Opening songs-OP 1: perfect-area complete

genres: romance,comedy,slice of life


Yoyo. Another anime review coming up today. On a side note, started P3P, its fucking awesome, plus FMA:brotherhood jus ended, bummer. Anyway, to replace it I've got high school of the dead, fucking awesome show as well. Enough side stuff, heres baka to test to shoukanjuu. Quite a long name so I'll be shortening it to baka test for the entire post. 3 words to describe this show. Full of win.

Nice opening song. Funny lyrics, catchy song overall. Opening animations are kinda stupid and funny, so well, overall it fits the atmosphere that this show gives off.


You can't go wrong with this show, I swear. Its fking funny as hell and after the 1st episode you will already absolutely love it. Plus, its perfect for almost everyone. Plotwise this show makes the atmosphere and background very creative. It talks about a run of the mill normal school, using the latest function called summon battle, where students can summon a being that represents themselves to battle others. The summon being's strenght is based off the summoner's academic scores.

Yoshi akisa, our protoganist, is a dumb ass. A perfect dumbass with absolutely lousy ass scores. He gets into the lousitest class, F class. And unluckily for him, the school's system puts him in shitty situation. In the school, the better the class, the better the facilities, with A class having cafeterias and labtops, and F class, which is the weakest, having half broken wooden tables and floormats . Its a screwed up system, this was all because his results in his entrance exams sucked. So in his class he meets a few of his equally "stupid" friends, all with lousy results. And in his class theres a girl he likes, whom is extremely smart. This girl is himeji mizuki, and how did she end up in F class when her results will most likely get her to A? Well she is a sickly girl and fainted during the entrance exam, which resulted in a 0. So knowing she cant stay and cope with the pathetic facilities from F class, akisa and his friends decide to get her to a better class, by summon battling other classes, for winners of summon battles get to swap facilities with the losers. And so the epic story of an incredibly funny show begins.

This show is f***king amazing. Its cast of characters never fail to entertain, and they dont spend a lot of time introducing other characters, all the episodes are based off the same old funny characters. All episodes never fail to amuse, baka test is probably one of the best comedy animes out there, no contest.