Sunday, 25 July 2010

Marvel vs capcom 3 matchups

Lets go back to MVC 3 for abit, the hype inside me has not been cleared yet :).

Today Im talking about the matchups, people have been fking up really bad in game forums, argueing about who wins who. Lets take a look at some matchups.

Original matchups

Wolverine vs Ryu
Iron man vs Morrigan
Hulk vs Chris
Dante vs Deadpool

These are as seen by the episode 1 trailer. The rest are assumptions, until of course they release an episode 2 trailer( which wud be as epic as the 1st),

Matchups by assumptions

Captain america vs Felicia
Doctor doom vs Chun li
Super skrull vs Trish
Thor vs Amaterasu

These are assumptions, and according to thier order in SDCC.

Now lets see.

1st matchup: Wolverine vs Ryu

Why are people even arguing here? Wolverine would rip ryu apart, hands down. There is really no contest here. Wolverine has healing factor/adamantium bones, etc. Ryu is just an above average human that can fire off hadoukens. Ryu has almost absolutely no chance. The only way ryu can probably do some hurt is to spam hadoukens at wolverine,since wolverine has no projectiles, but he would still get tired after abit.

Win ratio: Wolverine 90%/ Ryu 10%

2nd matchup: Iron man vs Morrigan

Now this one can be hard. Both fly, both are great in aerial combat. Tony has a fancy high tech and powerful as ass suit and Morrigan is a very sexy succubus with S rank powers I guess. Both would fair well against each other, but I think iron man is a little tad bit outmatched, since Morrigan has the upper hand here, being a succubus and all.

Win ratio: Iron man 40%/ Morrigan 60%

3rd matchup: Hulk vs Chris

Damn, a blind matchup. I really think chris is cool but please, the hulk? Gimme a break, he eat tank shells for breakfast. The most chris can fire off here are solid RPG shells, which I think wont really cut it for defeating the hulk. Chirs will obviously lose, but as long as he can keep avoiding the hulk's attacks, he can keep firing peanuts at the hulk. I think hulk will win but it will take awhile for him to actually get his hands on chris since chris is much mnore agile than he is.

Win ratio: Hulk 90%/ Chris 10%

4th matchup: Deadpool vs Dante

Oh hell yes, a dream matchup, but I think it goes to say dante has got this one in the bag. Dante outmatches Deadpool in terms of speed, power and many others. Both have almost immortal bodies but dante has the upper hand in terms of power. Dante would win this one.

Win ratio: Deadpool 30%/ Dante 70%

5th matchup: Captain america vs Felicia

I would say captain america would lose hands down since I absolutely hate him but I would say felicia is quite weak as well. But an average darkstalker is quite powerful compared to a full peaked human. Still, Cap america has that godly shield, so that about evens it out. This would be a rather fair matchup.

Win ratio: Captain america 50%/ Felicia 50%

6th matchup: Doctor doom vs Chun li

Ahahahahaha! Chunli is dead shit man. Seriously, a street fighter is only about an above average human. Doom is a faggot who takes on the whole fantastic four. His powers are too much for chun li seriously. Chun li can shoot hadoukens too( some sort) but her's arent as good as ryu's, though her specialty lies in her kicks, as long as doom keeps hitting her from afar, shes dead shit. Chunli will probably lose quite badly.

Win ratio: Doctor doom 80%/ Chun li 20%

7th matchup: Super skrull vs Trish

This one is hard to say, both are powerful. Super skrull has all the fantastic four's powers, Trish is another demonic being like dante, and has the sparda blade. Who will win.... I cant say for sure man, both are badass. I would say this here matchup is quite even and rather balanced out, for the both of them

Win ratio: Super skrull 50%/ Trish 50%

8th matchup: Thor vs Amaterasu

One god of thunder, one sun goddess. One might say that they are rather evenly matched, but amaterasu is acutally stronger if they think about it. Thor is the god of the thunder in the marvel universe, but according to resources and comments, he has lost to hulk before, who is NOT a godly being. Plus amaterasu has that...brush, that makes things poof out of nowhere by drawing them. She can just draw some prison or something to trap thor in then beat the crap out of him or something. Thor can just toss thunder at amaterasu but being a wolf like being, she would be quick enough to evade the strikes, whereas thor is big and bulky, he would be slower than amaterasu.

Win ratio: Thor 40%/ Amaterasu 60%


Wolverine 90%/ Ryu 10%
Iron man 40%/ Morrigan 60%
Hulk 90%/ Chris 10%
Deadpool 30%/ Dante 70%
Captain america 50%/ Felicia 50%
Doctor doom 80%/ Chun li 20%
Super skrull 50%/ Trish 50%
Thor 40%/ Amaterasu 60%

This is all of course, my opinion, peace.