gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)pros:-all 3 races in the game are extremely fun to play,- 3 fully lengthed campiagns each with thier own story,-battle strategy can get really in depth,- incredibly diverese unit and structure designs,- overly balanced AI,- great multiplayer.

(-)cons:- you can build an infinite amount of everything,- scrin is superbly overpowered.

gameplay time:50 hours+(long)

Alright time for one of the most fun and diverse real time strategy games ever made. Command and conquer 3 is THE strategy game for the PC, almost on par with dawn of war:dark crusade, it is probably one of the best RTS games ever made. EVER MADE. It probably owns command and conquer 4, though I never played that, a few screenshots and gameplay vids told me it was shit. I have been playing this for awhile but I have never seemed to reach the level of all those online bastards. Damn. Okay, lets get on with it.

Command and conquer 3 had 3 different story viewpoints, of which all are great. Each race has thier own campaign. The GDI which battles with the NOD, the NOD which battles against the GDI, and the scrin who just want to invade earth for thier tiberium. All 3 campaigns are lenghty, each lasting more than 10 hours. Plus, cutscenes before missions are well made with REAL HUMAN ACTING. Awesome. This can easily show how much effort they put in making the campaign.

See? I told you. As a real time strategy game command and conquer has almost anything, ranging from 3 diverse campaigns, to solid skirmish games and suberb multiplayer. Plus, all 3 playable races are fun to use. The only issue is that scrin is a tad bit more overpowered. More on that later. There are plenty of options to make this game play according to your liking too. Also, for the campaigns, you can play both either NOD or GDI at the start. GDI if you're feeling normal, NOD if you're feeling really evil. Plus kane makes a good boss.

Gameplay for command and conquer 3 rocks. It plays just like any other RTS game, but it makes things much more awesome. If you've pplayed other C&Cs, this game's mechanics should seem rather familiar, from the game's unit building mechanics, to the super weapons. Yeah you start with a HQ, you start building shit like barracks, armory and so on. And later on, you start building an attack force to go raid your enemies. Each race has thier own specialty. GDI is best at busting enemy bases head on by marching in through the front door, guns blazing. With thier predator tanks, juggernauts and the overlords, they can run over most enemy units. NOD prefers to play more strategically, with stealth tanks, stealth teams and many other diverse playing units, NOD is best at sabotaging the enemy, and always getting away with it. Basically they are my favourite race, the stealth theams are just to fun to play with. Finally the scrin, they specialise in aircraft. One thing though, they are hell good at it, storm riders are friggin gey, devastators are annoyingly powerful bastards, and planetary assualt carriers are pure monsters. Whats more, thier special mothership unit blasts bases like thier nothing. As said all 3 races are great, but scrin is a little overpowered.

Like many of the other games in the franchise, C&C 3 has infinite pop. If you want to know what that means, it means you can build an infinite amount of units. Now I really dont like this, you can just build all the shit you want and attack your enemy. Unlike dawn of war or warcraft where your unit population is limited, you can build infinite amounts here. Thats not very stragetic, its basically spamming of the same units over and over, and that sucks. Especially for scrin, planetary planet destroyer over and over.... wth man.
Basically C&C 3 is an awesome game. They need'nt have to make scrin so damn strong though. Other than that, the rest of this game is great, especially the campaign. 5 Stars for that. My verdict is that this is an awesome RTS that is 100% worth playing. Dont play 4, just play 3, its that much better in almost every way.

Happy gaming.