Monday, 1 March 2010

March, the month of awesomeness

Behold!! March has finally arived, time for informed gamers to blow some cash. March is indeed, the month of awesomeness, packed with piles of awesome shit, its impossible for players not to find nothing of interest in this month.

First, lets talk about the DS. For me, DS has the least of the anticipated games this month. For DS, expect Shin megamin tensei:strange jourmey to hit stores on the 23rd of march. Shin megami tensei:devil survivor last year was an awesome release, awesome enough to take the position of my 2nd favourite game. According to screenshots and articles, gamplay for strange journey is slightly the same from devil survivor, which means this is a definite must try for me.

Now for the PSP. 1st up is blazblue portable, my most anticipated PSP game currently. Blazblue on the consoles was released last year, and it was a huge hit. I cant wait to grab this, it looks damn promising. This is actually one of the best 2D fighters I have ever seen! Blazblue portable is hitting shelves on 9th march.

Next up for PSP is lunar:silver star harmony. This is obviously a JRPG, and I am, obviously, a JRPG kind of guy. Many JRPGs now adays get slaughtered in reviews and im not liking it.... good thing though, this one got 8.0 in gamespot, that means it must really be good. This hits shelves tommorow! Getting it duh, but not that soon though.

Last great game for PSP mimana Iyar chronicles. Another JRPG, good for me! This one looks more fun than lunar:silver star harmony from screenshots. Another one that looks really promising, just hope reviews dont get it butchered. This one hits stalls abit late, on the 30th of march.

Time for the boss console, PS3! These games are gonna create a hole in my wallet..... Anyway! 1st game is resonance of fate, actually its called end of eternity, but the US publishers changed it to resonance of fate, wth. But who cares! Another JRPG! But this one looks abit different from the rest somehow. Once again, who cares! Swords, guns, fists, its all the same since they are all JRPGs. This game is hitting shelves on 16th of march, same day of god of war 3...which is coming up next.

And ta-dah! God of war 3 baby. The next 2 game Im talking about are godamn blockbusters, if you have never heard of them, kindly leave now, you are damn outdated as shit. After being captivated by the beauty of gameplay in god of war collection on my PS3, I have seen god of war with a different eye. God of war is a series worth commenting on alot, since its a pure uncensored game of godman goodness! Getting this for sure, just not sure when. This game hits stores on 16th of march, same as resonanse of fate.

Lastly, we have final fantasy 13. My most anticipated game of the year. If you dont know this, get lost, just kidding,no Im not, if you dont know this you should get lost. Final fantasy 13 is the latest of the final fantasy series, which is by no doubt loved around the enitre world. This installment looks sick!!!! A must get for me, buying it on the day it releases. This game is out on the 9th of march.
Well thats all for now. Pretty good to start off the month, with so many cool games, how can one say no to march?