Opening songs
OP 1- One reason (Fade)

Ending songs
ED 1- Shiny Shiny (NIRGILIS)

Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural


You know when an anime takes a concept about using blood to fight as weapons, you know shit is getting real. "Deadman Wonderland" is what others would typically call a "Shounen anime", but well, its more than just that. It is a bloody thrill ride with tons of violence and massacre, at times it even shows the cruelty of the reality inside that anime. Its quite possibly one of those animes that aren't really for the weak hearted, but at the same time it draws an atmosphere that many other anime fail to reach or give out. Being an anime that isn't afraid to show blood, violence or intense gut ripping action, "Deadman Wonderland" gives viewers a good mature experience...whilst being incredibly "shounen" at the same time.

Paint you red~

They could have went for a more epic opening song = =. "One reason" by Fade, is actually a song sang in English. It has a dark feel going on for it, and I suppose it fits the anime, but there's a reason why I cannot bring myself to actually like it. It lacks any catchy or epic feel to it whatsoever, and it just feels....boring. The ending song is "Shiny Shiny" by NIRGILIS, and while I say I'm not really a NIRGILIS fan, this song isn't half bad at all. It is completely opposite of the opening song, its catchy and bears a happy feel to it.


While I kind of like the anime as an overall, something about it just seems a little off. Being only 12 episodes long, it kind of seems that it could have had a lot of potential to become something great. I feel like it could have been way better if they focused on the things that SHOULD matter. I understand they are following the manga and just CUT it off and ending to make us hyped for a season 2 or something...but bleh. It is obviously not over, but what they did with this season just didn't mix well within me. Well it doesn't change the fact that if you like bloody and intense action, "Deadman Wonderland" should still hold a great amount of entertainment to you, because this anime has LOTS of it!

Ganta gun!

The anime starts off super bizarre. Igarashi Ganta is another regular school kid going to school one day, when his entire class is attacked by an unknown red individual. His entire class, including his 2 best friends, are brutally murdered, and he is kept alive. The red man imparts with him a special power before he leaves. After that, Ganta is brought to court, and is framed for being the murderer of his entire class. After some pointless pleading, he is sent to Deadman Wonderland, a cursed playground for criminals where they are forced to play games of death for their survival. Ganta, recently acquiring a new power and having met a strange girl, struggle for survival in this cruel and sadistic prison playground.

I'll say this is a good anime, since the fighting style and action scenes are pretty good, I can see many viewers liking it. But on the story side, it has a lot more to it going on, just that its NOT being shown in the anime. The anime also goes off in kind of a "Wait, there's more!" ending. There is definitely more stuff going on, and because it is not being shown there is a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. Lets hope for more "Deadman Wonderland", because I'm sure if we get the full picture, there is something pretty awesome in store for us!