Saturday, 13 March 2010

Djmax portable-clazzaiquai edition RE

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.8

(+)Pros:- incredible presentation,- new MVs are well made in new graphics(old MVs are significantly improved too),- fun and addictive,- great stepping stone for beginngers to the series,- more vocal based music,-sound effects are crispy clear.

(-)cons:-club tour is too easy and boring for veterans,- lesser music than many of the series's games.

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Okay! Time to review(again) djmax portable clazziquai edition. Many comments from my friends towards this game. Actually, theres only one comment that I remember hearing the most. "Too easy". Yeap, this is the easiest Djmax in my book. Must as well name this "Djmax guide for beginners". This is an easy game, but by no means should this be neglected by veterans as well. The new songs and improvements to the game are most welcome. This may be the easiest Djmax, but it definetely is the most good looking one, allow me to follow on.

Like Djmax portable 2, it has no story. But, it does have a new mode, which one can call it " story mode". Why? Since you have to play it to unlock songs, its compulsory for many players. And you have to go from town to town and club to club to play songs until you ultimately reach your goal at the final club. So, does this qualify as story mode? Who knows, some players just jump immediately into freestyle, now those are hardcore.

Okay! Time to do the rest. Djmax clazzi( my short form for this) is as I said, the easiet Djmax on the PSP. It is mostly targeted towards beginners, since it even includes a tutorial stage (which if you ask me, is uber lame). But pay this no heed. Djmax clazzi is by no doubt, the best looking Djmax game EVER(excluding technika, it never came to singapore). The presentation is jaw-dropping. When you first jump into the game, the start menu is already enough to impress you. Comparing this to djmax portable is a HUGE improvement. The backgrounds for every selection menu are colourful, bright, shiny and so fittting to the entire game base. This is the star piece of the game, its presentation.

Djmax clazi has no shortage of modes. In gameplay you have the basic 4 buttons, 5 buttons and 6 buttons. Strangely 8 buttons is missing. But really, is this strange? No. As I said this game is obviously targeting the beginners, they wouldnt put the insane 8 buttons mode here. Instead there are 2 new gameplay modes. 2 buttons and 4 buttons FX. 2 buttons is WTF. Even a baby can play this, I see no need to put this in. The game is made for beginners! Not babies! 4 buttons FX is an alternate 6 buttons mode, having 4 buttons plus the 8 button's L and R button. Pretty cool if you ask me, its quite fun to play. And besides arcade and freestyle, we have club tour, the "story mode". I already explained how it is going to be above, you travelling from place to place. In these clubs you will be playing songs. Some require to play them 1 by 1, some in 3s or 4s, some will pit you in missions, wanting you to meet requirements, like in extreme challenge of Djmax portable 2.

The missions in club tour are laughbly easy at the start. They are so easy that it isnt even funny anymore. Wth were the creators thinking? Anyway it gets challenging of course, with the last few challenges being of decent difficulty. Gameplay of course is the same, but with improvements. During play, you will notice something with the gear. The fever bar is to the side! I pretty much loved this, it won't distract players as the bar fills up like in portable 2. It looks pretty nice now too. But players can revert it back to the old way like it was in port 2 from the options if they want. Also, gears and characters no longer have effects. They are just there for decoration I guess, for the player's prefrence. Effects like "auto +2" or "HP 110%" are gradually unlocked as you play. Also, the MV qualities really jumped! The MVs are much better quality and are obviously in higher resolution. The old MVs are now clearly and in higher quality too. They even changed some MVs of old songs.
Overall this is obviously a huge step up for the djmax portable series. But though, too easy. Recommended to all who want a music game, wheter you are new to the genre or not. Expect black square review some time later.

Happy gaming!