Opening songs-OP 1:Joint,OP 2:Blaze

genre:supernatural,romance,action,slice of life

episodes: 24

I got song siggies today :D. Anyway today Im doing the plot review for shakugan no shana 2. Honestly, I have got nothing to say, it maintains the standards of the 1st show execptionally well. Plot is obviously different, but the style, characters, and the episodes have the exact same feel as from the first show. Not too sad to leave this behind, since Im watching shakugan no shana S OVA now, and that season 3 is hitting japan soon.

Song:Joint(Opening 1)
Artist: mami kawada

Song:Blaze(Opening 2)

Well the 2 opening songs are like the 1st show, both are from the same artists and both are awesoooommeeee. For today, I have included siggies for the songs, for fun. Anyway the 1st opening is joint by mami kawada. 1 thing about it, its friggin awesome, one of my favourite songs from her, supreme song. 2nd opening is blaze by kotoko, one of her great songs. This isnt her best though, but its one of her better ones. Overall joint> blaze enough said.


Shakugan no shana 2 has a good plot like the previous show. The show includes many of the varieties of genres as stated above. The plot focus is however different from the 1st show, where they want to defend yuji's reiji maigo from the bad guys bal masque. In this show they figure out more about the reiji maigo other than try to defend it.

This show is great like the 1st show, with welcome additions to the plot. The love triangle continues, but however I think the victor of the 2 girls will be decided in the 3rd season. There is also the sudden change in attitudes for so many characters, and the ending of friendships and stuff like that. Its all epic and good, makes you wanna be a part of the plot itself :D. Among that comes many parts in the story where they explain and elaborate some of the unanswered stuff from the 1st show. There are also appearances of old allies( khamsin woo), and of course appearance of old enemies as well. Oh yeah and the new enemies look badass too(pheles and sabrac FTW).

Nothing else to say here, the plot base background is different, but the story being told is the same way it is told from the 1st show, so those who watched season 1 will have a sense of nostalgia. But no doubt, those who liked season 1 will like season 2, nuff said.