Tuesday, 14 July 2009

odin sphere

Gamespot score:7.6(good)

my score:8.5

Oh yeah!!Time for a game of awesomeness.I personally say that im a fan of 2D side scrolling games.Ive been playing them since the day of the old 2D retro style megaman games.Well this is a 2D side scrolling game,just like the old days,and I must say,I love this game!!!Being a 2D side scrolling game,it has amazing artwork,great game flow,and an amazingly impressive story.The gamespot score was good,but well I would give it alot more,its awesome.

Now then,the game's story revoles around a little girl in a library of some sort,with 5 books on the ground.She picks up the 1st one,and reads it.You get to play the story shes reading.The 5 books are somehow related and are always linked togehther in the main storyline.Each book represents a character you play as,and they are are amazing.Each character playthrough has a mix of love,betrayal and irony in thier story.

Character 1,gwendolyn,the valkyrie,daughter of odin.

Character 2,cornelius,a prince,cursed to take form of a pooka.

Character 3,mercedes,fairy princess,destined to lead the fairy empire.

Character 4,oswald,armed with the power of the shadow knight,destoryer of all.

Character 5,velvet,the lost daughter of odin,seeker of vengance.

Okay,gameplay is simple.You select a book,play the story.On the map,you follow the path which branches on the map,area by area.Each area has plenty of enemies for you to work with,or even mini bosses to kill you.The last area is always the boss.Like < <,such a nice dragon,it made me go wow when i 1st saw it,wtf man.

Along with gameplay,the cutscenes are also in the 2D environment that you play in,so dont expect much,but they are still verywell awesomeeeee.The graphics are WOW for a 2D game,im not kidding,I have not seen such smooth 2D gameplay before.Each strike dealt by a character has its own effects,usually beautifully animated.

The characters,enemies,bosses and stuff,needless to say,are great.10/10 to me.I was speechless beyond words when encountering a different enemy or character thx to its nice art.The story at times may be hard to understand,but it all links together as you play the different characters so its all good.The best thing in art for this game,to me its the dragons,wowzers at such beautiful and nicely drawn dragons.

Overall a good 2D game.Im sure it will provide a 2D experience like never before to many people,awesome all in all.