Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Megaman X:command mission

gamespot score:7.2(good)

my score:7.5

(+)pros:- good basic RPG elements in a megaman game,- lots of pther playable characters beside X,zero and AXL,- cool music like in most megaman games,- good and challenging boss fights.

(-)cons:- requires some tedious grinding,- linear exploration for an RPG,- rather short.

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Im tired of doing PS2 reviews, Im closing up PS2 games, tough there are a few I havent done yet, those that are good or decent I meant. Anyway heres megaman X command mission. Probably X's 1st PS2 RPG game. Its a good take from his basic side scrolling, platforming game, it gives players much more freedom and choice now. And with new characters other than zero and AXL, command mission is a new take . Interesting new characcters and bosses make this one to remember in the megaman X franchise. Now, on with the review.

Command mission's story is probably like many of the games in the franchise, X and his team going off to hunt mavericks. This takes a twist though, since its an RPG it all composes into a story. I played the japanese version, but can understand the story fairly well. It starts with X,zero and a new maverick hunter shadow, exploring an abandoned ruin looking for a maverick source. Well after a fair bit X gets seperated from the team and he's on his own, when he catches up he realises that shadow is a betrayer and gets blasted to kingdom come. Later he gets to go to different areas, kill dfferent mavericks, and recruit some reploids to add to the maverick hunting party.

As a typical RPG, megaman X command mission is like your basic turn by turn RPG game. Though the presentation is pretty good, its not very different from tittles such as final fantasy 10, wild arms and so on. You get to a map or an area, walk around, random encounter, screen fades, and you get into battle. You also get your treasure chests, where when opened you get items, or energy for your subtanks. Its pretty damn normal, you also get some parts where you need to think a little, but other than that its pretty much it. Oh yeah, the game's soundtrack is awesome.

Battle is fun, just like most turn by turns, I enjoy it alot. In battle you get up to 3 characters, and others where you get to swap in and out with. Its cool, but that mostly isnt enough. Battle is basic with attack, skills and items. Altough you heal your HP with subtanks, not potions. Plus theres a weapon energy feature(WE), which requires some of it to be drained after each attack or considerably powerful move. If you have enough WE, one can perform the insanely cool final strike, where all 3 on screen characters blast the enemy continously for some fked up damage. This requires some button mashing but its usually fun. Each character in battle also has thier "special" mode, where the character gets powered up considerably, like X in his ultimate armor, massimo going golden, or marino with her insane speed thing. These of course, help most of the times, against those really really annoying enemies( this game has alot of them), or against bosses. Of course they are best used for bosses, which most of the time are ridiculously challening and fun to kill. Bosses are powerful, they do crazy damage, and always have an ultimate move that always shocks you up for some crazy shit ass damage. These definetely require more than a few tries to win, but when you finally do its really satisfying, especially that Dr. nautilis fella, shocking.

Command mission is fun and all, but still it gets pulled down by some factors. Like most RPG this game needs grinding, not that I have a problem with grinding but this game's grinding is pretty damn tedious, the only ones who give considerable exp are probably the bosses, but, they are so hard to beat, so you have to grind before you can kill them. What does that mean? Loads and loads of grinding. Also, exploration is linear. Capcom did try making it more compliccated with some twists and turns here and there during dungeons, but its all still too linear. The game does provide some post game events but its still not enough. Lastly, its short. It has only 9 or 10 chapters( cant remember), and each chapter is 1-2 hours-ish.
Command mission is a good effort overall. Its a game for the fans, as seing X on a RPG for the 1st time is really awesome. But still, it has some things need fixing. This game is really old now, so I dont think making another one of these is happening, but I always did want them to make another one. Meh, anyway, good game, even for newcomers, but they'll find the story a bit perplexing.

X buster!!
Happy gaming.