Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Final turn!!(Code geass R2 review)

Opening songs-OP 1:O2,OP 2:World end

genre:action,sci-fi,piloted robots


Okay, this is probably one of the only shows I have watched that is able to fight for my top 3 anime positions. In fact, considering the awesome fuck this is, I may even expect it to be my favourite anime. But...decided to give it 2nd position. This show is one word. THE BOOOOMB. Oh wait thats 2. WHO CARES. THIS SHOW OWNS. One of the best anime sequels out there since sequels usually dont fair as good as the 1st show( etc. darker than black 2,hayate no gotoku 2). With an awesome but unsatisfying ending, this show will make fans PLEAD for more! I am one of them. BETTER BE AN R3 YOU FISH HEADS.

Song:O2(Opening 1)
Artist:Orange range

Song:World end(Opening 2)
Artist: Flow

This show's 2 opening songs are phenominal!! O2 is my favourite song from orange range, and world end is my favourite song from flow. Both are awesome. O2 is the 1st opening, and it is highly addictive. Unique song style is really amazing here, I find myself singing to it everytime I listen to it, be it the TV size when watching the show, or on shuffle during random music play. The 2nd opening is world end, which is also great. Overall I prefer O2, but as I said, both are great nonetheless.


I may be giving too much, but no. This show maintains the standards of the 1st show during the 1st half of it. But after around episode 15, this show becomes amazing. Betrayal, backstabbing, countering, repaying the favour.... its all so exciting! Many times I limit myself to 3-4 episodes a day, but the show is so exciting and has so many cliffhangers that I find myself rushing more than 6 episodes a day at times. This show continue's lelouch saga from the 1st season, with the fact that many more know that he is zero now.

Knowing that lelouch is zero, many people start thinking differently of him. And towards the end, when most of the enitre black knights crew know it.....the show gets really really REALLY epic. Betrayal is like the main theme here. Though at the 1st few episodes where it seems like lelouch has grown abit softer, towards the end he picks up his vicous mask and starts acting like a total badass. The large scale battles have gotten a lot more intense and enthralling to watch its almost impossible to wait for the next episode! Pitting himself against the britannians AND the black knights, lelouch is really one hell of a FUCKING BADASS. Oh wait, I already said that. Also, to avoid some MAJOR spoilers, this show has an insanely good ending. Thats all, Im not saying anything.

Superb show. Anyone should watch this. I thought robots and strategy shows like gundam wouldnt be my style. Code geass 1st season made my change that perspective and made me like those kind of shows. Code geass R2 made me LOVE this kind of shows. And again, I shall stress this like a persistant fanboy like many around the world. THERE BETTER BE A R3, OR IM GONNA *#*$&%%%@!!!