Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yugioh! GX tag force 3

Gamespot score:n/a

my score: 7.8

(+)Pros:- more interesting partner choices,- upgraded database from tag force 2,- less draggy than tagforce 2,- partner sory scenes now are different,-synchro summons are added to the play, - high replayability due to huge amount of choosable partners.

(-)Cons:- partners still screw up big time,- lots of recycled material from tagforce 2,- newly added LAG feature instows huge lag to the game.

gameplay time:30-40 hours( above average)

Heres a fact, tag force 2 couldnt reach its full potential before, so tag force 3 here fixes a few issues and tries to fix the mistakes made by its preduccesor. Some things worked, and the game has become more successful and fun to play. Altough this "fun" comes with a few other issues that will result in the decrease of fun factor in tag force 3. Tag force 3 is still a good tag force game that will please fans, more than tag force 2 did, at the very least. From time to time the game may induce frustrating problems, but it still fared better from tag force 2. Heres the review.

Tag force 3's story follows up to the point where 4kids stopped dubbing the show. Since it wasnt dubbed, this meant that the episodes that werent dubbed "never exsisted" in america, thus this game never game out in america. What a joke. Anyway this game's story takes place after the yubel arc, where new characters such as fujiwara were introduced. As usual each character has thier own respective story and ending so storywise it goes for the partners you are able to select and play with.

Now like in tagforce 2 the hearts system kick in here. You have a partner follow you around, and as you go around the campus day after day dueling people, your parter,'s heart meter starts increaseing, and when it increases to the point where an entire heart is maxed out, you get a story scene. Now unlike in tagforce 2 where a character had 8 hearts to fill, tagforce 3 only requires you to fill 4 to end the game. But in compensation you dont have to see those annoying repeat scenes that tagforce 2 had, those are completely gone. That is something to be appreciated.

The game's dueling remains mostly unchanged, execpt of course for the new card additions. As usual the dueling field looks great and remains one of the nicer aspects of the game. Animations still reamain the same, they arent perfect but hey, not too bad for a PSP game. Also, like all other tag forces VOICES ARE MISSING. Well I heard they were not going to add voices for the game at ALL. Sucks. Well basic old features apply, such as the slick destiny draw. Destiny draw is slick,awesome and as good as always. Always helps you in a pinch. Of course with the new cards released back then, they added the variety of synchro monsters to the mix. This was probably the 1st time I saw syncrhos, though I thought they were overpowered, I grew to like them after awhile and they became like normal cards to me. Syncrhos were a good add to the game and it adds new strategies and gameplay depth, which is what matters.

Now for the issues that rise out of this game. Now I didnt mind this from tagforce 2, but in tagforce 3 things are getting out of hand, its like the creators got lazy or something. Yeap, Im talking about recycled content. In tagforce 2, it recycled content from tagforce 1, now tagforce 3 recycles content from tagforce 2, which contents were originally from tagforce 1! Thats like 3 years in a row of the same thing over and over! This applies mostly to character art and the big headed sprites, ugh dont get me started on them sprites... Next issue we have to regular partner screwups. Im suprised konami couldnt come up with a better AI, but I guess this is getting rather old now, I wont go in depth into this. Im still pissed that alexis tributed my armed dragon lvl 3, which was gonna evolve to lvl 5 the next turn, for an airknight parsath! The final issue, which is new to the tagforce series, is lag. This is annoying, since it has never happened to the tagforce series before, and it can stretch to as long as 20-30 minutes for a single AI turn! WTF!!!!
Now tag force 3 has its flaws, but its still a good yugioh game that improves from its previous preduseccors. Tag force 3>tagforce 1> tagforce 2. Tag force 3 is recommended to yugioh fans, casual and hardcore alike. But newcomers may have a bit of a problem here, since the rules, especially synchro are kinda hard to grasp for newcomers. Still recommended though, to the newcomers I mean.

Happy gaming.