gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.1

(+)pros:- gameplay is fun,- nice graphics and animation,- pretty competitive in the arcades,- most characters are fun to play as.

(-)cons:- roster is quite lacking compared to previous version or any other fighting games,- little levels,- scoreboards suck.

gameplay cost:1 token( not worth)

Sorry sorry...having major lack of motivation these few days, getting murdered back in school. Anyway, heres king of fighters 12, or as many call it KOF 12. This is the arcade edition. As far as I'm concerned, this game has received major major hate last year. This game is seriously under rated, for all I care that pretty much sucks. Well I'll say it I have never been a follower to this series, this is the 2nd game in the franchise I have played, the 1st one being the PSP's orochi saga, and Im quite pleased with what was in the game.

Blah blah arcade game no story. But I can say that it has a typical story with your team trying to rise as the best fighting team in history, you know with the news reporter and all. But I really say the gameplay value in here is pathetic, you pay 1 token to play... like 5 stages? Though the levels are 3 on 3 the fights dont take too long to end. Compared to something like blazblue the value in this game is somewhat lacking,really.

King of fighters 12 has quite fun gameplay. I dont know about previous games in the franchise, maybe its a deprovement but for all I care the gameplay's not too bad. Sure I would prefer blazblue or tekken but still I wont deny that this game is fun. King of fighters lets you build up your team of 3 fighters, which you get to pick from a rather small roster of 20+ characters. This is small for the franchise, and small for any other fighting game. But still, the fighters that are up for battle are quite fun to use. Im a noob so my team is was usually kyo,iori and athena. I may swap Iori for shen woo at times.

Fights in the game dont last very long. I'd say about the lenght of a tekken fight or less. In a level you fight 3 times, since its 3 on 3. There are 5 stages, but believe me, you won't take long to finish the game. Thre are also no cool last bosses or anything. Plus at the end of everything where they count up your score, scoreboards will disappoint you. You can see not much people play this game. But then again its quite competitive, I have been challenged a few times in the arcade, and I won only 20% of the fights from spammning kyo's and athena's projectiles. So yeah Im not very pro, in fact Im quite a noob. But stil maybe people challenge me cause Im a noob, but what the hell.
From pros to cons, KOF 12 doesnt have a lot to talk about. Its cast of characters is small but they are all fairly fun to play as. New characters wise I tink only ash crimson is new. Not too sure about the rest. Movelists and all I think the characters are lacking in terms of those but still can perform crazy combos. Also, the animation and improves sprites are pretty damn nice, but a few other characters still look rather silly. Overall not much to talk about here... Also, not having mai isnt a crime, its just sad.
KOF 12 isnt as bad as the critics make it out to be. Maybe it sux on the consoles, but the arcade version is still quite fun. KOF fans shouldnt overlook this, or if you're new like me you can also give this a spin, I pretty much found it a good deal of fun.

Happy gaming.