Opening songs
OP 1- My dearest (Supercell)
OP 2- The everlasting Guilty Crown (Egoist)

Ending songs
ED 1- Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ (Egoist)
ED 2- Kokuhaku (Supercell)

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Romance


Sometimes you just watch anime because your good friend recommends it to you. Sometimes you watch them because you saw pictures of how awesome or appealing it looked. Most of the times its the latter, and honestly when someone recommends someone like me, who has watched tons of anime, something to watch, I don't really get my hopes up. But at times where something like "Guilty Crown" comes along, its a whole different story. Having originality and great concepts in one anime really makes it stand out among the rest, plus if you throw in an impressive plot, you have one kick ass anime. "Guilty Crown" delivers amongst those standards, and is one of those animes that are really hard to miss.

We need girls, yes we do.

I haven't really been following Supercell's none Miku related singles ever since Nagi left to pursue her own career (she was great, she should have stayed). "My Dearest" is the first opening song, and for some reason, I find it grating and...totally unappealing. I don't know, it just felt hard to listen to it, maybe its just me. The first ending song is "Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~" by Egoist, a fictional band from the anime. Its a slow song, so you know, "meh".

Now the second opening song, is one of the best anime openings I have heard in a LOOONG time. No kidding, it is just that phenomenal. Even now I find myself headbanging every time the song comes on. "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" is its name, and its by Egoist. SO EPIC, in so many ways, that is all I can say. Give it a listen, you will NOT regret it. Plus, the full version is 5 minutes, EPIC WIN. The ending, bleh, another slow song by Supercell, and its "Kokuhaku".


"Guilty Crown" is just one of those shows that everyone who watches anime can love. Its not about the fanservice or whatever. It focuses on plot over everything else, along with some character drama that can get people all emotional and sensitive. There is a ton of emotion, character development, and just straight out bad ass content that can only be found in "Guilty Crown", that cannot be found in others. To me, its kind of like an inferior "Code Geass", which is in fact, one of the gods of anime titles. Plus, it isn't afraid to show anything at all, it just goes all out, which is one of the good points of it.

Looks awesome already huh?

Shu is a sad young man with problems. Having no father and a foster mother that works most of the time, he spends his time alone. One day though he finds a girl named Inori in his secret hangout spot. After realizing that Inori is the lead singer to Egoist, one of the most famous song artists AND one that he loves to listen to, he devotes himself to helping her. She is hurt, and after listening to instructions from a weird little robot, he soon saves her and finds out that she belongs to a terrorist group known as the undertakers. He accidentally uses a top secret bio weapon on himself known as the void genome, and is able to extract voids, which are weapons or tools, out of others. With this new power, Shu enters a new meta game...

"Guilty Crown" is a great anime. I won't lie, I would recommend this to anyone who watches anime. This means that if you consider yourself someone who at least watches anime, this is a title that should not be missed. It is bad ass in more ways than one, and because of that, everyone can appreciate its visual flair and overall appeal. Double thumbs up from me!

Peace out.