Wednesday, 22 July 2009

megaman star force:dragon/pegasus/leo

Gamespot score:6.0(average)
my score:7.1
The megaman star force series,a game that was suceeded from the GBA game series megaman battle network(which was by no means a great series). Capcom decided to continue the finished story of battle network to the NDS with star force,altough there wasnt much of a story link between the 2 series.In my opinion,star force is another great series to the addition,a good sequel as well,but in many ways battle nerwork is more fun than starforce,find out in this post.

Like many of the battle network series,this game has multiple versions to it.Dragon,leo and pegasus.I bought pegasus.Meh it was all the same,expect for the form change and the boss which determines your form.In this game,the story sets a few hundred years after battle network,where geo,a boy who lost his dad in a space exploration,is a dam emo who stares at the stars.One day however,a FM being,fuses with him to become megaman!And hes basically a hero that stops all aliens coming earth whom are hunting for war-rock,the alien which fuses with geo,as he is an outlaw in his home planet.

The in game graphics,or shall i say,animation,is the same as battle network,no changes,no tweaks to it,its expactly the same.Since the game is on DS,they could have made it much better.But,meh.Also,there isnt much of a use with the stylus,so like,wad?

The different versions are like no diff,the only diff,as i mentioned abv,is the form determining boss fight,and the form of your megaman.Its quite dumb if you ask me,not much of scenerio changes.Battling is well,weird.I much prefered the old battle network battle system.It was good,entertaining,and it really tests one's skills.
In star force however,the same applies,but its in 3D,which really screwed up.The 3D graphics are not really the best,but its just that they would be better off with 2D.Anyway,battling is still fun and enjoyable,skills are still tested,in fact,they are tested even more than in battle network,instead of having 9 panel moving spaces,you only have 3!And there are certain attacks from bosses that can attack your entire move area!

Thats why they invented block in this game.Dont go like,huh?Block?Whats the damn point of dodging then?Bloccking requires PRECISE timing.If you block too early,or too late,your hp goes boom.Like in previous games,hp goes up by finding hp mems,whcih is ok.

Overall,not tooooo bad.Gamespot really made a major blow by giving it 6.I still like,i managed to play through the whole game without hating it too much.