Friday, 30 July 2010

Advance wars: Days of ruin

Gamespot score: 8.0 (great)

my score: 8.2

(+)Pros:- great core gameplay still remains,- improved visual style and presentation,- new "dark" feel towards the game works pretty well,- story is more intense and less happy go lucky like in previous advance wars games, - new COs have good personalities, - multiplayer is still good.

(-)cons:- new presentation style may no appeal to fans, - CO powers and abilities feel a little bit inferior now.

gameplay time:50 hours+ (long)

Lets continue yeah? Advance wars dual strike was an awesome game. Years later they ditched the old dual strike story and decided to make advance wars in a new world, a darker and more serious one. Days of ruin is very different from dual strike, and the new style in here may not appeal to the fans, but its still a fun game that keeps its core gameplay elements in tact and is still enojayable. Here's the overview of the game.

Days of ruin's story begins as will, our main character, wakes up from some rubble and realizes the surroundings in ruin. He then gets attacked by bandits and gets rescued by brenner and lin, 2 passing COs. Will follows them and starts following brenner's wolves, and also starts sharing thier quest. Later they meet many enemies that stand in thier path, but gain new ones too. The game's story is much darker than before, with some major story characters dieing, betrayal, and many more. It also has some evil plot twists along with some pretty bad moments, its indeed different from preduseccors.

As said gameplay is the same, but COs and thier abilities dont influence much in battle anymore, and that really stinks. Given the newly designed and awesome looking COs, they should be given some awesome powers, but sadly, in this game COs arent as awesome as they used to be, thier abilities still help in a pinch, but they no longer help turn the tide of battle anymore. Plus, without the dual CO feature you're on your own. Also, to receive bonuses that COs give, one has to now be within a "CO zone", a small area projected within a unit with your borded CO. This kinda sucks, to have to stick to one unit all the time to receive bonuses.

Gameplay, as said, remains largely in tact. You go around killing units, capturing buildings and shit. But this time, in the campaign mode, you will most of the time be killing enemy units. Also, you wont have the freedom of building units until quite later on in the campaign story. Plus, the campaign is quite difficult compared to the previous game, especially the last misson, that doctor is crazy. If you ask me, go for the multiplayer more often, the campaign rarely offers much freedom, plus you are greatly outnumbered at many missions. Multiplayer, fortunately, remains same as previous games and is pretty damn fun. However, feel free to proceed through the campaign at your own pace, since the story is pretty damn good.

Days of ruin isnt as fun as previous games in the franchise due to the new presentation and style.
The new visuals are good, especially the COs, awesome, though it may not appeal to fans. The other thing that strikes me as bad are the CO nerfs. Like I mentioned before, I didnt like the new CO playstyles, like the "CO zone" thing. Also having no "supers" suck, i mean, I was okay with having to tag( I loved the tag syste,), but no supers kinda really stood out. Things just werent the same. Still multiplayer matches can go on for like, forever so playing against others is still great.

Days of ruin is fun, No doubt about it, its great. Still, it could have been better, the story was awesome, but the new style wasnt as awesome as before. Fans would still have a great time here, newcomers can adapt to the new style easily.

Happy gaming.