Saturday, 11 July 2009

S4 league

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

Yoyo its time for the S4 league.A game featured through a DJmax song"supersonic".It was created by pentavision of course,featuring music from different DJmax titles.Its an online TPS,with a huge twist,which makes it incredibely enjoyable.

Okay,this game has a huge gameplay range.Its hard to explain in words.Its like when you 1st log into the game,you will suddenly feel real pumped up and you will really want to dive into the game.The moment you head in the game you jump into tutorial,and with the tutorial alone,you can already see how fun it is.

This game has good weaponary,they are very creative with this.The weapons have a very retro/furturistic feel to it.Even thier handguns look great.They have revolvers,semi auto rifle,counter sword,plasma sword,cannonade......theres alot to list.

Game modes range from touch downs to deathmatches.

1st up Im gonna talk about touchdowns.A touchdown game is consisted of up to 12 players(6v6).Each team has to reach to a point of the map where a fumbi(the ball) is and grab it,then they run as fast as they can to the opponent's touchdown point.It sounds simple,but when the player with the fumbi gets killed by another player,the ball drops on the spot,giving chances to whoever is nearby to grab it,even enemies!The fun of touchdown is that players have to cover each other as well as the one who has the ball.They have so set some players in thier own team's touchdown point,to fight off whoever is bold enough to rush in to score a touchdown.There are many touchdown maps,this means there are many different experiences to the mode.

Next up is deathmatch,its horribly simple to understand.You just kill each other.Once again its a 6v6 game.This time,you just beat the crap out of anyone whos not your teammate.The maps are made differently,the players can jus shoot or slash the opposing team.This time skills and weapons are put to the test.Players use skills,such as flying or summoning a shield and many other stuff to take the upper hand and destory the opponents.

This game is seriously fun,but DO NOT play it too much.You will get bored of it real quick.Also,the reason this game didnt go above the 8 mark,is cuz noobs will seriously get owned really bad.The controls are a little flimsy to get used to,which is another flaw to this game.

Overall its great.The game can be downloaded here.