Opening songs-OP 1:only my railgun,OP 2:level 5 ~judgelight~

genre:slice of life,action,sci-fi,comedy


Yay! This show has concluded, you know why I am happy? Cause since this is over, the next railgun season will feature the sister's arc, which is awesome! I already knew from the start this was mostly gonna be a filler season, but still it was pretty enjoyable, I made sure I watched it on time everyday to watch this. This is after all the spin-off to to aru majustsu no index, my favourite anime. This is however, very much different from to aru majutsu no index, and is probably targeted towards a different crowd is guess. But nonetheless, this is pretty good.

Song:only my railgun(Opening 1)

Song:level 5 ~judgelight~(Opening 2)

Like its previous spin-off majutsu no index, to aru kagaku no railgun has 2 great opening songs! First song is only my railgun by fripside, its a great great song that made my favourite song as off last october to december. Thats how great it is. 2nd opening is level 5 ~judgelight~,also by fripside. It is once again a great song, they could have made it last for more than 9 episodes though. Overall I really did much prefer only my railgun, but level 5 ~judgelight~ is also an awesome song.


To aru kagaku no railgun isnt the same to aru majutsu no index was. Though its is a good show overall one must really say that this was a step-down from the to aru majutsu no index series. It is mostly targeted to be less of an action show and to be made more of know, slice of life kind of thing? Though I didnt enjoy it as much as index during the end of 2008 to early 2009 , I still tuned in every saturday to watch this, so yeah I cant say I hate it.

Railgun targets to a more passive show, rather than the monster show index which had plenty of interesting fights in most episodes. Railgun,mostly out of the 24 episodes, had only less than 7 or 8 exciting episodes. The level upper arc and the poltergeist arc were great excitement, but the rest were mostly episodes of our 4 heroines hanging out. Needless to say this may disappoint fans but it is good to see these episodes for humour and you know, just to see what the characters are up to. Not to mention the protoganist from index makes a few appearances as well. Touma appears in episodes to kick some ass or just ne there for moral support, or well maybe sometimes he just happens to drift by. Nevertheless altough he doesnt appear much his appearances are most welcome.

A good show, though not as great as to aru majutsu no index, this was indeed enjoyable to watch. I seriously cannot wait for the 2nd season of this show, if there will be, since the sister arc is mostly badass and leads to an enourmous chain of disastorous events. Cant wait.