Expect this to be a looong post, there are so many characters in marvel vs capcom 3 revealed till today, and the recent additions in comic con are here as well. Im gonna list my impressions on all of them. Hope there are better ones to come. There are so far 16 characters.

1. Wolverine

The fck? Him again? But sure I understand he's been in EVERY mvc or Xmen vs street fighter or blah blah blah... game ever made. Overall, he's boring, buy with a pair of claws that goes around slashing with insane healing factor. But still, he's like a "mascot" or a "regular" to the series now, can't help but have him here.


2. Ryu

The shit? He's worse than wolverine! Some guy who knows martial arts that can fire off hadoukens! And to top it off, he has an incredibly bland design! Fail, but like wolverine he's like a "must" in the game, cant blame capcom on this one.


3.Iron man

Oh yeah. No complaints here. Iron man is da bomb, one of my favourite marvel characters. The movie and comics impressed me, and he was great in MVC 2. Great addition, couldnt have said no to this either.


4. Morrigan

Well, she's hot., but I have seen her quite a lot in the MVC series. Well, supposedly she's the mascot of darkstalkers, but we have felicia as well! I think that they should only have one, morrigan, or felicia, give that other space to someone else. Overall she's soso.


5. Hulk

The hulk? You serious? Okay actually he's not too bad, but I didnt like him in MVC 2. Overall he's a pretty powerful guy that can withstand even tank shells but it seems in this game he can get owned by chris. Lol. Could have used his space for someone cooler, in my opinion.


6. Chris

Seriously? Chris redfield? Sweet. But still, I think the only reason why he's here is because of his blockbuster game RE5, other than that I think they should have kept jill. Or if they still insist on swapping jill with another RE character, wesker, claire or the awesome leon would have worked. Still, chris is okay.


7. Deadpool

Deadpool is da man. He's hilarious and incredibly strong as well. I mean, he's a like a guy that can surpass mutants or super heroes, and he only uses everyday human appliances like guns and swords!! Sure he gets healing factors and teleportation devices, but I still have loads of respect for him.


8. Dante

Oh my god. You serious? Along with deadpool dante is awesome. Both him and deadpool are like stars that just made into a blockbuster movies, see the episode one trailer, I ain't kidding! Dante is a pure jerk with loads of powerful moves in MVC 3, sweet, looking foward to using him, he looks awesome. Plus, Im a DMC fan. Dante FTW.


9. Captain america

Ugh, another "must" character. Captain america, honestly, I fkin hate him. Everyone says he good, godly, peak of human body...I dont really care. I hate cap america, and I seriously think they should take him out for once, just like ryu and wolverine. Yeap, he sucks to me, and he seems abit godly in this game, but I still fkin hate him.


10. Felicia

Everyone's favourite eye-candy friendly cat girl from darktsalkers. As I said, if you want morrigan, no felicia, and the same applies the other way around. Honestly I think they should take either morrigan or felicia out, and for that 1 extra space, include demitri. How cool is that?


11. Doctor doom

Haha,HAHAHA, THEY PUT IN DOOM. Well, doctor doom was insane in MVC 2, and from the looks of it, he's gonna be insane in MVC 3 as well. I hope they do keep him in balance. Still, quite happy he's in, no complaints.


12. Chun li

The fck? Chun li???? Seriously???? I mean ryu is enough, theres no other need for another streeet fighter, expect akuma, heehee. But still, chunli=not needed, I actually like ryu more than her. Bad choice capcom, bad choice. But then again, I suppose shes a "regular" to the series.


13. Super skrull

Oh yeah. I know no super skrull or who the fk he is, but this guy looks like the bomb. His playstyle is interesting and looks like he has some incredibly slick moves. This guy is gonna be sick man, looking foward to using him.


14. Trish

Ah good ol' trish. Dante's sexy companian is in this game, and well, in my opinion just dante is enough, her spot could go to someone else. But anyway, her playstyle doesnt look bad, she passes overall. Her scythe super looks really imba.


15. Thor

And here we have the 2 leaked characters. Thor is marvel's thunder god, and well, he looks pretty cool in this game. Havent seen gameplay on him but its a good choice, I think thor would fare well in MVC 3, judging from forum comments and his powers in marvel ultimate alliance. Though Im not too huge of a fan of thor.


16. Amaterasu

I didnt play okami. Lol, but I googled on our godess here, and I believe she would be awesome in this game. She has loads of powerful moves, being a godess and all, and according to screens she's awesome. I hope they let her go to human form and do something epic for her lvl 3 super.
Shes gonna be really epic.


Overall ranking

1st: Dante
2nd: Iron man
3rd: Deadpool
4th: Amaterasu
5th: Super skrull
6th: Doctor doom
7th: Trish
8th: Chris
9th: Morrigan
10th: Felicia
11th: Thor
12th: Hulk
13th: Wolverine
14th: Ryu
15th: Chun li
16th: Captain america

Thats all for now, lets hope for more amazing characters to show up eh?