Friday, 30 July 2010

Twin advance wars

Lets get this show on the road!

Advance wars has got 2 games on the DS now. They are fairly old, and I did review dual strike before, long long time ago. Treat this as a re-do review for it, days of ruin has never been done by me before so I think thats a first.

Alright, so here it is, twin advance wars!

Gamespot score: 9.2 (editor's choice)

my score: 9.0

(+)Pros:- Gameplay is highly addictive,- campaign's story sucks you in like hell,- campaign has good difficulty curve, -tutorial is detailed and very easy to learn for newcomers,- plenty of COs to use and try out (including new ones),- multiplayer is extremely addicting with friends (wheter or not they have a DS system),- new unit additions such as stealth and megatanks add more depth to strategies,- CO tag system rocks.

(-)Cons:- lots of recycled shit such as maps from previous games.

Gameplay time :100 hours +( very long lasting)

1st game of today! Advance wars: dual strike is an old, but awesome game. If you ask me its a huge huge improvement from the 2nd game from GBA and this was probably one of my 1st DS games. 1 word to describe it, greatness. It improves on almost every game aspect since the second game, and is one of the most addicting games ever made on the DS, period. Oh well lets get this started.

Advance wars: dual strike's story takes place in omega land, I think. The story no longer follows andy as the main protoganist, it follows a new lead, jake, and his friend rachel. It still follows about the story of chasing and beating down the black hole army, it talks about the orange star army, lead by rachel and jake, going to different continents to beat the black hole army. Along the way they meet allied nation COs, some new ones too, including sasha (colin's sister), javier and grim. It all follows up to the point where more and more COs fight and they work together to stop von bolt, the new black hole big boss.

Dual strike still poses the same gameplay as before, where your active CO plays a huge part in your playstyle. Each CO has his/her own passive abilities and CO power. CO power has 2 levels, normal and super, and obviously one would wait for his/her super and then use it (unless you are playing adder/coal). But in dual strike, you can tag COs. Thats right, you can now use 2 COs in a team, and tag as you see fit. You can now build your dream pair, but of course, due to story reasons, some characters work bettter with others, and dont work as well with others. And the brand new awesome dual strike feature, allows you to use both COs super s, in one turn. Thats right, you can play 2 COs in one turn. How cool is that? You can use that turn to do some major hurt.

Gameplay remains laregly similar, as I said before. You build tanks, soldiers and shit to demolish your enemies. 2 ways to win, totally destroy all your enemy units, or capture thier HQ. This is usually dependant on skills of players in multiplayer. A good multiplayer match between humans can go on for hours and hours if the players are good, and they are using thier ace CO teams. This can also be the same even with the AI, believe it or not they are actually a bunch of smart faggots. My best team was sasha and colin, and against my friend who used eagle and sammy plus another 2 AI, the match lasted a good 8 hours or more. Its that crazy. Also, in campaign, you are usually outnumbered like hell at the start, and some conditions make some missions most impossible, but players can always act smart and somehow get themselves out of the sticky spot and turn things around.

Dual strike is a great game, been playing it since I got my DS, and now I still play it when my cousin or friends come to visit. Though the only thing bad about it is, that many maps are recycled. Yes I mean those when you play multiplayer, even some of those maps sold by hachi are used before at least once in previous games. I mean since we can have new maps the old ones wont be neccacery.

Dual stike is awesome, it shouldnt be missed, by advance wars fans and newcomers alike. It is by far one of the best DS games ever made and it wont fail to please it players.

Happy gaming!

Gamespot score: 8.0 (great)

my score: 8.2

(+)Pros:- great core gameplay still remains,- improved visual style and presentation,- new "dark" feel towards the game works pretty well,- story is more intense and less happy go lucky like in previous advance wars games, - new COs have good personalities, - multiplayer is still good.

(-)cons:- new presentation style may no appeal to fans, - CO powers and abilities feel a little bit inferior now.

gameplay time:50 hours+ (long)

Lets continue yeah? Advance wars dual strike was an awesome game. Years later they ditched the old dual strike story and decided to make advance wars in a new world, a darker and more serious one. Days of ruin is very different from dual strike, and the new style in here may not appeal to the fans, but its still a fun game that keeps its core gameplay elements in tact and is still enojayable. Here's the overview of the game.

Days of ruin's story begins as will, our main character, wakes up from some rubble and realizes the surroundings in ruin. He then gets attacked by bandits and gets rescued by brenner and lin, 2 passing COs. Will follows them and starts following brenner's wolves, and also starts sharing thier quest. Later they meet many enemies that stand in thier path, but gain new ones too. The game's story is much darker than before, with some major story characters dieing, betrayal, and many more. It also has some evil plot twists along with some pretty bad moments, its indeed different from preduseccors.

As said gameplay is the same, but COs and thier abilities dont influence much in battle anymore, and that really stinks. Given the newly designed and awesome looking COs, they should be given some awesome powers, but sadly, in this game COs arent as awesome as they used to be, thier abilities still help in a pinch, but they no longer help turn the tide of battle anymore. Plus, without the dual CO feature you're on your own. Also, to receive bonuses that COs give, one has to now be within a "CO zone", a small area projected within a unit with your borded CO. This kinda sucks, to have to stick to one unit all the time to receive bonuses.

Gameplay, as said, remains largely in tact. You go around killing units, capturing buildings and shit. But this time, in the campaign mode, you will most of the time be killing enemy units. Also, you wont have the freedom of building units until quite later on in the campaign story. Plus, the campaign is quite difficult compared to the previous game, especially the last misson, that doctor is crazy. If you ask me, go for the multiplayer more often, the campaign rarely offers much freedom, plus you are greatly outnumbered at many missions. Multiplayer, fortunately, remains same as previous games and is pretty damn fun. However, feel free to proceed through the campaign at your own pace, since the story is pretty damn good.

Days of ruin isnt as fun as previous games in the franchise due to the new presentation and style.
The new visuals are good, especially the COs, awesome, though it may not appeal to fans. The other thing that strikes me as bad are the CO nerfs. Like I mentioned before, I didnt like the new CO playstyles, like the "CO zone" thing. Also having no "supers" suck, i mean, I was okay with having to tag( I loved the tag syste,), but no supers kinda really stood out. Things just werent the same. Still multiplayer matches can go on for like, forever so playing against others is still great.

Days of ruin is fun, No doubt about it, its great. Still, it could have been better, the story was awesome, but the new style wasnt as awesome as before. Fans would still have a great time here, newcomers can adapt to the new style easily.

Happy gaming.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yugioh! GX tag force 3

Gamespot score:n/a

my score: 7.8

(+)Pros:- more interesting partner choices,- upgraded database from tag force 2,- less draggy than tagforce 2,- partner sory scenes now are different,-synchro summons are added to the play, - high replayability due to huge amount of choosable partners.

(-)Cons:- partners still screw up big time,- lots of recycled material from tagforce 2,- newly added LAG feature instows huge lag to the game.

gameplay time:30-40 hours( above average)

Heres a fact, tag force 2 couldnt reach its full potential before, so tag force 3 here fixes a few issues and tries to fix the mistakes made by its preduccesor. Some things worked, and the game has become more successful and fun to play. Altough this "fun" comes with a few other issues that will result in the decrease of fun factor in tag force 3. Tag force 3 is still a good tag force game that will please fans, more than tag force 2 did, at the very least. From time to time the game may induce frustrating problems, but it still fared better from tag force 2. Heres the review.

Tag force 3's story follows up to the point where 4kids stopped dubbing the show. Since it wasnt dubbed, this meant that the episodes that werent dubbed "never exsisted" in america, thus this game never game out in america. What a joke. Anyway this game's story takes place after the yubel arc, where new characters such as fujiwara were introduced. As usual each character has thier own respective story and ending so storywise it goes for the partners you are able to select and play with.

Now like in tagforce 2 the hearts system kick in here. You have a partner follow you around, and as you go around the campus day after day dueling people, your parter,'s heart meter starts increaseing, and when it increases to the point where an entire heart is maxed out, you get a story scene. Now unlike in tagforce 2 where a character had 8 hearts to fill, tagforce 3 only requires you to fill 4 to end the game. But in compensation you dont have to see those annoying repeat scenes that tagforce 2 had, those are completely gone. That is something to be appreciated.

The game's dueling remains mostly unchanged, execpt of course for the new card additions. As usual the dueling field looks great and remains one of the nicer aspects of the game. Animations still reamain the same, they arent perfect but hey, not too bad for a PSP game. Also, like all other tag forces VOICES ARE MISSING. Well I heard they were not going to add voices for the game at ALL. Sucks. Well basic old features apply, such as the slick destiny draw. Destiny draw is slick,awesome and as good as always. Always helps you in a pinch. Of course with the new cards released back then, they added the variety of synchro monsters to the mix. This was probably the 1st time I saw syncrhos, though I thought they were overpowered, I grew to like them after awhile and they became like normal cards to me. Syncrhos were a good add to the game and it adds new strategies and gameplay depth, which is what matters.

Now for the issues that rise out of this game. Now I didnt mind this from tagforce 2, but in tagforce 3 things are getting out of hand, its like the creators got lazy or something. Yeap, Im talking about recycled content. In tagforce 2, it recycled content from tagforce 1, now tagforce 3 recycles content from tagforce 2, which contents were originally from tagforce 1! Thats like 3 years in a row of the same thing over and over! This applies mostly to character art and the big headed sprites, ugh dont get me started on them sprites... Next issue we have to regular partner screwups. Im suprised konami couldnt come up with a better AI, but I guess this is getting rather old now, I wont go in depth into this. Im still pissed that alexis tributed my armed dragon lvl 3, which was gonna evolve to lvl 5 the next turn, for an airknight parsath! The final issue, which is new to the tagforce series, is lag. This is annoying, since it has never happened to the tagforce series before, and it can stretch to as long as 20-30 minutes for a single AI turn! WTF!!!!
Now tag force 3 has its flaws, but its still a good yugioh game that improves from its previous preduseccors. Tag force 3>tagforce 1> tagforce 2. Tag force 3 is recommended to yugioh fans, casual and hardcore alike. But newcomers may have a bit of a problem here, since the rules, especially synchro are kinda hard to grasp for newcomers. Still recommended though, to the newcomers I mean.

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Marvel vs capcom 3 matchups

Lets go back to MVC 3 for abit, the hype inside me has not been cleared yet :).

Today Im talking about the matchups, people have been fking up really bad in game forums, argueing about who wins who. Lets take a look at some matchups.

Original matchups

Wolverine vs Ryu
Iron man vs Morrigan
Hulk vs Chris
Dante vs Deadpool

These are as seen by the episode 1 trailer. The rest are assumptions, until of course they release an episode 2 trailer( which wud be as epic as the 1st),

Matchups by assumptions

Captain america vs Felicia
Doctor doom vs Chun li
Super skrull vs Trish
Thor vs Amaterasu

These are assumptions, and according to thier order in SDCC.

Now lets see.

1st matchup: Wolverine vs Ryu

Why are people even arguing here? Wolverine would rip ryu apart, hands down. There is really no contest here. Wolverine has healing factor/adamantium bones, etc. Ryu is just an above average human that can fire off hadoukens. Ryu has almost absolutely no chance. The only way ryu can probably do some hurt is to spam hadoukens at wolverine,since wolverine has no projectiles, but he would still get tired after abit.

Win ratio: Wolverine 90%/ Ryu 10%

2nd matchup: Iron man vs Morrigan

Now this one can be hard. Both fly, both are great in aerial combat. Tony has a fancy high tech and powerful as ass suit and Morrigan is a very sexy succubus with S rank powers I guess. Both would fair well against each other, but I think iron man is a little tad bit outmatched, since Morrigan has the upper hand here, being a succubus and all.

Win ratio: Iron man 40%/ Morrigan 60%

3rd matchup: Hulk vs Chris

Damn, a blind matchup. I really think chris is cool but please, the hulk? Gimme a break, he eat tank shells for breakfast. The most chris can fire off here are solid RPG shells, which I think wont really cut it for defeating the hulk. Chirs will obviously lose, but as long as he can keep avoiding the hulk's attacks, he can keep firing peanuts at the hulk. I think hulk will win but it will take awhile for him to actually get his hands on chris since chris is much mnore agile than he is.

Win ratio: Hulk 90%/ Chris 10%

4th matchup: Deadpool vs Dante

Oh hell yes, a dream matchup, but I think it goes to say dante has got this one in the bag. Dante outmatches Deadpool in terms of speed, power and many others. Both have almost immortal bodies but dante has the upper hand in terms of power. Dante would win this one.

Win ratio: Deadpool 30%/ Dante 70%

5th matchup: Captain america vs Felicia

I would say captain america would lose hands down since I absolutely hate him but I would say felicia is quite weak as well. But an average darkstalker is quite powerful compared to a full peaked human. Still, Cap america has that godly shield, so that about evens it out. This would be a rather fair matchup.

Win ratio: Captain america 50%/ Felicia 50%

6th matchup: Doctor doom vs Chun li

Ahahahahaha! Chunli is dead shit man. Seriously, a street fighter is only about an above average human. Doom is a faggot who takes on the whole fantastic four. His powers are too much for chun li seriously. Chun li can shoot hadoukens too( some sort) but her's arent as good as ryu's, though her specialty lies in her kicks, as long as doom keeps hitting her from afar, shes dead shit. Chunli will probably lose quite badly.

Win ratio: Doctor doom 80%/ Chun li 20%

7th matchup: Super skrull vs Trish

This one is hard to say, both are powerful. Super skrull has all the fantastic four's powers, Trish is another demonic being like dante, and has the sparda blade. Who will win.... I cant say for sure man, both are badass. I would say this here matchup is quite even and rather balanced out, for the both of them

Win ratio: Super skrull 50%/ Trish 50%

8th matchup: Thor vs Amaterasu

One god of thunder, one sun goddess. One might say that they are rather evenly matched, but amaterasu is acutally stronger if they think about it. Thor is the god of the thunder in the marvel universe, but according to resources and comments, he has lost to hulk before, who is NOT a godly being. Plus amaterasu has that...brush, that makes things poof out of nowhere by drawing them. She can just draw some prison or something to trap thor in then beat the crap out of him or something. Thor can just toss thunder at amaterasu but being a wolf like being, she would be quick enough to evade the strikes, whereas thor is big and bulky, he would be slower than amaterasu.

Win ratio: Thor 40%/ Amaterasu 60%


Wolverine 90%/ Ryu 10%
Iron man 40%/ Morrigan 60%
Hulk 90%/ Chris 10%
Deadpool 30%/ Dante 70%
Captain america 50%/ Felicia 50%
Doctor doom 80%/ Chun li 20%
Super skrull 50%/ Trish 50%
Thor 40%/ Amaterasu 60%

This is all of course, my opinion, peace.

Expect this to be a looong post, there are so many characters in marvel vs capcom 3 revealed till today, and the recent additions in comic con are here as well. Im gonna list my impressions on all of them. Hope there are better ones to come. There are so far 16 characters.

1. Wolverine

The fck? Him again? But sure I understand he's been in EVERY mvc or Xmen vs street fighter or blah blah blah... game ever made. Overall, he's boring, buy with a pair of claws that goes around slashing with insane healing factor. But still, he's like a "mascot" or a "regular" to the series now, can't help but have him here.


2. Ryu

The shit? He's worse than wolverine! Some guy who knows martial arts that can fire off hadoukens! And to top it off, he has an incredibly bland design! Fail, but like wolverine he's like a "must" in the game, cant blame capcom on this one.


3.Iron man

Oh yeah. No complaints here. Iron man is da bomb, one of my favourite marvel characters. The movie and comics impressed me, and he was great in MVC 2. Great addition, couldnt have said no to this either.


4. Morrigan

Well, she's hot., but I have seen her quite a lot in the MVC series. Well, supposedly she's the mascot of darkstalkers, but we have felicia as well! I think that they should only have one, morrigan, or felicia, give that other space to someone else. Overall she's soso.


5. Hulk

The hulk? You serious? Okay actually he's not too bad, but I didnt like him in MVC 2. Overall he's a pretty powerful guy that can withstand even tank shells but it seems in this game he can get owned by chris. Lol. Could have used his space for someone cooler, in my opinion.


6. Chris

Seriously? Chris redfield? Sweet. But still, I think the only reason why he's here is because of his blockbuster game RE5, other than that I think they should have kept jill. Or if they still insist on swapping jill with another RE character, wesker, claire or the awesome leon would have worked. Still, chris is okay.


7. Deadpool

Deadpool is da man. He's hilarious and incredibly strong as well. I mean, he's a like a guy that can surpass mutants or super heroes, and he only uses everyday human appliances like guns and swords!! Sure he gets healing factors and teleportation devices, but I still have loads of respect for him.


8. Dante

Oh my god. You serious? Along with deadpool dante is awesome. Both him and deadpool are like stars that just made into a blockbuster movies, see the episode one trailer, I ain't kidding! Dante is a pure jerk with loads of powerful moves in MVC 3, sweet, looking foward to using him, he looks awesome. Plus, Im a DMC fan. Dante FTW.


9. Captain america

Ugh, another "must" character. Captain america, honestly, I fkin hate him. Everyone says he good, godly, peak of human body...I dont really care. I hate cap america, and I seriously think they should take him out for once, just like ryu and wolverine. Yeap, he sucks to me, and he seems abit godly in this game, but I still fkin hate him.


10. Felicia

Everyone's favourite eye-candy friendly cat girl from darktsalkers. As I said, if you want morrigan, no felicia, and the same applies the other way around. Honestly I think they should take either morrigan or felicia out, and for that 1 extra space, include demitri. How cool is that?


11. Doctor doom

Haha,HAHAHA, THEY PUT IN DOOM. Well, doctor doom was insane in MVC 2, and from the looks of it, he's gonna be insane in MVC 3 as well. I hope they do keep him in balance. Still, quite happy he's in, no complaints.


12. Chun li

The fck? Chun li???? Seriously???? I mean ryu is enough, theres no other need for another streeet fighter, expect akuma, heehee. But still, chunli=not needed, I actually like ryu more than her. Bad choice capcom, bad choice. But then again, I suppose shes a "regular" to the series.


13. Super skrull

Oh yeah. I know no super skrull or who the fk he is, but this guy looks like the bomb. His playstyle is interesting and looks like he has some incredibly slick moves. This guy is gonna be sick man, looking foward to using him.


14. Trish

Ah good ol' trish. Dante's sexy companian is in this game, and well, in my opinion just dante is enough, her spot could go to someone else. But anyway, her playstyle doesnt look bad, she passes overall. Her scythe super looks really imba.


15. Thor

And here we have the 2 leaked characters. Thor is marvel's thunder god, and well, he looks pretty cool in this game. Havent seen gameplay on him but its a good choice, I think thor would fare well in MVC 3, judging from forum comments and his powers in marvel ultimate alliance. Though Im not too huge of a fan of thor.


16. Amaterasu

I didnt play okami. Lol, but I googled on our godess here, and I believe she would be awesome in this game. She has loads of powerful moves, being a godess and all, and according to screens she's awesome. I hope they let her go to human form and do something epic for her lvl 3 super.
Shes gonna be really epic.


Overall ranking

1st: Dante
2nd: Iron man
3rd: Deadpool
4th: Amaterasu
5th: Super skrull
6th: Doctor doom
7th: Trish
8th: Chris
9th: Morrigan
10th: Felicia
11th: Thor
12th: Hulk
13th: Wolverine
14th: Ryu
15th: Chun li
16th: Captain america

Thats all for now, lets hope for more amazing characters to show up eh?

Once again, today Im doing another top 5 bad ass villians post, and once again about gaming. I did this exactly a month ago. Wheee. Oh yes and once again be warned there WILL be spoilers so yeah, know what to expect.

5. Dr. weil

From: megaman zero 3

1st off the list today as number 5 is dr weil, aka dr willy succeccor. JOKE, but seriously, see the resemblence?

Dr weil, like dr willy in ALL of the original megaman games, makes robots do his bidding. In megaman zero 3, he has a league of powerful servants too, namely they are called weil's numbers, weird name to call themselves. Plus, *spoilers*, hes the last boss of the damn game.

What makes him deserve the list is so obvious, he just like dr willy, only less maniacal. He has his own legion of faggots that are made to serve him and they will do anything in thier power to stop you. He also revived a few of zero's old enemies from before to fight him , this shows his evilness. Dr weil is evil, and as the last boss he fucks shit up.

4. The dark ones
From: metro 2033

I havent played much of metro, but I saw most of the story when my bro played the game, and its easy to tell that the dark ones are one badass group.

The dark ones look like aliens from another planet, they look kinda like old school aliens from the 80's or 90's movies. Unlike most mutant enemies in metro 2033 the dark ones stand straight and walk almost like humans. You dont really get to fight them in the game, execpt the last part, but still, you can see how much evil they have done.

The dark ones dont kill people physically, in fact, you will only be seeing them occasionally in the game, in obvious areas, just sitting, as if they are waiting for you, then they just... jump off and vanish. However wherever they appear you will see a bunch of dead guys around them or in thier path, they were obviously killed by the dark ones. Them dark ones kill people by invading the mental state of mind, and kill them from the inside. Badass baby.

3. Zeus
From: god of war series

Well, how can one NOT say zeus is a badass villian? COME ON, HE IS ZEUS, MOTHER EFFIN ZEUS. Zeus is supposed to be good, hes a god! But well not in the world of god of war baby.

Well playing as kratos, a violent bastard whos always killing as the god of war, zeus punishes kratos and strips him of god-hood. Buahaha! He does this through the blade of the gods, and sucks all of krato's power when he holds it. I havent played GOW 3 but yes he is the last boss of GOW 2.

Hes obviously bad, I mean COME ON, PLAY GOW 2. And still those who play GOW 1 as well will realize, when kratos was still mortal , zeus helped kartos by giving him the ability to fire off thunder bolts, then kratos got betrayed by the very god that gave him power before. And as the god of war, zeus is practically kratos's father, the irony!! Actually it was kinda expected, but still, it was cool.

2. Hazma
From: blazblue series

Whos this guy? He looks like sherlock homes..... but damn, you wont want to mess with him. This guy is called hazama, and hes probably one of the main antagonists in the blazblue series.
Oh yeah, he's cool.
Hazama appears 1st in blazblue :calamity trigger, during noel's story mode and claimed also to appear in ragna's story mode( though I havent seen him there). He also appears in the true ending. In calamity trigger hazama is probably the main bad guy, aside from maybe nu. And I suppose he is the main antagonist in contiuum shift.
Hazama is a true bad guy. In noel's story, he acts as someone from the intelligence division and pretends to cooperate with noel. He also claims that combat is not his area of expertise and leaves all fights to noel. In the end of noel's story, spoilers here, when noel gets killed by nu, he suddenly walks up and says that he thought "she could do it". He says some negative stuff and when rachel suddenly shows he calls her a godamn vampire. And yes I am very sure he is heavily related to terumi, whom is a major badass in rachel's story. His playstyle in contiuum shift looks really fun and crafty too, suited for someone such as him.

1. Takaya
From: Persona 3( all versions)
Alright number one today is takaya, main antagonist of persona 3 and part of strega. Takaya is s superbly evil son of a bitch, and is one hell of a badass.
Takaya is friggin cool, and he's a true villian at that. I mean he doesn't wear a shirt! Anyway that aside he does many many evil things. The dark hour, tartaraus...yeah the things that you have tried to destroy and get rid since the start of the game, he wants to keep them, and he's dead set to do anything to prevent you from doing so.
The first encounter with takaya isnt so bad, he traps you in the underground army base and leaves you to fight chariot and justice. Later on, *spoilers* he kills shinjiro, and attempts to kill ken along with him. This alone is fked up, since he killed shinjiro and just walked away like nothing happened, you will already be wanting to kill him after the scene. Then later he fights you to stop you from killing the "final shadow", his battle stance and style is cool too. His persona friggin rox!!! Plus, the most evil thing he's done, *spoilers yet again*, he kills chidori, his very own strega teamate, jus cause she was in love with junpei. WTF!!!! And chidori was already trying her best to fight against someone she loved, what a bastard. Yeah takaya is such a bitchy badass villian.

Peace for now.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Gamespot score:9.0 (editor's choice)

my score: 9.0

(+)Pros:- linking portals to solve puzzles is damn creative,- creating portals to link paths is addictive,- well made to-solve puzzles,- the bad guy is so damn cool, -still pretty damn fun after 2 or 3 playthroughs.

(-)cons:- shortest full lenghted game I ever played on PC

gameplay time: less than 5 hours (very short)

Portal should be fairly old by now, and I only just played it rather recently. 2 words to describe it, fking cool. I have been a little bit abundant on PC gaming, but portal, this brilliant game, gave me a spark to give PC gaming another chance, I have been enjoying it. Anyways portal is a game NOT to be overlooked by players of ANY age alike. ANY AGE. Portal is suited for everyone, no execptions there, either you play portal, or you're not a gamer. Time to get started with a game that you have not seen like any other.

Portal has a rather straightfoward story with very little characters to go with. Still the story is easy to follow. You play as a young lady who starts off at an aperature science detention center, and is told by a mechanical voice to go through a series of tests, for experimental purposes. These tests require the use of a portal technology, where you are tested wit your wits, to make use of the portal technology and get pass the 19 tests that the machine has set for you. Test after test you get attached to the mechanical voice and wont mind listening to her voice and advice, this continues until you complete all the tests, 19 of them. I wont spoil what happens after the 19 tests but its damn cool.

Portal is a first person/ puzzle game. The game concecpt of puzzle solving is simple, there are 2 portals, orange and blue, if there are 2 co-existing portals at the same time, orange and blue, they will be linked and you can walk through them like a path. Enter blue portal= ending up coming out of orange portal. Easy right? The game starts off simple enough, you are given a portal gun that can fire off blue portals. The game then automatically sets off orange portals for you to plan your way through. To past each test you have to find a weighted storage cube and place it on a switch to open the door to the next test chamber. So the game mostly consists of you making use of the portals to get the cube and bring it to the switch/es.

Things of course get tougher as the game goes. You are later given the control of the orange portals, so you have to shoot 2 portals by yourself to complete each test. Given liberal use of the orange potal may sound much better but truth be told it makes things more difficult and requires some brain racking to clear levels. Also, hazardous items await you to past them at the later test chambers. Poisonous water, energy orbs and many others keep you from clearing later tests. Poisonous water kills you the moment you fall into it, energy orbs kill you upon impact, though you must exploit them in order to clear certain objectives. Handle with extra care while handling with them. There are also turrets and other dangerious obstacles to make the journey through portal a memoriable one.

The only flaw in portal is that its short. Not just short, its farking short, shorting full lenghted game I ever played. Yeah though I downloaded this game for free off steam, it was really too damn short. 1st playthrough with all that brain racking an thinking to solve the puzzles will probably only take you 3 hours or more, no more than 5 hours. Thats how short it is. Though you wont mind playing it more times, the concurrent playthroughs should only take you an hour or so. Yeap, portal, as short as it sounds.

Portal,overall, is one hell of a blast. It has got a short plot but has a good twist, the gameplay is superb, the concept is creative, and its a hell lot of fun. I highly reccommend portal to every PC gamer in the world, you wont regret it. It well packed fun for everyone.

Happy gaming!
~The cake is a lie~

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wolfteam-ghost wolf

Continuation of today's double post. Our topic here right now is the ghost wolf, one of the 1st of the 3 special wolves introduced into the game since closed beta. Ghost wolf is one of the best wolves in the game, extremely fast and verastile....If you are looking for an "assasin" in the game this is probably the wolf for you.



- Erm, duh, its godamn invisible. Its one of THE hardest wolves ever made to deal with. You never know where he may be, and before you know it, you're dead. Thats probably the summary of what the ghost wolf can do.

- Its super fast, the fastest wolf in the game in terms of movement speed. Classic wolf conqeust or EX conquest paien lab matches, the ghosts usually speed past all the others and make straight for the enemy tunnel to backstab them. The humans cant even see them entering the tunnel. Thats how much of a speed advantage this faggot has.

- It clings on walls. Yeah like the smart wolf and ghost-2, but clinging was probably best used for the original ghost wolf. Clinging on a wall and being invisible is.....very gey. An opponent basically will have lots of trouble detecting a clinging ghost wolf.

- When staying at a captured base, enemies cant capture it. They will be like, "hey lets take this base", then when they go there and cant capture it cause of your presence they'll go, "whoa shit theres a ghost around here.....guaaa!",thats where you kill them. Its really cool that when people know you are around when they cant take a base, they freak out like babies.

- Probably the only wolf that can kill an entire human team through backstab, since you are so fking fast.


- Meh, low HP.

- Nades fk you up really bad since they reveal your hiding spot.

With a ghost wolf, you are godly shit. Ghost is probably one of the most badass shits out there, in the wolfteam world. It has a cool design, far nicer than ghost-2. Its abilities are the ones that make humans piss thier pants as much as the gurdian.

Ghost wolves arent meant for head on fights, you'll die in seconds, seriously. No dumbass would charge in guns blazing with a ghost wolf. With a ghost wolf, one must always think sneaky. Hide at spots where the enemy wont expect, when they walk past, kill them off. Its simple, just like an assasin your job is to not be noticed and kill them. In any map you can probably jus appear and kill off all of the humans in one fell swoop by backstabbing the whole damn team. Also, camp at already captured bases to freak your enemy out, then kill them, its a really cool thing.

Ghosts dont have many cons, the only ones being that it has low HP( like many ex wolves), and that it has a HUGE weakness to grenades. Low HP means one hit KO to shotguns and launchers, so avoid those, but these shoudlnt actually matter, since you will be invisible most of the time. The low HP thing only matters in wolf war and EX conq since 2 claws means you are dead. The grenade thing is the biggest factor, when grenades are thrown at your hiding spot, you are immidiately revealed, then you are fcked. Everyone willl attack you and chase you like hungry ghosts until you are dead, since they know that after that grenade you are most probably near death, due to your low HP. This applies to ALL grenades, even ice grenades by the ice wolf. Make the right choice, when you see a grenade being tossed at your direction, flee, and return to fight another day.

Bottom line, ghost wolves rock.


Here are ratings to far.

Power wolf: N/A
Gurdian wolf:N/A
Ghost wolf:4/5
Smart wolf:2.5/5
Berserker wolf:N/A
Ghost wolf 2:N/A
Ice wolf:3.5/5
Pyscho wolf:2/5


PS, whats with the new female characters....?

Ok here we are, sorry for the delay, have lots and lots of time constraints currently, and my new poly friends keep draggng me out to do stuff, and there was no way I could say no. Ah well, to make up for lost time, today I will be doing a double post, both on wolfteam. Todays theme is old style conquest.
Here are some tips from an old player(me).
- Conquest, has many pros. Well thats back in the day but Im sure there are now too. if you're noob and dont feel to confident in your skills, especially in guns, dont go into a conquest room.
- There are no good conquest maps for either team, both teams are quite equal no matter what map they land up in, since the balance in a conquest game relies on the both teams' overall skill.
- Being wolf mode helps always, but in conquest mode, go human more often, since everyone will be shooting each other like shit, and if you're a wolf, you will definetely die before reaching your attackers.
- There will be a lot of roaming humans, especially in the priority base, C. Lobbing grenades at these areas do help get kills.
- When you see your team's base being taken via the flashing of the base on top of your screen, dont go in barging to take it back. Wait for them to capture it, and when they walk away, you can do your thing, be it wolf style backstab or shooting them to death.
- In most maps, cover for your snipers, it helps. And if you're playing a sniper, seek for some covering from teammates.
- Launchers work well, since most people will be in human most of the time. Making them fly with your rockets will show them whose boss. Then again be prepared to be called a noob.
- Picking your pistol will do well to help you in these matches, a criss or DE works well.
- Classic mode is a killer if your gun skills suck, then again they are loads of fun. Come to these matches to test your gunning skills.
- Lols never use knife in classic mode exepct for travelling, you will definetely be an easy prey. Then again if you're going for a sneaky backstab be my guest.
- Bring guns that make quick work of humans, this of course goes without saying. EF , XEM and the AWP sniper are great choices.
- DONT STORM THE FRONT. Since your team will porbably be sticking together for abit, be the back man, its much more safe and those enemies wont aim for you 1st. This applies especially for classic.
- Red nades are the bomb, abuse them for insanely hilarious results. Red nade+ normal nade combo works well so dont afraid to use them.
- Station is an extremely fun and challenging map to play for both sides, this map is highly recommended for average to pro players.
- Rose is hell if you dont know what you are doing, avoid this map unless you are very familiar with its surrounding.
- Communication is key in a good map. Listen to radio messages and give out good ones, dont go spamming meaningless ones like a fool.
- You are extremely open to enemy strikes when capturing a base. Every time you take a base, its highly recommended you have at least 1 team mate with you, to watch your backs and cover you. If you are alone, look around yourself more often, especially behind you.
- Lastly, remember this very very important fact when playing a conquest game. In conquest, your kills or deaths shouldnt matter to you, even if you have superb kill/death and lose the match, theres no point. Care less for your score, what matters is that you win. Even if you end up dieing at the last 3 seconds of the game but managed to take a base that secures a win for your team, that death is more than worth it. Remember, kill/deaths dont matter in a conquest game.
Heres more.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pokemon ranger

Gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:8.0

(+)pros:- fast paced fun when capturing pokemon,- lenghty story with a rather good plot, - good challenge during boss fights,- drawing circles around pokemon for capturing is damn innovative, -poke assist during battle is creative too,-poke field assists add variety to field exploration.

(-)cons:- my touch screen fked up cause of this game(most probably yours too),- poke field assits dont do enough to spice up the boring field exploration.

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Sorry for the delay, been real busy these few days. Dammit. Okay, heres pokemon ranger. The very 1st one. Yeah I know its old and all but I did this cause I just remembered that gurdian sign was coming out later this year. Yeah Im a huge pokemon ranger fan, I think its far more fun compared to the original pokemon games. In this game its less RPG and turn by turn, and more fast reactions and intuition.

Plot is pretty okay, altough its far better than the basic old formula of defeating all gym leaders and the elite four. You are a new pokemon ranger, new to the job, and are accepted to a ranger base. You do what is needed to help the pokemon environment, and eventually get to meet the bad guys, those rock and roll band guys (dont remember their name). There things start getting nicer. Also, your pokemon ranger bae mates are rather likable, and you have a rival, just like other pokemon games. But you cant fight your rival, since theres actually no way to pokemon battle in this game.

Though it IS a pokemon game, this plays VERY differently from the original pokemon games and the escape dungeon series. You walk around forests and natural environments and there are NO random encounters, though wild pokemon are everywhere, they wont attack you, except for the aggressive ones. The game mainly consists of you manuerving through various dungeons, until you get to the exit. But of course in the process of doing that isnt so easy. Obstacles like rocks, trees or objects on fire constantly block your path. To get those out of the way, you have to get yourself partner pokemon to clear the way with thier elemental abilities. This is easy, an object on fire requires a water pokemon to clear it, a rock requires a pokemon who can crush things easily, lets say a rhydon. Each obstacle has a pokemon that has the corresponding counter. This though is repititive, since all you do is the same thing. Meet a obstacle, catch a pokemon, clear it, rinse and repeat. Plus, the areas are bland and arent too fun to explore.

Now to the fun part, capturing the pokemon. This is what makes the game fun. During these "battles", you have to use your stylus, and draw a quick circle around the target pokemon. Doing so will reduce its HP by 1. Do it until the pokemon's HP drops to 0 to successfully capture it. Its that simple. But when your line collides into the pokemon, it will break and the circling will cease, plus the pokemon's HP will reset to its original value. So be careful with that stylus. The game starts out easy early on, with pokemon not having a lot of HP. However later pokemons have a LOT of HP, like over 20. That means you have to circle around it like a mad fool, and be careful not to touch it. Plus, later on most pokemon have attacks, projectiles or body tackles, either one they hurt. If these attacks connect to your circle, it breaks too, and this way you will lose HP. When your HP reaches 0, yeap game over. This will give you tons of frustration, you will probably scratch your touch screen, like I did with mine. The bosses are challenging, with over 20-30 HP and having painful attacks. Of course poke assits during battle help too, each element having thier own assist style.

With the core gameplay basics in mind, its easyo to say that this is one game to easily understand and play. Plus its damn creative. Also the story is lenghty enough to keep you playing for over 30 hours, less if you rush through certain parts, like skipping side quests and avoiding enemy encounters on purpose. But the evolving plot and discovering of new pokemon to challenge and tackle will stay with you and keep you playing.
Pokemon ranger is a new take to the pokemon franchise, but its a good one. Its innovative and fast pace gameplay may not appeal to those hardcore fans to the original series, but its definetely worth a try. A great game overall.

Happy gaming.

Opening songs-OP 1: perfect-area complete

genres: romance,comedy,slice of life


Yoyo. Another anime review coming up today. On a side note, started P3P, its fucking awesome, plus FMA:brotherhood jus ended, bummer. Anyway, to replace it I've got high school of the dead, fucking awesome show as well. Enough side stuff, heres baka to test to shoukanjuu. Quite a long name so I'll be shortening it to baka test for the entire post. 3 words to describe this show. Full of win.

Nice opening song. Funny lyrics, catchy song overall. Opening animations are kinda stupid and funny, so well, overall it fits the atmosphere that this show gives off.


You can't go wrong with this show, I swear. Its fking funny as hell and after the 1st episode you will already absolutely love it. Plus, its perfect for almost everyone. Plotwise this show makes the atmosphere and background very creative. It talks about a run of the mill normal school, using the latest function called summon battle, where students can summon a being that represents themselves to battle others. The summon being's strenght is based off the summoner's academic scores.

Yoshi akisa, our protoganist, is a dumb ass. A perfect dumbass with absolutely lousy ass scores. He gets into the lousitest class, F class. And unluckily for him, the school's system puts him in shitty situation. In the school, the better the class, the better the facilities, with A class having cafeterias and labtops, and F class, which is the weakest, having half broken wooden tables and floormats . Its a screwed up system, this was all because his results in his entrance exams sucked. So in his class he meets a few of his equally "stupid" friends, all with lousy results. And in his class theres a girl he likes, whom is extremely smart. This girl is himeji mizuki, and how did she end up in F class when her results will most likely get her to A? Well she is a sickly girl and fainted during the entrance exam, which resulted in a 0. So knowing she cant stay and cope with the pathetic facilities from F class, akisa and his friends decide to get her to a better class, by summon battling other classes, for winners of summon battles get to swap facilities with the losers. And so the epic story of an incredibly funny show begins.

This show is f***king amazing. Its cast of characters never fail to entertain, and they dont spend a lot of time introducing other characters, all the episodes are based off the same old funny characters. All episodes never fail to amuse, baka test is probably one of the best comedy animes out there, no contest.