Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bleach:blade battlers 2nd

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:-rich and bright gameplay with loads of playable characters,-battle is fun and chaotic with the accesability to fight with up to 4 players on the map,-loads of interesting maps to play at,-story mode adds humour and comedic refrences,- fun with friends and family

(-)cons:-battle can be at times too chaotic,- missions from story mode can be annoying for those who cant understand jap too much

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Time for my 1st bleach game review! Today Im doing bleach:blade battlers 2nd. Quite a fun game this is, no matter how boring the bleach anime became quite some time ago. As most of the bleach games this one is a brawler too. The bleach game franchise has taken up to PSP and DS too. I will do bleach:blade of fate on DS some time later this year and the bleach heat the soul and soul carnival...it depends. Yep I haven played blade battlers 1 and I dont care. Well without delaying this any longer with my endless crap here goes.

Story-wise Im not too sure since Im not particularly good at japanese. But from what I can see from some of the dialouge it follows up to the arc from the anime where ichigo,chad and Ishida go to hueco-mondo to get inoue back from aizen. There is some of the story before that too of course, and some filler ones. The filler episodes in the game are funny, that is if you can understand at least some of the dialouge. Bleach:blade battlers 2nd is all about gameplay and brawling anyway, so if you cant understand the story, dont try to fret yourself over it, I could only understand 50% of the game anyway. But this can affect missions since you wont understand what you need to do, just do what I did for some of the stuff I couldnt understand, trial and error, its still fun this way.

Being a brawler blade battlers 2 has a lot of good elements. 1st of all its not a 1v1 brawler in a 2D side plain. Its rather an arena where all players in it start duking it out on each other. It may sound normal and boring, but good things make it fun. As such, the skills and powers of each characters can be great at times with beams covering half the screen, or slashes covering inhuman amounts each time they swing their blade. These things never lose their touch and are always a pleasure to see if they connect. Battle is simple, you beat it out on each other until they die, then, depending on your battle settings, the dead player can revive a number of times( or he/she cant revive at all if you set the revive to 0). You get a normal skill, powerful skill, and your ultimate. A normal skill requires a bar of reiatsu to use, a powerful skill uses all 3. And ultimate requires the flame symbol beside a character to be full. How do you fill the fire or reiatsu bars? Just keep wacking.

Here is story mode. Its simple, you move one step at a time. If you move it to a character, you get a scene and a probably a battle afterwards. Then after the events you unlock that character. You get many symbols too, mostly dragging you into battle with either other players or hollows. Its horribly simple. Though at the later missions many will require certain conditions to attain victory, this can be rather annoying if you dont know jap, as I mentioned before. However, one can always do trail and error, this increaes your experience in future missions anyway.

All this brawling sounds like its all fight all the way. Actually it is. But unlocking characters in story mode is quite rewarding, since this game is multiplayer, you can bring in your friends or family and play along! This gives unlocking characters something good for. You can also customize your peeps, there is a shop where you can buy many stuff for your own delight. These are usually in-game CG arts but they are pretty nice so keeping them for your own collective purposes are also a good idea. The shop has many other things to offer as well, altough you probably wont know what it is that old urahara is selling, buying all things on the menu usually wields you many goodies.
Bleach:blade battlers 2nd is a lot of fun, for awhile anyway. This is a great game, and since bleach is aired in the US too, I dont know why they didnt get this localized, its a bit disturbing. Anyway, this is a great game for those brawler lovers, even if you dun get jap games, this one is a good one so try not to miss it out.

Happy gaming.