, UNLIKE MOST SUPPORTS! Unlike some support characters where you find yourself being nothing but food in team fights, Sona IS a great tool because of her many buffs and ultimate. Plus, she looks like Miku :).

My Build for Miku....Sona

-Faerie Charm + 1 Vision Ward + 2 Sight wards + 2 potions
-Philosopher stone
-Heart of Gold
-Kage's lucky pick
-Ionian boots of lucidity
-Shurelia's revery 
-Aegis of the legion
-Locket of iron solari
-Randuin's omen
-Guardian angel (If you're getting aimed)/Abyssal scepter

The Shadow of War

Oh god this guy. As I said, I primarily play the role of the jungler in my team, and as of late, I have been ADDICTED to this guy. Hecarim is a very very VERY powerful snowballing jungler that becomes scary as hell if he gets ahead. He may not be the best pick for a jungler, but once he gets his first couple of kills or assists, he immediately becomes a threat that cannot be ignored. For the amount of damage he can deal, he sure is one tanky son of a bitch. Do not underestimate this wannabe ghost rider.

Hecarim can have a pretty rocky start in the jungle. His clearing speed is okay, but he has problems with his sustain. Spirit of dread will be VERY useful in team fights, but since it has a healing cap on minions, it won't be half as useful in the jungle. His initial clear can be a little rough and he might need a stronger leash for his blue or red start. His ganking, as far as I can tell, is make or break. It depends on the lane you are ganking. Someone like Vlad or Leblanc in the mid lane can just laugh all over you as they escape (like with most other junglers), and guys like Tryn/Ez/Tris can just get away easily. But, if you manage to ram someone in with Devastating charge, start Rampaging them for massive damage and applying the slow from red buff. They're probably already dead after that. Post 6 ganking is even stronger, since Onslaught of Shadows is absolutely deadly.

I am Ghost rider!

Hecarim is pretty strong in team fights. Because of Devastating charge, he never fails to get into the middle of enemy teams. Spirit of dread grants him good sustain in team fights, and constant Rampages will make quick work of the enemy team. Onslaught of Shadows is best used when the enemies are bunched up for some good damage, plus, the fear component of that skill is very important to your team. A well placed Onslaught of Shadows, like most aoe ultimates, can turn the tide of team fights. You can also use Onslaught of Shadows to initiate fights, if you see the enemies all bunching up from afar, charge right in, deal damage, and fear all of them! Of course, your job is to go for their squishies, like with most characters.

Hecarim is a ton of fun. I used to think he was crap, but after giving him some thought and another chance, I think that with the right team comp, he is one scary horseman. If he let him, he can become one of the most scary characters in the game.

My build for Hecarim

-Boots + 3 potions
-Mercury treads
-Frozen heart
-Spirit Visage
-Trinity force
-Maw of Malmortius 
-Guardian angel

The Titan of The Depths

The new CC king, Nautilus is now currently one of the best jungler picks in the game. The amount of CC on this guy is too damn high, and because of that, his ganks result in a 90% success rate, 95% if you and your laners don't cross CC. Nautilus is a wonderful pick as a jungler, as his CC is valuable to every team in the game. Yes you heard me, he can fit in every team comp, because I don't see how any team would want to turn down this CC monster. Being able to go tanky or tanky AP, its best not to look down on this big daddy.

Nautilus, even though he is a complete monster at ganking or team fights, has a horrible early game in the jungle. If you, as Nautilus, are counter jungled, you are going to die, and you are going to suffer for it. If his blue is stolen, his jungling pretty much goes to shit. He is blue dependent, and while he can jungle without it, it is a lot slower. If an enemy jungler picks a fight with him at his jungle, he can do NOTHING to fight back, as his early sustain is crap, and his dueling is poor. He really has to depend on his team during the very early stages of the game. However once he gets a few points in his shield his clearing becomes a lot better and he will no longer have problems with sustain. His ganking is top tier, you can't stop him. A normal attack roots the target, Riptide slows them, his shield adds a powerful DOT on the enemy, and if they flash or burn their escape tool, hook them in and they're dead. His ganking is seriously one of the best in the game, one does not simply fail a gank with Nautilus.

Can't wait to get this skin!

Nautilus is a natural team player, as he shines in team fights. Going into the middle of enemy teams and unloading every CC in your arsenal has never been more satisfying. Kind of like Udyr, your job is to normal attack every enemy and root them for your team to have a easier job dishing out all the damage. Always turn on your shield, as your DOT will be your main source of damage, along with riptide. Your hook is for pulling escaping enemies back into the fight, let there be no survivors! Your ultimate should be saved for the enemy carry. CC lock him/her with your team and take the carry down! If you die, its okay, you have fulfilled your job as the tank by unloading every CC you have before you die.

Nautilus is the king of CC. I think that he has more CC than most of the other characters in the game, if not all of them (still debating him over Cho gath and Alistar). If you have Nautilus on your team, you have boosted your team's chance of winning already.

My build for Nautilus

-Boots + 3 potions
-Philosopher stone
-Heart of gold
-Mercury treads
-Aegis of the Legion
-Shurelia's revery
-Randuin's omen
-Banshee's veil
-Guardian angel

Peace out for now! Stay tuned for more champion preferances!