Opening songs
OP 1- Zannen Kei Rinjinbu (Marina Inoue, Kanae Ito, Misato Fuuken, Yuka Iguchi, Kana Hanzawa, Nozomi Yamamoto)

Ending songs
ED 1- My feelings (Marina Inoue)

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life


I love me my daily dose of harem, and here's one of those harem animes that I really enjoyed my time with! "Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukunai" or also known as "Haganai", is a great harem based anime that ANY harem loving idiot will come to like. Great girls, great characters, great comedic value, "Haganai" has it all, and its definitely worth your time if you're into girls at all. With tons of well known seiyuu and different types of girls, you practically be spoiled for choice! Unless you completely loath the genre of harem itself, its really hard not to like "Haganai", and you'll know why when you watch it.

They should just be paired up, even though they're both girls.

The opening song is just.....indescribable. It is addictiveness in its true form. "Zannen Kei Rinjinbu" is sang by all the seiyuus of the 5 girls, and it is just too catchy for human ears. I am about to die from going crazy by just spamming this song. Its not awesome in any way, its just too catchy in my opinion! The song itself is like crack, you'll keep going back to it because its too addictive. The ending is your usual "cheesy" song, I'm not really going to go there just because.


Greatness. I like my harems, but little come so close to reaching my "8" standards. "Haganai" is a great harem with so much greatness in it, you can't help but feel sucked in. The way the anime is being shown is kind of unique, and since there is no real related romance in it at all, it completely crosses out the unnecessary romance stuff. Because of this there is much more room for comedy, which is the main focus of "Haganai". There are tons of parody and references to other existing franchises as well, making it all the more enjoyable when stuff like that gets shown.

So are most of the girls in the anime.

So the star of the show is Kodaka, a normal high school kid that is highly misunderstood. Because of his gold hair color, many students in school think that he is a delinquent, and because of this he is usually avoided and attracts a lot of unwanted attention. He gets into fights with other delinquents, and normal students avoid him. Some life. One day he notices a girl in his class, Yozora, to be talking to a imaginary friend. After a short talk between the 2, they quickly realize that they both have no friends, so Yozora makes a club specifically for those with no friends to join. Immediately, those without friends flock in, and a new club is formed!

"Haganai" is truly an enjoyable experience for harem lovers. If you even have the slightest interest in harems, "Haganai" is for you. If anything at all, it is a great comedic experience as well. Looking for something that's funny without the chore of romantic elements? Look no further, you have found your destination!