Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fallout 3

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-SHITLOAD of quests available to do,-gameplay seems unending,- loads of free roaming,-many variety of enemies,- loads of perks and statistics to add and experiement on,-vats mode kills look cool,- crap load of weapons to use and collect,- pits players on a rather challenging level

(-)cons:-wastelands feels empty as spawn of mobs are scarce and rare,- manual and vats aiming with a gun is fairly unaccurate at times

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Lets kick off this great month with one of the world's most popular games. Fallout 3 is a game bought by my brother, NOT me. I couldnt care less about WRPGs, they are just no my cup of tea...thus this game didnt last very long for me. But my brother has been playing this game like a dick,day and night.Well each time he plays I watch,sometimes. And all I can say is though this game isnt my type, I cant seem to find faults with it. Its a good game and thats all I can say. Well seeing my brother play till the game's completion and till he explored the entire map, I can have a clear opinion for this game.

Fallout 3 has a pretty normal to mediocre-ish story. Its like this, the world is a wasteland, you a born in a vault, an underground living place for people. One day your father leaves the vault and you do the same to go after him and trace his footsteps. Along the way you run into people your father have met, and you have to do something for them before they will tell you where your father went. Its pretty repititive. You go to point A where your father has gone, ask the person at A where your father is, instead of telling you where your father is, you gotta run an errand for him before he tells you. He tells you to go to point B, so you head to B and ask the guy there where your father is, he asks you to run an errand for him too, before he tells you that your father is at C. The process continues, fun right? No.

Well fallout 3 is a shooter(duh). And I must comment the combat is pretty okay, but you have LOADS of weapons to use, making battle a new experience most of the time. Weapons range from modern day to futuristic. The chinese assault rifle, 10 mm pistol and even baseball bats.... there are really lots of weapons for you. Rippers, laser pistols/rifles....even nuclear missle launchers. This game really has a way for thier weapons. Combat,besides all your weapons, is affected by your perks and stats one way or another. Different perks which increase your melee damage or explosive damage and such help you alot in battle at times. Also, by adding points to strenght, your melee attacks are obviously more painful. Theres loads of experimenting and trying of weapons here so combat is always welcome.

Now to talk about other aspects of the games. Okay, I have to admit, even for a free roaming WRPG, this game is HUGE. There is a big bucket load of quests for you to do. Just the main quests to complete the game alone seem so tiny and little compared to the total quest amount this game has. Whats more, many of these quests have continuations to them, which means.....near never ending quests. This can get repetitive, but luckily, many of these quests lead to new areas and places on the enourmous map known as the capital wasteland. The capital wasteland is the only place in the game you will be exploring, but dont worry, its HUGE, huge beyond words, you get alot of areas to explore. This makes running around the wasteland like an ant scavenging the sahara desert for food rewarding.

Like above I mentioned how combat is new and can be experimented from time to time. I have to state one thing thats makes experimenting seem hard and sometimes near impossible. While wandering the capital wasteland, there will be mutated animals, insects, human raiders,mutants.....seems like alot to fight, but spawn of these monsters are so godamn little. When wandering aimlessly around the wasteland, finding foes to fight is always difficult. Enemies are so hardly found, and sometimes when you find some, they can be horribly weak that you will be swearing that this is a waste of time. Or they can be horribly strong, walking out of a train station to get one hit KOed immediately by raiders who have in possesion some rocket launchers, or by having 3 deathclaws come out of nowhere and claw/bite the shit out of you in less than 10 seconds....these can get annoying. Whats more is that when attacking them with your ranged weapon, the cursor is unaccurate. Manual shots get some bullets randomly flying off. Vats mode always gets many shots miss, altough they state the % hit chance is above 80 %.

Fallout 3, as I said, is not my cup of tea. But I cant just randomly throw faults in, this is a solidly good game. Dont know why gamespot reduced its score by 0.5 for "graphical issues", screw them.

Happy gaming.