Friday, 26 March 2010

Rohan:blood feud

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)pros:-characters look good,-,many playable races and jobs,- quite a big world to explore compared to many games,-every job has 2nd advancement splits,-many bosses.

(-)cons:-unavoidable and unforgiving grind,-many monster repeats,- PK only above level 30.

gameplay time:200 hours+(near infinite gameplay)

Rohan! A game which I didnt play too long ago. It was a pretty good game, but didnt last long for me, due to quite a few reasons. I didnt think I overplayed 200 hours, but Im pretty sure I got at least 100 hours into the game. The only reason why I put 200 hours+, is cause an online game can be played for an indefinete amount of time if it really interests the player. Lets no be biased hmm? This is self-opinion, I really think this game does not compare to cabal or dekaron. Why? Well I will get to it later on but for now lets just say rohan plays almost similarly to MMOs such as cabal and dekaron, but falls short in terms of presentation,concept and gameplay.

Being an online game, I could care less about story. But rohan has 7 races, 6 back when I was playing it. We get humans, elves,half-elves,dark elfs,dhans,dekans and the newly added giants. Humans are mostly the knight class types, elves are healers, half-elves are archers,dark elves are mages,dhans are assasins and dekans are the dragon fighters. And giants are warrior, courtest of wiki for this info. And whats more each job can split further. Example, knight can split into either the defender and gurdian, while the archer can split into either scout or ranger. If im not wrong though advancement of jobs come at level 50.

Rohan plays like many good MMOs. It has its own trade system,PVP/PK system, battle system...heck each jobs even have their own detailed skill tree. This is good, giving rohan all these features will make it compare equally to some of the better MMOs out there. On the game field rohan fairs pretty well. The graphics are pretty much above average, with mostly the in-game characters as the main point which makes the graphics shine. The characters each can be cutomized into the player's prefrence, altough this is rather common, Im all the time seeing well-made characters. Thier faces and hair are all modern based which though seems odd, is unexpectedly fitting. Thier armor detail and design is good too.

Battle is like another other MMO. You click on your target and your character goes wailing away like a freak until the target dies or you command him/her to stop otherwise. Of course your skills come in here too, making battle easier. Battle in rohan however tends to lean towards the difficult side since enemies are mostly very aggresive and tend to hit fairly hard. They do gang pretty bad but I guess its not as bad as dekaron. Speaking of which each character starts at thier own race-exclusive town so they get to pick on thier own different monsters which appear outside thier town. With so many races along with other towns there is quite a world to explore in rohan.

Rohan,though can be fun, is drastically pulled down I guess. Like many games rohan has an unavoidable and unforgiving grinding. Unlike easier games such cabal, rohan has quite tedious grind. I had to party with my brother and fight fight fight like a dick, I still wouldnt level up after hours of tedious slashing. Perhaps I am training wrongly but attacking a monster my level shouldnt take that long to level up. Whats more one can get turned off pretty easily, when exploring a certain area one can find a few monsters in which they either have seen before, or see many of the same monsters, but holding different stuff. Okay this is common, but you will definetely find one or 2 monsters in which have seen in an earlier stage of the game. Repeats are abit too common in this game, and I think its killing it. Also, PK can only be done above level 30, which sucks since even getting to 30 is quite a chore.....

Rohan:blood feud is an average MMORPG. I dont see it as an "extremely fun" experience, but at least it beats stuff like asda story and fiesta. This can be a good game if you got an immense amount of patience. For those who think they can take a gconsiderable amount of grind, give this game a try.

Happy gaming.