"Deadman Wonderland", something I just reviewed yesterday. I don't think I need to do much of a description here. "Hatsukoi Limited" is just romance anime at its best. If you want something other than just the standard harems where the main character doesn't choose a girl at the end, "Hatsukoi Limited" is the perfect anime in that sense. "Hayate no gotoku"...I doubt anyone wouldn't know what this one is.


Deadman Wonderland

All right, it was only yesterday, so I won't really go too much into "Deadman Wonderland". It is a violent and gory shonen anime with tons of action of mature content, something that I enjoyed quite a bit. Now let's go on to my favorite character of the anime.

She's psycho, that's like, totally cool.

For some reason whenever I think of "Deadman Wonderland", I think of Minatsuki. Not only is she cute and sexy, she is one sadistic bitch. She is EASILY the most memorable character in the anime, and it feels right, being a crazy psycho bitch and all. Well, I didn't really like most of the "Deadman Wonderland" cast anyway, except for those really strong and badass one. For the record, I totally dig badass chicks, I think Minatsuki is one of them.

Well let's see, Minatsuki's power is the most unique in my opinion, out of all the many different branch of sins. First, it utilizes two ear studs on her, and when she removes those, blood flows out and transforms her hair, turning them into temporary blood whips, which she may use to whip or slash enemies. That's pretty cool ain't it?

Minatsuki is a sadist, crazy, psycho little girl. She's pretty young, and she's Yoh's younger sister. Before her match with Ganta she tricked him, acting all shy and innocent, pretending to be a nice girl. However when the match began she revealed her true colors and went all crazy mode. Even though she lost, she got to reconcile with Ganta and her brother during the end, so its all happy happy. I cannot wait to see her again though, there's probably going to be another season anyway.

Hatsukoi Limited

This one's quite old. Its been awhile since I watched "Hatsukoi Limited", and because of this, my memory of this anime is pretty faint. But still, I do remember it being totally lovey dovey and stuff, with real romance that most other animes fail to show or portray. It focused on tons of side stories featuring different couples, so if I were to remember...

Super, super cute, that you cannot deny!

Yay for Ayumi! There were way too many characters in "Hatsukoi Limited" in my opinion, and since there was no real emphasis on any character at all, it was hard to really remember my favorites. Ayumi was always really cute, and the fact that she had 2 guys in her love life really made her stand out. Plus, that Zaitsu Misao guy has the hots for her, that was funny.

Ayumi was kind of the "main girl", as I think she sees more screen time than any of the other girls in the anime. Good thing too, since I found her to be the cutest, slightly in front of Koyoi, the girl with the brother complex. Ayumi, along with Koyoi, were always pretty funny, since the boys the love are all head over heels over the same girl (the one with the sexy body, can't remember her name), they click very well together.

My favorite moment for Ayumi was during the final parts of the anime, when the 3 guys ran away from home on a journey to find themselves, and when the girls found them, they confessed their love for each other, Ayumi was no different. She confessed to Zaitsu, and that was the part that gained her independence. Her brother stopped being over protective, and she got a little bit of recognition from Zaitsu. Go Ayumi!

Hayate no Gotoku Series

Everyone knows about "Hayate no Gotoku!". Its practically one of the very well known anime out there with a lot of fans and viewers. I got into it back in 2007 (shit, its 5 years already?!), and till now I'm still quite into it. Talking about the life of a young butler having to work at the hand of a little spoiled brat that only knows how to play games and read manga is pretty amusing. Plus, its many funny characters help make it even better!

If only I had an awesome maid....

So. Maria. She was the first girl that I found hot in "Hayate no Gotoku". Not at first of course, it was the first episode where she wasn't wearing her maid costume, I forget. Being the most mature amongst the Sanzenin household (yes I think she is even more mature than Klaus), she is easily the big sister type. Because of this, she mixes well with everyone and eventually became a character that was hard not to like.

One episode in season 2 actually had this popularity contest thing and Maria was 2nd place! Kind of expected actually, with her being so hot, mature and cute at the same time. Seems like the general viewing public likes the big sister types. But because she is so mature, the cast usually mistakes her for some one older, and when she keeps reminding them that she is 17, they go all stunned and she gets mad. That is priceless.

On top of being a beauty Maria is also a genius. Being able to speak 13 languages at the age of 17 and graduating from high school at a stupidly young age....she still went to be Nagi's butler. Kay. It's also quite obvious she has the hots for Hayate, just like most of the girls in the anime. Maria, the sexy maid triumphs as one of my favorite characters of "Hayate no Gotoku!", along with.....

Cheers to everybody's favorite pink haired student council president!

...this chick. Hinagiku is, without a doubt, the most popular character in "Hayate no Gotoku!", even that popularity episode stated it! Hinagiku is like, a perfect girl. She's smart, independent, beautiful, skilled with the sword and mixes well with others. Perfect for any guy, except that Hayate, like most anime protagonists, is too dumb founded to notice that she has the hots for him. Poor poor Hinagiku....

You know why people like Hinagiku? TSUNDERE! Tsundere and the fact that she goes from a totally perfect girl into a squeaky little scared bunny when shes in a very high place. She is scared of heights, and honestly, that's the best part of her. When she goes all scared mode...it kind of makes her look like a super cute and attractive girl, even more so than the already is.

Well Hinagiku is one of the 2 girls (actually, 3 girls), that want to go for Hayate. Her, Nagi and Ayumu, though I'd say Nagi has no chance in hell with him. Ayumu and her are good friends and they have this little love triangle thing going on we usually see in anime.  Even though they know they are love rivals they still act like good friends. Yay for Hinagiku and Ayumu.

Peace out for now!