Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Demon's souls boss profiles

Yo. Its been awhile since I bought demon's souls, roughly more than a week or so. And you know what, this game is great. More than 15 hours in and loving it. Killed a lot of bosses, and died many times too, this game is really one of a kind. Definetely a 9 or more for me. To show my love for this game, Im gonna start a new project, to commemorate the bosses of demon's souls! Im gonna be talking about seperate bosses about the game, in the order which I defeated them, but, no vanguard included. Sorry I didnt kill that guy in the tutorial, he isnt suppsed to be beat. He 1 hit KOed me without a problem.
Alright, so Ima start this thing when I like, so peace for now.