Its jail time.

The moment you enter the jail cell,leave the room and try to leave to hear a scream.Head south to the recreation room and face..

deck name:stampeding bulls!
deck power:940
The difficulty should only be 2.5,but your using someone else's deck,which is not a really good one.Just play smart with what you have,use stall monsters such as dandelyon to tribute out your powerful cards like blue eyes.

Alrihgt after you win you will meet my hatest character in the game,chief.After the scene with him,go talk to yusei.Then,talk to everyone around the prison to gather cards.When you get enough cards.SAVE.I cant emphasise enough,save the godamn game.

Now go out and face chief.

deck name: Go takasu C!
deck power:950
Actually chief should be a 2 difficulty,cuz now your deck sux even more,difficulty goes up alot.Your cards now are based more on monsters that will help you when 1st summoned,then screw you up later on.Just use traps wisely and pray he does not use his godamn deck destuction tactics.

Once you win,a few scenes and your out.Just move south and enter the 1st entrance you see west.Talk to the bar keeper and solve 3 out of 5 puzzles.Check for solutions on google,cuz i cant solve em myself.Lol.

Leave and blister will pick you up.After the scene ,take the machiner's sniper in his room.Leave south,north and south again to leave the bulding.Then keep going east until you see a kid named nico I to him and duel him with strucure decks.Use zombie madness for easy winnings.

Now go back and talk to blister.Hear the plan and save your game.Leave the building,go east and north.Examine the card scanner and youre in.Now move east,avoid the security guards,its quite easy,now move up the door and press the button.You have 2 mins to reach your deck.Now this part is godamn tedious.Avoid th guards or you will have to start all over,i mean literally,FROM THE VERY START.

When you finally get your deck back,get some dp and a new duel disk in the room.Now for your duel runner,head up north from the entrance and west,avoid more guards.When you get the duel runner,one more chase with trudge,save before that,i warned you.

The next race is harder,with electricity and rising blocks,you can really lose this time.Just maximise the use of breaks and avoid turning.

When you escape,you get another scene,now you meet the twins leo and luna(whom is very cute).You duel leo.

deck name:transform, Ta Da!
deck power:1100
Not too hard,but can be annoying.Morphatronic monsters can be annoyingly powerful if you manage to let them swarm the field,kill the 1st morphatronic monster the moment it appears,whatever it takes.Also,using a XYZ deck can nag you a win pretty quick,just like mine,bring out XY dragon cannon to dominate the field.

Peace for now.